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Maesbo And Nkombo Launch Community Sensitization and Cleanup Campaigns in Cholera Hotspots


In a concerted effort to address the escalating Cholera crisis in Lusaka, Health Minister Hon. Sylvia Masebo and Local Government and Rural Development Minister Hon. Garry Nkombo jointly launched community sensitization and cleanup campaigns at Matero Level One Hospital. The ministers led a multi-sectoral team, including the Lusaka City Mayor and Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary, on a cleanup trail through Matero Level One Hospital, Chingwele Primary School, Lilanda Market, and the George compound community.

The decision to focus on these areas stems from the alarming statistic that approximately 90 percent of Cholera deaths recorded so far have originated from hotspot communities in Lusaka. The cleanup initiatives aim to improve sanitation and hygiene in these high-risk zones, ultimately curbing the spread of the waterborne disease.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo highlighted the urgency of the situation during the daily Cholera update in Lusaka. She confirmed that 16 deaths had been recorded in the last 24 hours alone, underscoring the gravity of the ongoing crisis. Minister Masebo expressed concern over the delay by community members to report Cholera-related symptoms, emphasizing that this delay has contributed to the increased number of deaths.

The cleanup campaigns not only serve as a direct response to the immediate threat of Cholera but also align with broader efforts to enhance community awareness and engagement. By involving key stakeholders and leaders in the cleanup initiatives, the government aims to foster a sense of collective responsibility in the fight against Cholera.

The ministers and their team engaged in hands-on activities, cleaning and sensitizing the identified hotspots. Their presence on the ground emphasizes the government’s commitment to tackling the root causes of the Cholera outbreak and fostering a collaborative approach to public health.

As the cleanup campaigns progress, community members are urged to actively participate, report symptoms promptly, and adopt hygienic practices to break the chain of transmission. The success of these initiatives relies on the active involvement of the community, local authorities, and various sectors working in unison to combat the Cholera crisis in Lusaka.


  1. This is a very useless government, the problem they have is that they think everything patriotic front was doing was bad. All these previous governments improved on what others were doing except for upnd.
    The previous government used to clean up the streets every Saturday which the upnd stopped how foolish. What i was expecting from the upnd government is to improve on it maybe even introduce a mid week clean program do one or two things to keep the city clean. Let’s be proactive and not reactive. The city is full of garbage even after chasing street vendors someone is not doing their job.

  2. After people have died these two clowns then go out for photo ops to show their ugly god hh that they are working..someone said masebo has worked in all governments but lacks experience. I disagree with that sentiment because it depends what experience you are talking about. Masebo does have experience in the bedroom. Ask her how she gets jobs

    • Were you not the ones condemning the Local government when they were removing street vendors?
      Grow up ba kaiser. You fight cholera by managing the current cases and then mitigating the outbreak. There is nothing wrong with doing clean-up as it is part of prevention measures.

    • @pirana. Street vendors were removed from the streets but cholera has still broken out. You were pressing the wrong button.

  3. This is very shameful to other countries when they look at us I thought UPND was more serious than PF but now am beginning to doubt them how do you fail to clean the cities till cholera hits.
    When you look at them there very smart wearing nice smelling nice but can’t clean the cities very shameful indeed.

    • The problem with some of Zambians is that you don’t research before talking. It’s embarrassing. You make it look like Zambia is the only country in the world or Africa fighting Cholera. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, and DRC are all having Cholera cases. Mozambique and Malawi have cases over 40,000 cases. Zimbabwean cases have gone above 11,000. Zambia has less than 1000 cases.
      Instead of wasting time complaining, why don’t you go on the street to help clean up?

    • @pirana. You must be a real praise singer. Your party is an embarrassment. You even dare to compare with other countries? When PF were in power you never accepted that these things were global but all of a sudden they’re now global… exchange rate, oil prices, cholera, COVID-19 mention it, it’s global. Oh price of food and GMOs

  4. The audacity of not eradicate the problems before hand with these leaders makes me cringe, what is our representatives (MP,CLLr, etc) doing in they perspective areas? Why is it that it takes them long to react to hazardous situations? the situation where so many lives are lost that when they think of action!! Simon Mwewa always demonstrate this on his blogging but they brand him as crazy! he dose that because he has a leadership qualities you see that sometimes his craziness makes sense!! please leaders change the mindset of action to things!! we as member of public we depend on you when a situation like this occurs!! patriotic citizen!!! bless

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