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President Hichilema Advocates for Rural Development


In an address to the nation, President Hakainde Hichilema emphasized the importance of rural development as a cornerstone of Zambia’s growth. The President spoke passionately about the government’s commitment to creating a more equitable distribution of opportunities across the nation.

President Hichilema reminded citizens of the significant policy milestones achieved in May 2023 with the launch of the National Decentralisation Policy and the Zambia Devolution Support programme. These initiatives facilitate the seamless transfer of functions from the Central Government to Local Authorities throughout the country, signifying a crucial moment in the nation’s history.

The President highlighted the increased budgetary allocation towards the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as evidence of the government’s dedication to fostering development in every region. He envisions a Zambia where opportunities are not confined to urban centers but are accessible across the diverse landscapes of the entire nation.

Acknowledging the historical trend of migration from rural to urban areas, President Hichilema urged caution in such decisions. While recognizing migration as a natural aspect of human life driven by economic, social, and educational factors, he emphasized the need for well-defined purposes to prevent unintended destitution.

The President assured citizens that the government is actively creating an enabling environment in rural areas, with a particular focus on agriculture as a key component of the rural development strategy. Encouraging citizens to explore the vast potential within their rural landscapes, he emphasized the importance of investing in agriculture for sustainable and empowering livelihoods.

Affordable housing was also addressed as a critical aspect of rural development, with President Hichilema noting the government’s commitment to making decent housing more accessible in rural communities. The goal is not just to provide shelter but to contribute to the creation of vibrant, self-sustaining villages.

In tandem with rural development efforts, the Rural Electrification Authority has been empowered to connect more communities to the national power supply grid, enhancing the quality of life and unlocking new economic possibilities in rural areas.

President Hichilema called upon citizens to play a pivotal role in the success of these initiatives, emphasizing the collective responsibility to ensure that the benefits of rural development programs are fully realized. He implored citizens to explore and harness the opportunities available in rural communities before considering relocation to urban centers.


  1. This one is a failed project. Kwacha k26, mealie meal k320, fuel k26, fertilizer k1250. Not mentioning the mines he has failed to manage because his funders are in the mines. Cholera is claiming 20 lives a day under his watch when the best he can do is go take selfies. The much talked about CDF can only be seen by UPND praise singers.

    • Not well organised, but fortified with money stolen from Northwestern and Southern Province. This is why HH introduced the equal CDF allocations. No longer will all the money be taken from hard working and honest people, to be used to develop tribal universities in “other” provinces. What we are going to see shortly is that the fostered development of these area dissipates, as the cows put in them at government expense are eaten, or die due to ignorance of animal husbandry. By the end of HH’s second term, the result of the competition will be clear. In the absence looting and “eating from the field”, only the honest and hard working will survive. Mark my words.

    • Eastern Province rural areas are hell. Right now in the rainy season you cant reach certain villages. No hospitals, no schools no police no water No etc. And someone is paying lip service to rural development. Government needs to attract citizens to rural areas by providing neccessary amenities for them to settle there

  2. In Lusaka alone, the blueprint for the integrated development has been abandoned. The bulk water supply system is supposed to go into phase 2 to deal with the tertiary network. On the Copperbelt, you can notice 24″ pipes for the primary water supply network lying idly at various points because the project was cancelled immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. Individuals have now been left sink holes everywhere uncontrolled for water and soak aways for sewer thereby posing a great risk for contamination. And this man continues to make vague uncoordinated speeches. What does he know about development? Apa peve tinazogonga

    • No projects were abandoned. On the way out Jonathan Mutawire aka Edna Lungu stole what remained of the loans he borrowed for those projects. At the same time, HH, which stands for “Honest Hakainde”, refused to borrow more money to make the terrible US $33 billion debt slavery incurred by Michael Satan and Edna even worse. And even if Hakainde had tried, no one would have given him the fair loans to complete those projects. Zambia was hooked by the loan sharks, and it was time to harvest the pounds of flesh, and not for wasting more money bait. Simon Chushi Mwewa gutted the infrastructure of Lusaka; Frederick Chipuba stole council assets and gave them to his tribesmen, depriving the councils of the revenue to fund services. It is the fault of such people as them

  3. When he unveiled his roads master plan we told him that he was wasting our time because there’s no one who can undertake such projects on PPP. There’s no one who can do the Batoka-Maamba or Monze-Kazungula via Hamusonde or Luwingu-Mporokoso roads on PPP due to low traffic. He needs to pull up his socks otherwise he’s going to get into campaigns for reelection without anything to point to.

