Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Life-Changing Corrective Heart Surgeries Transform Childrens’ Lives at the National Heart Hospital


In a heartwarming turn of events, the National Heart Hospital has successfully conducted corrective open-heart surgeries, bringing newfound hope and vibrant colors to the lives of pediatric patients.

One such inspiring story features 7-year-old WM, who underwent corrective surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart condition. Before the surgery, WM experienced poor oxygenation, turning his extremities blue and limiting his activities. After the procedure, WM’s life has taken a remarkable turn – he is now all pink, filled with increased oxygenation, and ready to embrace a normal, active childhood.

WM was among eight children who received life-changing surgeries in the past two weeks at the National Heart Hospital. The success of these surgeries is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Taasisi ya Moyo, Jakaya Kikwete – JKCI, and Save A Child’s Heart.

Seen walking in the hospital corridors were two young friends, who shared the bond of undergoing corrective heart surgery, expressed their joy at having their hearts repaired. Formerly confined by sickness and fatigue, they are now brimming with energy, ready to contribute to their families’ happiness and joy.

In another heartening story, 1-year 8-month-old Michaela Chikotola, born with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), shares her journey. A week post-open heart surgery, Michaela is now ready to go home, filled with gratitude for the National Heart Hospital team for giving her a second chance at a joyful life.

These transformative surgeries, carried out locally at the National Heart Hospital, not only mended hearts but also brought back the laughter and playfulness to these children’s lives. The collaborative efforts of medical institutions and organizations have played a pivotal role in ensuring that these young hearts can beat stronger and brighter than ever before.


  1. This is a great milestone. On the medical front, we are making progress but that’s being hindered by nutrition and hygiene. Most of the food we eat isn’t fit for human consumption. It’s only when you’ve heart conditions, or others that require you to watch diet like diabetes or BP that you realize that there are so many fake products on our market. Even branded fruit juices are just flavours and sugar. Honey is blended with sugar molasses you wonder why people get paid at the bureau of standards. If HH can fix these things and not the PF, I’ll give him 3 votes

  2. Ba LT What is it with your poor ethics? You start off correctly by not identifying the patient in your text in which you call him WM, but then you go ahead show us pictures! Pictures are an even better form of identity!!
    Perhaps you’re the ones who need to be controlled by the state.

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