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President Hichilema Approves Evacuation of Chishimba Kambwili for Specialized Treatment Abroad


In a humanitarian gesture, President Hakainde Hichilema has granted approval for the evacuation of opposition Patriotic Front member Chishimba Kambwili for specialized medical treatment abroad. The decision comes after Health Minister Sylvia Masebo conveyed that Mr. Kambwili is unwell, prompting the President to instruct the Ministry of Health to facilitate his evacuation.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo revealed in an interview with journalists in Lusaka that the Ministry of Health is actively collaborating with Chishimba Kambwili’s family to initiate the evacuation process. However, she refrained from providing specific details regarding the destination for Mr. Kambwili’s medical treatment abroad.

“President Hichilema has instructed the Ministry of Health to evacuate Mr. Kambwili after being briefed about his health condition,” stated Minister Masebo during the interview.

Opposition Patriotic Front leader Miles Sampa expressed gratitude to President Hichilema for approving Chishimba Kambwili’s evacuation for specialized medical treatment abroad. In a statement issued, Sampa acknowledged that the PF chairman, Davies Chama, had formally applied to the Ministry of Health for Kambwili’s evacuation due to his serious health condition.

“Yesterday we were informed by the Health Minister Hon Sylvia Masebo that the Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has approved for Kambwili to be taken to India or South Africa and receive the necessary specialized medical attention that thus far has not been possible to achieve locally,” Sampa said in the statement.

Miles Sampa further mentioned that he had personally visited Chishimba Kambwili and informed him of the development. The approval for evacuation underscores the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of individuals, irrespective of their political affiliations, in the pursuit of a compassionate and inclusive society.


  1. If HH wants to leave a good legacy as a good President, he should keep away from such cheap political stunts. Why should he be the final authority to decide who goes abroad for treatment? If doctors have recommended that CK or whoever should get to an institution abroad for further management, how does the President come in? Such gimmicks died with LPM and MCS. We need to move forward as a nation and HH has an opportunity to make such positive precedents

    • Complete rubbish. This is an abuse of the money of Zambia; this is not Hakainde’s personal money. Let this be tallied in the government accounting as an expense to his salary. That way Hakainde cannot abuse the people’s money for such nonsense, and still claim that he is working free of charge. We need to give the parliament real power so that they can check this sort nonsense. Right now, any MP who speaks against this can be kicked out of parliament, because the law says the MP belongs to the party he won the election with, and not the people who voted for him. If he is expelled from the party, he is expelled from parliament. This is how the political parties in Zambia have been able to silence MPs of good conscience and get away with all manner of nonsense.

    • CK holiday yamunekela, ka allowance kyle $5,000. Shepa mune. Meanwhile Lungu is back beatings have started;
      Watch “PF Cadres Ground & Chama Arrested “In Hot Soup Now” #Shorts “Watch This” @MutatiMpunduTv” on YouTube

    • This is a special case……and rightly so, CK is a public figure. This case needed HHs approval……..

      Not every Zambian who needs special treatment abroad can be sponsored…….

      Imagine if every Zambian who needed special treat ment abroad was to be approved by doctors ???

      Not sustainable.

    • Some of you need to go to school. Where in our constitution and laws is there a provision for public figures to get special treatment for anything? There is however a requirement that “any Zambian who needed special treatment(and assistance from the state) abroad has to be approved by doctors” Its only logical.

    • This is not the first president who has ever done this but because of your pure and irrational hatred for HH, you are throwing a tantrum. Insoni ba guy.

    • you are detached from reality……..far detached.

      Some of you think like the pope……..everything is perfect in the world, when in reality , things are different.

      Of course there is nowhere in the constitution for special treatment of public figures in regards to medical treatment abroad…….

      But that is the reality…….they get evacuated more often the the comon man……

      Imagine if ck dies, God forbid , of a condition that was treatable abroad, the outcry would be unbearable……..

      That is the reality of it……..you are naive and in book world if you think the common man is treated the same as a public figure.

      It would simply not be sustainable to treat everyone recommended by a doctor abroad.

  2. This is purely politics at play here as the are numerous hospitals in lusaka that could handle his condition, even heart operations are conducted here in recent times
    I am sure he is going to be told to lose weight which is a major contributer to high BP
    So to evacuate is not necessary

    • Very sad. I have been trying to raise money to evacuate myself for a long time but zero. Tried government, zero. Tried Maina Soko zero. But here’s guy who can afford to evacuate himself being assisted by GRZ.
      KK got his treatment at UTH and lived to almost one hundred years.

  3. kkkkkkkk double standard today arrest and jail tommorrow take him abraod kkkkkkkkkk kakoswe muponto. WELL done sir mmmmmmm

  4. Let us graduate from this disgraceful act of evacuations of politicians who failed to provide us the necessary medical facilities while they were in power. Why do we owe them this kind of favour? I have a brother who is equally ill. Why should some lives be more important than others? It must be all or none.

