Saturday, June 22, 2024

Magwero Cut Off as Dilika Bridge Culvert Partially Washed Away


Magwero, a community in Chipata District, is facing isolation as heavy rainfall has led to the partial washing away of a section of the culvert at Dilika bridge. The incident has left houses, three schools, and churches inaccessible, prompting urgent intervention from local authorities.

Chipata City Mayor, George Mwanza, who promptly visited the affected area, expressed his concern over the unfortunate situation. Mwanza assured the residents that the Road Development Agency (RDA) would mobilize immediately to address the issue and restore connectivity.

The partial destruction of the Dilika bridge culvert has raised significant challenges for the people of Magwero, limiting their access to essential services and infrastructure. Mayor Mwanza’s visit underscores the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the need for swift action to mitigate the impact on the community.

Florence Jere, the Dilika Ward Councillor, called on the residents of Magwero to exercise patience as authorities work towards a resolution. The local government and RDA are coordinating efforts to assess the damage and implement necessary repairs to reopen the route.


  1. Poor finishing…get the contractor back on site to fix the problem. Why didn’t they reinforce the culverts with concrete? Which engineering school is responsible for this?

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