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WHO-Supported Vaccines Bolster Zambia’s Ongoing Cholera Response


In a significant stride towards controlling the ongoing cholera outbreak, Zambia has commenced the administration of 1.4 million World Health Organization (WHO)-supported vaccines. President Hakainde Hichilema acknowledged the crucial support, emphasizing that the vaccines provide a substantial boost to the nation’s robust cholera response.

The outbreak, while being addressed actively, remains a concern, prompting a call from President Hichilema for citizens to persist in taking precautions and adhering to health guidelines. Expressing gratitude to all partners collaborating in the fight against cholera, the President underscored the collective effort required to curb the spread and eliminate the disease.

The Ministry of Health has initiated the phased deployment of oral cholera vaccines (OCV), with a focus on high-risk transmission areas in Lusaka Province, including Matero, Kanyama, Chipata, and Chawama in the initial phase. This strategic approach aims to target regions with the highest susceptibility to transmission.

Ministers of Health, Local Government and Rural Development, Water Development and Sanitation, and Community Development converged in George Compound to administer the first dose of the 1.7 million cholera vaccines. The distribution marks a critical step in the nation’s comprehensive strategy to combat the cholera epidemic.

Notably, the National Heroes Stadium, designated as the National Cholera Treatment Centre, reported no deaths among cholera patients in the past 24 hours. Health Minister Sylvia Masebo expressed relief and commended the dedicated efforts of health workers in saving lives.

Masebo, during the launch of the oral cholera vaccine at the United Church of Zambia George Congregation, urged communities to ensure timely hospital visits for patients. She revealed that a significant number of brought-in-dead cases involve children below five years old.

Acting United Nations Resident Coordinator Penelope Campbell pledged the UN system’s collaboration with the government on a multi-year plan for cholera vaccines, ensuring readiness for potential outbreaks. Water Development and Sanitation Minister Mike Mposha outlined plans to empty 20,000 pit latrines to curb cholera’s spread.

Community Development and Social Services Minister Doreen Mwamba stressed the importance of cleanliness in communities, while Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo assured that the ministry had received adequate logistics to clear garbage in cholera hotspots in Lusaka.


  1. We’re a population that settles for “good enough”. Instead of attacking the disease in its fundamental component of hygiene we are compounding it with vaccines. So, hail dirt and unwashed states! I hope this will be coupled by a mindset shift

  2. You cannot attack any disease without means or money. The useless former Lusaka Mayor, Simon Chushi Mwewa destroyed the water supply, the sewer system, and sanitation of Zambia. Frederick Chipuba took the council assets which were used to generate revenue and gave them to his relatives and tribesmen, leaving the council unable to supply services, Micahel Satan and Edna Lungu then borrowed and looted US $33 billion, the servicing of which has croppled Zambia financially. This is why the government cannot respond to cholera

  3. The source of cholera are pit latrines and that’s why the epicenters are Kanyama, Chibolya, George etc. These are high density areas with poor sanitation. You can’t fight cholera without first dealing with the source. Even if you vaccinate people, those latrines will continue to emit infected faecal matter. If you fumigate pit latrines with lime then you’d have tackled 98% of the problem. Therefore the decision to prioritize vaccines is criminal as it’s aimed at promoting a business at the expense of lives.

    • At the CPHIA 2023 (CDC- Africa) at the Mulungushi International Conference Center, one of our leaders requested that a cholera vaccine be manufactured locally. What a coincidence that we have commecialised our cholera?

  4. The H H administration should be impeached for two key reasons. First, their failure to prevent a preventable crisis, such as a cholera outbreak, demonstrates a severe lack of competence and responsibility. This failure has resulted in unnecessary suffering and loss of life, which could have been avoided with proper governance and preventative measures. The administration’s inability to address and mitigate such an easily preventable issue is a clear demonstration of their incapacity to lead and protect the well-being of their constituents.

    • Simon Chushi Mwewa is the one who destroyed the sanitation, sewer and water supply systems of Lusaka. Frederick Chipuba is the one who took council assets and handed them to his tribesmen. This deprived the councils of the means to generate the revenue by which they funded services. Michael Satan and Edna Lungu are the ones who borrowed US $33 billion and looted it, leaving the country completely crippled financially by the servicing of such an impossible debt, and unable to respond to crises like cholera. If you think we are going to let you use your to remove a man who crushed your tribal political party at the poll, by blaming him for the problems which you created, and he is trying to solve, you can go and jump in a Chibolya toilet.

  5. Secondly, the administration has created an environment of uncertainty and fear, where people are hesitant to criticize or speak out against potential wrongdoings due to the fear of reprisals. This fear is often rooted in the perceived influence of money and the willingness of certain individuals or entities to go to great lengths to protect their financial interests, even at the expense of the public good. This climate of intimidation and potential repercussions stifles open discourse and accountability, ultimately undermining the principles of democratic governance and the well-being of the population.

    • When did the government of HH retaliate against anyone for speaking? You people are enjoying more freedoms of every kind under HH than you have known in your existence. You are allowed to lie to the point of accusing him of problems you caused. You are allowed to thrive, and you claim that you are oppressed. Under your corrupt, larcenous and violent goons, Frederick Chipuba under whom political assassinations were the order of the day, who wanted to declare war on Western Province; Michael Satan, a traitorous and thieving evil liar; Edna Lungu, a violent, deceitful and robbing Kaponya, political repression, public intimidation, and extorsion was the order of the day. HH has given all you the freedom you never gave anyone not from your tribes

  6. The combination of preventable crises and a climate of fear and uncertainty under the H H administration warrants serious consideration for impeachment. The duty of a governing body is to protect and serve its citizens, and when it fails in these fundamental responsibilities, it must be held accountable for its actions.

    • You are a liar. HH has brought relief and freedom to your people. Under your governments, Zambians prisoners under the terrible and terroristic repression of your so-called cadres, who openly assaulted citizens with pangas everyday, and committed open extorsion bus drivers and marketeers every hour. You are a the one who destroyed Lusaka by Chipuba taking its the assets from which it funded services and giving them to his tribesmen; to Michael Satan and Edna Lungu borrowing US $33billion and looting it- leaving Zambia financially crippled and unable to pay for anything. You can cry all you want, but you cannot fool us. We do not want another Simon Chushi Mwewa as mayor of Lusaka to destroy what little of its infrastructure remains.

  7. Pride in donations from a self inflicted pandemic – a perennial pandemic because of filth and dirt surroundings. People protest when told to be hygienic, trade in places with toilet facilities, all those ego-egos hanging on to motorists selling their merchandise, do so in streets without toileting facilities. That so called Soweto market is a disgrace trading in such an environment. Most Zambians suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

  8. I think our government should start funding for nursery schools around the country to teach 2 and 3 year olds logic and building blocks whilst they are still young. Teach them lego or something. These politicians clearly don’t have what it takes to deal with straight forward problem solving. It’s so simple, fix the water and clean the filth. You don’t need WHO for that. Zambia is blessed and probably one of the countries that is well drained with water in the world. We have everything apart of the sea and yet our people are dying carelessly.

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