  5. After a session of ifisushi ati his BP has shot up and conveniently at court answering more charges for his foul mouth. This medical bill president HH7 should foot from personal resources and not using tax payers money!!

  6. Why did it have to be Miloz Bwalya Sample to plead to the president to take CK to either India or RSA? Imagine if it was Emmanuel Mwamba who initiated this evacuation process, would the UPND president have allowed it? In September last year, Lungu was prevented by HH from travelling to RSA for medicals. I see double standards here. Wasn’t the PF refused to clean Lusaka to mitigate cholera? Didn’t UPND insist on wanting Sample’s PF than Mwamba’s? The angels in heaven are watching.

      And isnt going to stop anytime soon
      Unfortunately GRZ doesnt publish the amount spent on these evacuations which at times include family members, and accommodated in up market hotels, I know this as a friend worked for the agency in SA that handled the bookings and meet and greet, the figures are huge

    • Of course there are good hospitals in Zambian
      Good enough for the general population,
      But unfortunatley not for Politicians and high profile GRZ employees

    • @Sichalwe/Tikki….why can’t government bring those hospitals here so that the dollar is spent here and government gets something in form of tax. Of course they want to fly so they would rather not bring those hospitals here.

  7. He is trying to buy kambwili the same way he bought that cheap f00l miles. Hh poisoned kambwili and then capitalises on his wickedness by sending him to hospital

  8. Africa will remain poor and 60 years after independence we still struggling with malaria and chorela. ..but Politicians have nothing to worry about they will just dip into tax payers money and evacuate themselves overseas for specialists treatment…i thought HH was different but it turns out he is just a demagogue Politician….@ Spaka and TIKKI are you still supporting HH????

  9. @If you’re a Zambian and you support Politicians to be evaluated overseas using tax payers money whilst ordinary Zambians are dying due to lack of chlorine then you need to have your head checked…the same Politicians who looted tax payers money and fail to buy medicine are being evacuated overseas using tax payers money….Politicians are sick in their heads…..HH is now running out of ideas…that money that will be spent to evacuate bandit Kambwili is enough to save lives for 20000 Zambians

  10. So HH is now following Lungu’s footsteps…remember Lungu evacuated Mike Mulongoti to RSA for specialist treatment and when Mulongoti came back he became Lungu’s die hard supporter despite alleging that Lungu was Jonathan Mataware from Malawi and insulting Lungu 24/7…..now watch Kambwili become a UPND praise singer…@Spaka and TIKKI now you have competition or else you will be dethroned as chief Lumbani madoda by bandit Kambwili

  11. @TIKKI
    Yes evacuating someone for medical treatment is alot of money….just the flight itself….plus hospital stay plus treatment and accommodation for family members and once the Hospital knows that its the Government paying everything is tripled…so evacuating Kambwili you’re looking at not less than US$5 million dollars

    • $5 million ?? No ways………

      More like under $1 million. Probably under 500k……..

      It’s still a lot of money………

      But that is the situation we are in right now.

      And parliamentary act is needed to stop this……..

      Because imagin in , God forbade ck dies of a condition treatable abroad………

      The whole PF would be blaming GRZ

  12. The b**$*t continues! Ordinary Zambians are dying from preventable diseases like Cholera and Malaria and we are here spending $$$ to evacuate these good for nothing politicians. Why is Kambwili’s life more important than those stuck at UTH and sleeping on the floors? Unbelievable! This HH dude is just like them, if not worse.
    Fix the hospital system and enact laws that say no politician shall be ‘evacuated’ abroad for medical treatment using taxpayers money. Let them use their owm money they stole from the Zambian people!

    • Bo Njangwamuloti… no muni sabisanga mina anenili mwanana haha :). Lito kili lilimu; ngo ni mulomo ki half; lihutu ni lizoho lilimu. Wow! Kibutata boo ndate.

  13. These are the same damn *****s who while in government looted state coffers, money that was supposed to be invested in the nation’s medical facilities. Now he is striken by “ubulwele bwa kuliletelela umwine” and tax payers have to foot the bill to evacuate him abroad! This is not fair. And this is a dying chap who is so earger to be president? Sata was so sick to when he came into office, we surely need to relook at that “Of sound health clause” for presidential candidates, some of these chaps are vying for state funerals. Just look at the lips of Kabimba, he clearly kissed Lucifer and he is also marked for death.

