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President Hichilema commends DRC peace and stability


President Hakainde Hichilema has commended the government and opposition political parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for maintaining peace and stability during the just ended General Elections.

Mr Hichilema said this when he received a brief report from the SADC Electoral Observation Mission (SEOM) Head Enock Kavindele on the status of the just ended general elections in DRC at State House.

Mr Hichilema, who is also Chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) organ on politics, defence and security cooperation, commended the opposition parties in DRC for conducting themselves in a peaceful manner.

ZANIS reports that the President observed that Zambia and DRC share the longest border and that peace and stability in the two countries is of paramount importance for the two countries to foster economic development.

The President has since thanked the SADC electoral observation mission team headed by former President Enock Kavindele for accepting to undertake the mission to DRC.
Mr Hichilema also urged Mr Kavindele and his SADC electoral observation mission team to expedite the compilation of the formal report so that he can also report to SADC summit, and that the deadline for submission of the formal report is January 22, 2024.

Meanwhile, Mr Kavindele disclosed that the team worked hard despite the vastness of the country and the large number of candidates who participated in the election.
Mr Kavindele said the country had 26 Presidential candidates but the electoral observation mission only deployed its staff to 14 provinces.

He assured the President that the SADC electoral observation mission will present the formal report before January 22, 2024 to President Hichilema for onward presentation to SADC summit by the President.

President Hakainde Hichilema in his capacity as Chair on the SADC Organ on Politics and defence and security cooperation appointed former President Enock Kavindele as Head of SEOM in DRC.
The mission’s objective was to observe and assess the elections in accordance with the revised SADC Principles and guidelines.


  1. There’s still fighting in Eastern DRC. Soldiers have surrounded Moise Katumbu’s house and he’s issued a distress call to the international community to closely monitor the activities of Tshisekedi. Many video footage of opposition candidates and their families being humiliated have emerged. Truck drivers complain of attacks everyday. This statement is misleading

    • What else is he supposed to say? The issue with the truck drivers is something that is supposed to be handled at the lower bilateral level. He made the diplomatic statement he is supposed to make as the head of state. I sincerely believe that he is the first president in Zambia to acknowledge the critical importance of DRC to Zambia. We are each other’s biggest neighbours by border length. Zambia is for the most part an ethnic and cultural extension of DRC. We have very strong trade relations. I would go so far as to say that DRC and Zambia are each other’s biggest trading partners, even if most of the trade is informal. we produce and export the same range of minerals, and close cooperation is critical to our collective success

  2. This glossing over of the serious fraud in the DRC elections is a gross injustice to Africa’s poor people. Same thing happened in Zimbabwe. Nevers was brave enough to call a spade a spade. But our own citizens like Mmembe, Sean Tembo, Emanuel Mwamba called him names and extended their vitriol to HH. I am waiting for our 3 opposition leaders to comment on the DRC elections. What is wrong with calling a spade a spade? Umulandu nga wapita pamatako kupitapo. If the issue is in between buttocks, the examine/walk in between the buttocks.Dont beat about the bush. SADC is a joke. East African Community is a bigger Joke. West Africa is a tragedy. Africa is a tragicomedy. Nevers like all of us has his weaknesses but I SALUTE him for his FRANKNESS. Reminds of Kapwepwe

    • No,,, This is not true. The elections in Congo may have been corrupt, but the Congolese no more want Zambia meddling in our affairs, than we do want them to meddle in our affairs if things were not going well. In the US, the general elections are a collection of 50 state elections. One state cannot and dare not meddle in the electoral issues of another state; and this is all within ONE country. SADC is made of different countries, none of which have ceded or would ever cede their sovereignty to the organisation. Why should Zimbabwe let Nevers Mumba run its elections? HH and Nevers Mumba went too far on that particular occasion. The opposition were right, even if it is because ZANU-PF helped them rig elections against UPND in the past.

  3. ………

    It is a miracle elections were even held in a country that has a breakdown in civil government in most parts for decades ……….

    Let the election results nature stability and growth…………

    Katumbi should put his love for the stability of Congo ahead of the election results , and for crying out loud give the people of DRC a chance to a stable central government focused on development………

    Those fighting the results don’t care to give DRC a chance for democracy to take hold…………

    and don’t care that civil war can break out any time,,………..

  4. Ask us who really know why that crazy photographer was fired as diplomat. He was moved away from state House because he got extremely close to mutinta hichilema. He was moved far to Brazil. Even after he continued contacting her. Secrets come out.

    • Worry about the 11 or 12 year old virgin Edna Lungu took from eSwatini, and gave HIV. I do not care about the fact that you have been getting hammered by Lebanese homosexuals. I cannot wait for you to be found, arrested and incarcerated in Chimbokaila or Mwembeshi for a long time, where you will be the wife of the hard-core criminals who are there on a long term basis. Ugly ogre

    • Kaizer ….. can you explain more? Such rumours need to be verified and discarded. Ati the cameraman was banished to a forein land?

    • Pomha, from the secret messages I saw between him and a contact called “Mrs h” it is because he is good with his mouth. He know how to eat

  5. It is essential for current leaders to understand the complex interplay between arbitrary borders and democratic governance. They should prioritize efforts to engage in inclusive dialogue, promote reconciliation, and work towards finding sustainable solutions that respect the diverse needs and aspirations of affected communities. This may involve a combination of political reforms, decentralization of power, and efforts to build national unity based on principles of equity and justice.

  6. Arbitrary borders, often drawn by colonial powers without regard for existing ethnic, cultural, or geographical realities, have indeed contributed to instability and conflict in many regions, including Africa. These borders have divided communities, created power struggles, and fueled longstanding grievances, which can manifest in political instability and contentious elections.

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