Friday, June 14, 2024

Chitambala Mwewa out on bail


Much to the delight of his fans Chitambala Mwewa popularly known as Simon Mwewa Lane was released from Mwembeshi prison on bail yesterday.

“Mr Chitambala Mwewa as a vlogger has positively impacted the Zambian communities and therefore us citizens who have been inspired by him,we demand that he should be released on bail or simply asked to pay the fine plus the losses incurred by the owner of the bus Kwamana ! Surely Who treats the first offender like that? ” said a fan named Aaron Shimakanga

Chitambala Mwewa was sentenced to six months of simple imprisonment following his conviction on charges of malicious damage to property.

The charges against Chitambala stemmed from an incident on June 01, 2023, in Lusaka, where he willfully and unlawfully damaged two motor vehicle tires belonging to Benjamin Talamuka. The tires were part of a minibus parked at Simosons’ Building, property of the accused’s family, opposite City Market.

In delivering the ruling, Magistrate Mayambu emphasized that such behavior cannot be accepted by any society, stressing the need to send a warning to deter potential offenders from committing similar offenses. Despite Mr. Chitambala’s plea for leniency, citing being a first offender and a family man, the court considered the seriousness of the offense committed.

“Mr. Chitambala, the offense which you have committed carries a maximum of two years imprisonment, but taking note of your mitigation, I will give you a sentence of six months imprisonment effective today. You have the right to appeal to the high court if you are not happy with the judgment,” Magistrate Mayambu ruled.


  1. Which fans? This man is an ***** and has used money to come out. What will happen to the man who has lost his business because of this fool?

  2. Which fans? This man is an !diot and has used money to come out. What will happen to the man who has lost his business because of this fool?

  3. If Chitambala were reasonable, this matter wouldn’t have reached this stage. Bail pending appeal is temporary freedom. Besides, you can’t tell the outcome of an appeal, the High Court might stiffen the punishment. Let him first reconcile with the person whose property he damaged. Let him pay compensation then seek Presidential pardon. That’s how you show remorse. It’ll be difficult for the President to pardon a defiant convict.

  4. A man who is almost 60 is doing vlogging and bootlicking upnd. If it was someone who is critical of hh, bail wouldn’t have been granted. This man with his big behind grew baIIz to cause damage to poor people’s bus because he knew he would be protected by hh. Give me 2 minutes with him, I can teach him a lesson by panel beating some sense in him.

    • HH does not grant bail kalya-nyoko. This is not the Edna Lungu regime where the police and judiciary operated according to instructions given to them by PF kaponyas like you. You are corrupted in your view of government because you now think every government runs the country in the corrupt, violent and looting way, the ugly Edna Lungu did. Please continue practising your sexual activities with Lebanese homosexuals; when the police catch and send you to Lusaka Central, and the judiciary sentences you to a long term at either Chimbokaila or Mwembeshi, you are going to need to be already properly opened so that you can receive from the long term prisoners already in there who are all going make you their wife for a long time.

  5. Awe let him show us how the so called drains (vi migodi) are failing due to poor planning after heavy rains. If someone is trespassing on your property what rights do you have? Just issue a fine…ushe ana paya muntu?

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