  14. Africa we joke too much…and the Government is asking for Prayers against chorela….like really!!!…Chorela is caused by filthy and unsanitary surrounding and how does God come in…am confused

    • When an avalanche occurred at Sensele Pit Mine that burried alive scavengers in Chingola, the internal security minister during a parliamentry session commenting on the disaster also requested for prayers for the more than 30 trapped men. Why should it surprise us? When Zambians ask for prayers on 18th October, they hibernate to their villages. Hypocrites. God is not only next to cleanliness, He too encourages hard work as opposed to laziness.

  15. If CK is sick, we wish a quick recovery and we hope that he’ll get the best treatment. The problem with our politicians is that it’s difficult to understand their sincerity on anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if CK comes to applaud his 2 brothers Miles Sampa and Hakainde Hichilema for their gesture. And the next thing he’ll appeal to all of us to support the Great Leader. Chilufya Tayali isn’t alone, who ever imagined that Kabimba can be hosted at Community House. CK can invite himself to CH without using the sickness and evacuation gimmick. We know the kind of person he is

  16. Without malice on CK, let me state that he is a prisoner. How does he get preferential treatment when Lungu, a free man was blocked? How special is he? My point is there is nothing humanitarian by the UPND except playing politics. How will Kawana feel with his renal rupture if he hears that a former UPND guy jumped the line? I want CK well and alive, but the rat I smell has a weird stench fouling the entire Community House atmosphere.

  17. The only time Politicians work together is when they’re looting and wasting tax payers money….and i always tell people on this blog that what Politicians say in front of the podium and what they discuss behind closed doors is exactly the opposite…look at failed Politician Winter Kabimba…..njala yamunyokola now he wants to join the looting Bandits just like Nevers Mumba and broke Kavindele

  18. Introduce compulsory health insurance for politicians that can take them for specialized medical treatment abroad. We can bury them when they kick it using tax payers money because they salved the nation at one time or the other, paying for medical bills should be private? Future leaders should be able to answer some of these questions. Our nation will continue being a self-service store.

  19. “Humanitarian gesture”….Lusaka Times please this is looting and wasting tax payers money…it should have been Humanitarian if HH was paying from his own pocket…not Tax payers money….stealing from Zambians in broad day light

  20. A man who once claimed that he could afford to fly to the UK and have tea in the evening with the late queen. We also remember the 70 houses so chili bwa? do these belong to the tax payer?

    • To the thieves who have, even more shall be given. To the innocent who dont have,even their tax shall be given to the fat thieves

  21. Zambia is a shamefull and finished state. UNIP must just return into power. In the days of Kenneth Kaunda there was no difference between the Haves and Have nots. KK himself used to get treatment at UTH. To evacuate a few luck ones like Chishimba Kambwili just proves that local hospitals in Zambia are useless and only meant for the poor. HH and his minister Masebo are just a scandal in our eyes. They even go around to give jobs to nurses or sack hospital staff. What about thousands of nurses who are working as volunteers for years without jobs. Do they all have to greet the President in order to get jobs?

  22. @Independent
    I know you live in Canada but am sure you have family members based in Zambia and probably dying of cholera….are telling me its ok to evacuate Politicians overseas for medical treatment be it emergency or non emergency….please don’t just support blindly
    …WRONG IS WRONG and HH is wrong by evacuating Kambwili using tax payers money

  23. GRZ should make all politicians to take out medical insurance and stop wasting tax payers money. They are the same people preventing real development in Zambia.

  24. Kenneth Kaunda must have been a very great man. In 28 years of leading government he and his family never went for treatment abroad!

  25. And this is how a Politician is bought…Politicians are like prostitutes. .just offer them money and your own them…..Nevers Mumba is now a property of UPND and Kambwili is now a property of UPND….and remember once you go to the Hospital and you’re discharged there’s follow up visits so now the government will be paying for all future overseas Hospital visits for Bandit Kambwili

  26. …………….

    Some people are just plain naive of born deficient upstairs………..

    We would like to belive all humans are equal, but…….

    We are not. That is just the way of the world……

    Off course CK , the public figure would get evacuated abroad, not every Jim and Jack can be evacuated…..

    Off course this is not in the constitution. We don’t like it, but that is politics……..

    Imagine the slander from PF and the clique of tribal supremacists if , God forbade, CK dies from a condition preventable abroad ????

    The tribalists on LT lead by Dejavu and emanual mwamba in the field would not stop singing murder by GRZ of CK……..

    • Spaka, brother please cone to your senses and don’t just support for the sake of supporting. Try to be objective sometimes.
      Not even sure what you are writing on about, it doesn’t make any sense.

  27. Sampa’s overzealousness is tending to exceed his political limits. His claim that he advised the President to evacuate Hon. Kambwili for medical treatment overseas is his scheme to prove that he (Sampa) is much wiser than the Republican Vice President, wiser than the UPND Ministers and much wiser than the State House Presidential advisers. UPND must watch their own-created monster in their living room.

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