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Remembering the attempted deportation of Roy Clarke 20 years later


In January 2004, the Government of Zambia attempted to deport then Post
newspaper columnist Roy Clarke popularly known as Spectator KALAKI.

Roy Clarke is now 82 years old and still lives in Lusaka. Read his story by
downloading the article on the link above.


In January 2004, residents of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, were treated to a disturbing sight. Over 200 members of the governing Movement for Multiparty Democracy party marched through the streets of the capital carrying a mock coffin bearing the name of Roy Clarke, a prominent newspaper satirist and white British national who had been a permanent resident in the country since the early 1960s. The protesters accused
Clarke of insulting and defaming President Levy Mwanawasa in his previous column and demanded his immediate deportation. The Minister of Home Affairs obliged, but the satirist successfully challenged his deportation in Zambia’s courts. Drawing from newspaper sources, court documents, and interviews with key informants, this article shows that these protests were anything but a spontaneous demonstration of public outrage. Instead, they had been carefully orchestrated by Mwanawasa and his close allies to bolster Mwanawasa’s beleaguered presidency. The article argues that deportation orders and racial nationalism against racial minorities are strategies adopted by political elites during periods of weakness, even when these ideas have little or no popular support. More broadly, we argue that the status of racial minorities and other foreigners in Zambia is often provisional, depending on political considerations.

On the link
below is a free-to-read or download full account of what exactly happened.


    • This is why you are confused and stupid. You had a white man teaching you about African Development Studies. This was a course which was mandatory for all students at UNZA, but was soon restricted to a few, because all of those of who studied it became radicalised.

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