Friday, March 1, 2024

Kamanga Gives His 2023 AFCON Review


FAZ President Andrew Kamanga says Zambia must build on its performance at the Africa Cup and look forward to future competitions.

In his weekly column, Kamanga accepted that the nation is disappointed with Chipolopolo’s first-round elimination from the Africa Cup.

He said there are many positives to build on from the Africa Cup experience.

“We came to this tournament on the back of having missed out on three editions and had to summon everything we had to be at par with the big guns on the continent. Most of our players were making their debut appearance at the AFCON and needed the exposure on the big stage going forward,” Kamanga wrote.

Zambia exited the AFCON with two draws and loss in Group F.

“We will not delve into the technical review of the tournament just yet as the technical bench will duly present a report that will be reviewed. Overall, there are a lot of positives to build on from the tournament that will see us return better at the next edition. Special thanks to hordes of Zambians that rallied behind the team during our matches,” he stated.


  1. There was clearly a lack of teamwork. Avram can identify talent but he fell short of building a team that works together. Maybe because of his emphasis on individuals’ passion, dedication and pride to wear the national colours. He needs to include teamwork in his criteria

  2. What positives when you come out in the first round without even one win. You might as well have taken some school boys from different schools. They might not have won anything but at least they would have been exposed to international football not to mention the allowances they would have received to pay at least school fees. And also the stories they would tell their friends about flying first time on a plane, going to a foreign land etc. They would have really appreciated and given their all win or lose.

  3. Kamanga what big guns are you referring to…Cape Verde is a big gun, Mauritania is a big gun, Angola is a big gun, Namibia is a big gun, Eq.Guinea is a big gun…..nonsense after nonsense. Just resign in good faith and leave us alone. I’m sure we have better people willing to help out.

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