Thursday, June 13, 2024

Husband Faces Trial in Wife’s Murder Case Following Horrific Attack


In a chilling case that has shocked the community of Mwinilunga district, a 42-year-old man, Patrick Sangunja, has been found with a case to answer by the Solwezi High Court in connection to the murder of his wife, Gertrude Kanema. The horrifying incident allegedly involved Sangunja setting his wife on fire with petrol after accusing her of infidelity during a marital dispute.

The accused, Patrick Sangunja, stands accused of causing severe burns to Gertrude Kanema’s face, chest, and arms on August 25, 2022, in Mwinilunga. The charge against Sangunja is in violation of section 200 of the Penal Code, CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia. Sangunja vehemently denies the charge.

The Solwezi High Court, presided over by Judge Obister Musukwa, made the ruling after seven state witnesses testified in the matter, establishing a prima facie case against Sangunja. The witnesses provided compelling evidence relating to the tragic events surrounding Gertrude Kanema’s death.

In the court’s ruling, Justice Musukwa acknowledged the gravity of the case and stated, “After considering evidence adduced here by the prosecution witnesses, I find that a prima facie case has been established against the accused and place him on his defense.”

Sangunja, represented by Edwin Mazyopa from the Legal Aid Board, informed the court that his client would provide evidence on oath but was undecided on whether to call any witnesses. Seeking an adjournment, Mazyopa stated, “My Lord, my client will give evidence on oath, and I have no instructions on whether he will bring any witnesses. I am, therefore, applying for an adjournment to a later date to enable me to engage my client and will give a position when we open our defense.”

Justice Musukwa granted the application for an adjournment, scheduling the continuation of the trial for January 16, 2024, to allow the defense team to prepare their case. The community awaits the unfolding events of the trial, grappling with the tragic circumstances surrounding Gertrude Kanema’s death and seeking justice for the grieving family.


  1. This is what happens when a country was managed well until a certain useless man takes over and messes economy. A man does not wake up planning yo kill his wlfe. This man was stressed out by all the many problems hard working zambian are facing under the failed hh and upnd governance. Me I spent weekend with my Regina just two of us. We sent our children to uncle house. A house to ourselves you can imagine things we did

  2. These reporters of nowadays! You have told us its a murder!
    “The accused, Patrick Sangunja, stands accused of causing severe burns to Gertrude Kanema’s face, chest, and arms on August 25, 2022, in Mwinilunga.”
    After you ve told us this is a murder case? How does he get charged with these crimes?


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