    • But some how, you can take the country’s money to build an oil pipeline to a tribal province, that you have not even contemplated for Lusaka the capital, and by the far the busiest and more populated city, which has 17% of the population the country. Lungu built roads to the provinces of the tribes that supported him. These province produce nothing, and those roads are nothing but unproductive yokes on the neck of Zambia. The Kazungula road is a critical route that goes through Zambia’s most important province, economically. It relieves us of Zimbabwean blackmail for access to South African ports, Botswana and even Namibia. It is a border from which Zambia gets the foreign currency that tribalists are building tribal universities in your province with. Shut up

    • The police will find and catch you; and it will be the last day, for every long time, when you are not a kaili at Chimbokaila or Mwembeshi. After that day, you will be the wife of long term prisoners, the same way you are boy friend of Lebanese homos on the outside. I will rejoice on the day they catch you.

    • The police will find and catch you; and it will be the last day, for a very long time, when you are not a kaili at Chimbokaila or Mwembeshi. After that day, you will be the wife of long term prisoners, the same way you are already a boy-toy of Lebanese homos on the outside. I will rejoice very much on the day they catch you.

  4. Give him chance. Sustainable development dividends take time to show up. You are used to roads done by PF which developed potholes within 2 years as was the case with some. Development takes time. Key is to plan the seed now and help. The CDF is a strategic investment which many years from now will bear fruits. You travel to some countries and find well built infrastructure in rural areas, this is the thinking.

    • You are speaking truths they do not want to hear. The equal CDFs of Honest Hichilema mean that all the money from the productive provinces is not going to build tribal universities in their provinces. I think the best thing HH can do is to turn Zambia into a federation. We can the use the Kenyan formula, where each province gets to keep 60% of the revenue it generates for its own development. If you want to see the massive difference this has wrought on Kenya, subscribe to the channel of Yves Kino on YouTube, a French tricyclists currently going through Kenya enroute to Cape Town (through Zambia). Kenya has no natural resources, but the evenness of the economic development since the federating of the country is stunning.

    • PF, Yaba! For 10 years they failed to repair a road that the colonialists left in smooth condition. Up to today Mufulira is not connected to Ndola

  5. Is it possible for this president to be sued for fraudulently geeting votes from Zambians by lying to them. He gave false promises that he has not been able to deliver. On top ogf that he is not willing to engage them in solving problems

    • You are not suing anyone, and I doubt that you know that the problems of Zambia come from Michael Satan and Edna Lungu borrowing and looting US $33 billion. You are crying to HH to solve this problem; maybe you should go and cry at Michael Satan’s grave- if you like you pee on it because you cannot hold the bugger to account, I will understand. HH is not problem. The problems Satan and Lungu created with their irresponsible borrowing and looting will hound Zambia for the next 100 years. The problems are so bad that the IMF has come back to run our economy.

  6. It is not everything that must be done through PPP. People’s money in taxes should be seen to unlock the desire for citizens to go rural by the government. Traffic proportionately increases when the roads are passable. Zambians have crowded CB, Lusaka and along the Zambia Railways line because that is the only area where social amenities are clustered. The L8000 road project should be revisited the same way L200 was done. People should willing go build homes in the rural setup on their own without the president giving marching orders to citizens.

  7. There stands a man who failed at giving Zambia the development he promised. BALLY WILL FIX IT turned into BALLY WILL FIX YOU. Three presidents whose leadership experiment has failed; 1) Hakainde Hichilema; 2) Dr. Chakwera; 3) Dr. Ruto.
    No message will redeem this guy. He is too attached to the white fox plundering Zambia. All the promises of partnering with foreign investors were for him. Zambia is now his investment.

  8. HH has really run out of ideas. He has definitely failed to inspire hope in the nation. All we hear him are chipantepante theories like the one he’s lecturing us on. Who needs to hear this garbage. Just get on with the work and start performing. Talk shows are not going to feed the nation.

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