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President Hichilema Unveils Plans to Prioritize Zambians in Mining Licences and Tenders


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the government’s intention to introduce legislation aimed at prohibiting the sale of mining licenses to foreigners. The President emphasized that the primary objective is to empower Zambian citizens by providing them with the opportunity to own mining operations.

Addressing the Senior Management Quarterly Meeting in the Public Service held in Lusaka, President Hichilema also revealed plans to enact another law later this year to address the sluggish public procurement process and curb corruption related to tenders. He highlighted that the Electronic Government Procurement System (EGPS) would undergo a review to ensure broader accessibility for citizens seeking contracts.

President Hichilema expressed concerns about certain conditions within the e-GP system, limiting contract access to entities with previous government business, disadvantaging new business entrants. The proposed review aims to create a more inclusive environment, allowing a larger segment of the population to participate in government contracts.

Meanwhile, Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa highlighted numerous successes in the public service since 2021. He cited the full implementation of the decentralization policy, an increase in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and the introduction of the public service agriculture loan facility as notable achievements. Kangwa emphasized the transformation of decentralization from a dream into a reality, marking a significant milestone for the country.


  1. Zambians have been used to dancing politics and enjoying borrowed money. In Southern Africa if the is any lazy Africans it’s Zambians and South Africans. Just want free things and stealing.
    Mr President they don’t even it that you trying to empower them

    • @ TheEngineer

      That includes you. Put yourself in that category because you are Zambian. Don’t come here pretending to be smarter than everyone.

    • Good job, Mr. President. This is the wisest decision the UPND has made so far. We need to control access to our country’s minerals. Foreigners believe we’re really stup1d in how easy we allow them to just enter our country, acquire a mining license, and begin to extract minerals. Then they sell them, avoid paying taxes, and ship the profits out of the country, leaving empty gaping holes, and rivers polluted with toxic waste. That should come to an end. Next stop selling land to foreigners. Learn from Tanzania.

  2. They don’t even see that you are empowering them. Yet they are in the forefront that foreigners own mines. Give them licenses they sale

  3. Show me which country in Africa has a government agency which buys maize like in Zambia. Why is the government even involved? A waste of millions of Kwacha that can go to development

  4. This is a legacy from Kaunda which needs to be stopped. If you can’t afford meal meal in the city go to the village

  5. Teaches and nurses are posted to rural areas a few months they are back in Lusaka then start shouting ati meal meal is expansive

  6. Go to East or West Africa and see how hard people work. Zambians are former British so called kitchen slaves, want a nice time.
    It’s time to be field slaves

    • We on the same page unfortunately most wont agree
      But our past reflects we are unable to build and sustain certain industries
      our work ethic has deteriorate over the years rather than improve

  7. He’s now started making sense not the usual blame game that became typical of all his addresses. He’s wasted so much time trying to pursue a finished chakolwa. This is what will win you the next election. Please tame your Ministers as many aren’t with you. They don’t care whether the UPND loses or not, they’re busy securing their own futures. There’s a narrative that suppose I’m not adopted? Your team isn’t firing on all cylinders

  8. ……..

    GRZ needs training for select promising Zambians to run small scale mines……..

    Mining is a muti faceted operation, not everyone can just wake up to be a mine owner………

    That is why they struggle and end up selling to foreigners

  9. Zambians of Arab or Asian decent will not think twice but invest in knowledge and equipment. Look at Trade Kings now. They are the pride of Zambia. One day Trade Kings will go into Tech, i hope they do. Consistency and discipline will get us somewhere. Why are small scale farmers or miners scared of invetsing in machinery and other services to increase production?

  10. Telling a Zambian to work hard is an insult…Telling a Zambian to keep his surroundings clean is an insult…Telling a Zambian to flash after using the toilet is an insult…Telling a Zambian not to steal at work is an insult…Telling a Zambian to train and practice hard for sports is an insult….they believe they don’t need training just praying to God is enough (Bola na Lesa)…. and they believe they don’t need to keep their Surroundings clean just prayers are enough to get rid of chorela

  11. At AFCON the only team that thinks they can just pray and win is Zambia

    Like Spaka always says its only in Zambia where a Factory is turned into a church

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