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Cholera Outbreak Raises Concerns about Livelihoods and Substance Abuse Challenges


Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has expressed deep concern over the ongoing cholera outbreak, emphasizing its potential to adversely impact livelihoods and various sectors of life if not effectively controlled.

Ms. Masebo highlighted that the cholera outbreak has brought to light numerous medical challenges, particularly those linked to substance abuse. Health experts have identified a rising trend among young people engaging in alcohol and drug abuse, leading to increased vulnerability to various medical complications.

In a statement delivered in Lusaka, Ms. Masebo disclosed that, within the last 24 hours, six individuals lost their lives due to cholera, including four adults and two children. Lusaka province, being the most affected, recorded 350 cases in the past 24 hours, although this figure represents a slight decrease compared to the previous two weeks.

Providing an update on the situation, Ms. Masebo informed the public that 460 patients were discharged within the same period, while 803 patients remain under admission.

Recognizing the collaborative efforts needed to combat the outbreak, several entities have stepped forward to offer support. Stanbic Bank made a generous donation of assorted items, including gloves, blankets, diapers, gum boots, and chlorine, with an estimated value of 300 thousand kwacha.

Additionally, 20 mothers from Lusaka West and University Seventh Day Adventist, represented by Doreen Ng’andu, contributed essential items such as food, sanitary towels, baby blankets, and clothes. Radisson Blu Hotel also joined the efforts, donating baby clothes, bed sheets, and mattresses.

The Chevening Alumni Association Zambia showed solidarity by contributing drinking water, clothes, washing powder, diapers, and hand sanitizers. The combined efforts of these organizations aim to alleviate the challenges posed by the cholera outbreak and provide much-needed support to affected communities.

As the nation grapples with the ongoing health crisis, the collaborative response from both public and private entities shows the importance of unity and collective action in mitigating the impact of the cholera outbreak on Zambian communities.


  1. How can you expect to win football with cholera. Hh is a failure

    And some upnd f00Is were busy making noise when I said that zambia cannot win a single competition in football under upnd. They can only win under pf e.g. 2012. The performance was abysmal and yet hh gives praise without true constructive feedback. When you are a failed president you have to praise failure because you are desperate to be liked

  2. The substance abuse is well known thing even before Cholera. Stop looking for excuses and do your job. The other thing is that you are concentrating on the smoke and not the fire. If you want this cholera to end, engage the Military, who do nothing, to go to these compound and clean these compound. Bury shallow water wells and spray their toilets with Chemicals. Have Lusaka Water at every corner of the street the water tracks and provide these people with clean water. Within a week, you will be thanking me.

  3. Zambia esppecially Lusaka is very filthy cholera thrives in dirty places sort out the toilets and drainage systems in townships it will end and start arresting those who urinate and nya along the roads and in streets and start teaching about hygiene in schools its starts from because what is happening there is a big shame

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