Thursday, July 18, 2024

ZNS Commander Denies GMO Allegations, Challenges Accusers to Laboratory Tests


Zambia National Service (ZNS) Commander Lt. Gen Maliti Solochi has categorically refuted allegations claiming that ZNS-produced mealie meal contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Lt. Gen Solochi has called for truthfulness from political figures making such accusations and asserted that the ZNS Eagles’ mealie meal is entirely free from GMO content.

Addressing the media during an inspection of the ZNS Chipepo Fish Project in Chief Chipepo’s Chiefdom, located in Gwembe district, Lt. Gen Solochi challenged anyone propagating the GMO claims to undergo laboratory tests. He emphasized that ZNS is prepared to sponsor the testing process if those making the allegations are unable to fund it themselves.

“The allegations are not true because the ZNS eagles’ mealie meal is not in any way produced with any GMO content,” stated Lt. Gen Solochi, urging those with doubts to seek scientific validation through laboratory tests.

The ZNS commander expressed his commitment to transparency and invited scrutiny to validate the integrity of ZNS-produced mealie meal. He underscored the importance of public trust in the efforts of Zambia National Service and assured that ZNS remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the nation.

Lt. Gen. Solochi emphasized that ZNS is apolitical and dedicated to serving all Zambians regardless of their political affiliations. He affirmed that the primary objective of ZNS is to contribute to the well-being of the nation and its people.


    • The reason why we are importing in stead of exporting maize is that Frederick Chipuba and Michael Satan conspired to destroy the agriculture of Southern Province, the bread basket of Southern Africa.

  1. Firefighting won’t work. It’s your officers that are leaking info. Besides, it’s only SA that has maize in the region and everyone knows that their maize is GMO. Your officers now facilitate smuggling because they claim that their seniors are also doing it. So you can continue to deceive yourselves otherwise many people have stopped buying your mealie meal because of that

  2. We as zambians still want to know how far zns has gone to investigate the South African government over zns brand on mealie meal which was found in kasumbalesa boarder? Secondly if trully theres no GMOs in that mealie meal let the same zns to provide laboratory tests to the nation,why shud we start going kuma lab as if its us zambians who told them to start business or selling unga? Its them to provide nd prove to us that their mealie meal is free to GMOs. Elo seriiusly unga wao sukutika….

  3. Hakainde’s UPND is a dismally failed project. Hakainde started on the platform of lies and he will finish the political race where he started. It is very sad that we can take our country so backwards while claiming to be moving forward. Dununa reverse song was really a prophetic song.

  4. Lt-Gen Solochi is ill-advised to be sparring with politicians in the media. Let him leave that to the Ministry of Defence.

  5. Whether GMO or not I just know that I and my niece developed a raise blood pressure after consuming the ZNS mealie meal. I only get that reaction when I eat refined GMO white mealie meal and I’m not a politician.

  6. We were assured that the South Africa originating maize is for Congo consumption. Zambia had enough stocks of its own maize scatred across FRA storage facilities. We then wondered why Congo can not directly import those materials from RSA, needing Zambia as mediators. Little did we know that a Commander will soon start daring citizens to test for GMOs. Unknowing that our leaders would really offload this stuff to the Zambian markets. Our government is very insincere, so dishonesty. When busted last week, they said ZNS has two brands: one for export and another for locals. Sure?? They need serious prayers and fasting.

  7. “…Deja Vu January 27, 2024 At 11:48 am
    Private laboratories have already done that and proved that we are being fed on GMO….”

    So, why are their results not published ???

    You Africans talk so much paddling hear says without providing evidence……..

    Put that evidence of lab tests to the public instead of complaining 24/365……..

    • They are being published but you are denying. Even simpleton can take a sample to any of our now in plenty labs and confirm the status of the maize ie GMO or not. That’s where you are missing it. We’re in modern age where nothing can be hidden.

  8. Ala when living in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Nakakwi has a lot of skeletons in her closet. As Energy, Agriculture and Finance Minister then in MMD under the late FTJ. Fi ma Nawakwi flood lights in selected markets across the country lit only at testing. Carlington Maize scandal. Funny that she can turn round today Heep privatization woes on the current President when the program was wholly government of the day undertaking. Don’t forget the yellow Maize we were made. Remember, it was the government under the late President Mwanawasa that said no to GMOs and started paying out retrenched workers that were underpaid by the government that Nawakwi was part of. Just wondering whether this tit for tat, Legana sausages.

    • The best person to tell you how to live is the one who has experienced it. Apa there’s no glass house. If Nawakwi did something wrong as a minister this doesn’t mean she should keep quiet if something is wrong. Even a thief can report a theft to the police.

  9. The problem with Upnd government is that that truth is very far from them lying is extremely normal. This country has no maize stock it’s was all sold out last year. If our useless journalist had to inspect our maize shed storage facilities it’s a sorry sight… Upnd must stop taking Zambians for granted this is very irresponsible on the part of government. Very shameful
    Go and inspect maize grain shortage facilities you will cry..To our useless journalist wake up.

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