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Oldest Person Living with HIV Proposes Comprehensive Awareness Initiative to Minister of Health


In a compelling letter addressed to the Minister of Health, Hon. Sylvia Masebo, Africa HIV Awareness Champion and the oldest person living with HIV from birth, Mr. Ntimbwe Munongo Mpamba, has proposed a multifaceted initiative aimed at raising HIV awareness and promoting education about the virus in Zambia and across Africa.

Mr. Mpamba’s personal journey living with HIV provides a unique perspective that can serve as a powerful tool to educate and motivate others. The initiative, presented by the Ntimbwe Mpamba Foundation, comprises several key components aimed at creating a lasting impact:

Awareness Campaigns:

The proposal suggests organizing a series of awareness campaigns across Lusaka, with future plans to expand to other parts of Zambia and Africa. These campaigns would involve community outreach programs, school visits, and public events where Mr. Ntimbwe Munongo Mpamba would share his story, emphasizing HIV prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction.

Educational Programs:

Collaboration with local schools and educational institutions to develop age-appropriate educational programs about HIV. These programs would empower young people with accurate information on HIV transmission, prevention methods, and the importance of regular testing, aiming to reduce the spread of the virus.

Support Groups:

Establishment of support groups for individuals living with HIV, their families, and affected communities. These groups would provide a safe and non-judgmental space for sharing experiences, offering emotional support, and accessing information about available resources and healthcare services.

Advocacy and Policy Reform:

Working towards advocating for policy reforms that prioritize HIV prevention, treatment, and support services. This involves engaging with policymakers, government officials, and stakeholders to ensure the allocation of necessary resources to address the HIV epidemic effectively.

The success of this initiative hinges on the support and collaboration of the government of Lusaka. Mr. Mpamba, through the Ntimbwe Mpamba Foundation, seeks financial resources, logistical support, and access to relevant networks and organizations to implement these crucial programs.

The proposal envisions a significant impact on HIV awareness and education, empowering the youth, reducing stigma, and fostering a future where HIV is no longer a threat to communities in Zambia and Africa. The Ntimbwe Mpamba Foundation eagerly anticipates further discussions with the Minister of Health to explore collaboration opportunities and bring this transformative initiative to fruition.


  1. My heart goes out to him. One of the mistakes and weaknesses of my man KK was always listening to the counsel of white people, especially the homosexuals parading in holy robes. We should have gone the way of Brazil and stocked free condoms on every street corner. We should have abided by the wisdom of the Bemba, who say that “To teach a child is to go there”. We should have confronted this thing when it started in 1983, and defeated it with mass education. That is what they did in Brazil and Cuba, and it never became an epidemic. Condoms are more successful in stopping HIV than any medicine or vaccine ever invented or implemented to cure any disease. Of course Kaunda being the son of priest could not bring himself to disseminate mass sex education

  2. This is questionable when many people choose to keep their status anonymous. I know a well known upnd minister who has been living positively for many more decades. Her competency in her job is questionable

    • Why are you always deflecting issues to other people? Edna Lungu, your president, is HIV+; You are HIV+.. You have that tell-tale grey skin colour of an African on ARVs. I also know married women you slept with, who are HIV+. Shut Sakala Kabwalala, as they say in your language. When the police lay their hands on you, the next stop is Mwembeshi or Chimbokaila

  3. Iwe chi Kaiza, shutt up. just come back home and answer to the many corruption court cases you ran away from. You thought Zambia belonged to you and your fellow crooks when PF was ruling. This forum is for HIV education and not to stigmatise innocent people. Your day of reckoning will surely come. For now enjoy your looted millions and be quiet

    • Who am I stigmatising? If you know the person , mention them..I have never stolen. Do you know what it takes to be advisor to president and how much that pays. Do you know how much I have invested in businesses, real estate? If you drink your money don’t acuse some of us of being thieves. I am in ibex the police don’t want to follow hh directives

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