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President Hichilema Engages with Distinguished Veterans for National Advancement


In a series of productive meetings held at State House, President Hakainde Hichilema welcomed Mr. Vernon Johnson Mwaanga and General Kinsley Chinkuli to discuss and exchange ideas aimed at fostering national development.

Mr. VJ Mwaanga, renowned as the youngest post-independence Ambassador, and General Chinkuli, who holds the distinction of being Zambia’s first indigenous Army Commander and achieved this rank at a notably young age, have both made significant contributions to the nation.

The engagements centered around tapping into the wealth of experiences and insights of these distinguished senior citizens. President Hichilema emphasized the importance of collaborating with seasoned leaders to enhance the well-being of the country.

President Hichilema engages General Kinsley Chinkuli at State House

As Zambia’s leadership continues to explore avenues for progress, these interactions with esteemed veterans serve as a testament to the commitment to inclusivity and drawing upon the collective wisdom of individuals who have served the nation with distinction.

President Hakainde Hichilema affirmed the administration’s dedication to ongoing collaboration with senior citizens, acknowledging their invaluable role in shaping the future trajectory of Zambia.

The cross-pollination of ideas with Mr. VJ Mwaanga and General Chinkuli exemplifies President Hichilema’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach towards achieving national goals.


  1. This is better than flying around. However, I’m puzzled. Is this indeed a genuine gesture or it’s meant to hoodwink us as usual? Not long ago it was reported in some circles that Colin Barry was dismissed because he called on another distinguished serviceman Peter Zuze who’s considered to be from the wrong region. Let read Sishuwa’s article again, it might give me an insight

    • The ones who practise tribalism are your parties and their presidents. Chiluba’s government was 45% Bemba. Satan and Lungu hired only Nyanja and Bemba, and if a Luvale, Tonga or Lozi was lucky to be considered, he would be sent to a rural outpost in Kaputa. HH has practised tribal and regional balancing. You can look up and see a minister from your tribe in his government. This has largely not been the case since the time of Kaunda

    • Dr Sishiwa is a disappointed job seeker like Chaangala, I dont waste my time in bitter articles without any solutions. Such meetings are valuable. The president is very right to seek advice from people who 100% apolitical. You cant ask for advice from ECL who you can see hasn’t healed.

    • Its meant to hoodwink us. LT is colluding with the deception by writing nonsensical sentences such as: “The cross-pollination of ideas with Mr. VJ Mwaanga and General Chinkuli exemplifies President Hichilema’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach towards achieving national goals.”

  2. He is wasting his time with these so called veterans
    What did they do for us in the UNIP days ?
    This is the time for the youth as we have moved on from the past

  3. He has run out of things to do this failure. Instead of seeking advice from ecl he is going to fossils to get fossil advice hahah

  4. The issue of individuals seeking government positions for personal gain and perks versus those who are genuinely committed to addressing serious societal issues is a complex one.

    On one hand, it is undeniable that some individuals enter government roles primarily for the job security, power, and benefits that come with such positions. This can lead to a culture of self-interest and corruption, where the primary focus becomes personal gain rather than serving the needs of the public. This can be detrimental to the functioning of government and can erode public trust in the political system.

  5. On the other hand, there are many dedicated public servants who enter government with a genuine desire to address serious issues such as arbitrary borders, social inequality, and environmental sustainability. These individuals are driven by a sense of duty and a commitment to public service, and they work tirelessly to advocate for meaningful change and reform within the system.

  6. It is crucial to recognize and support those who enter government with a sincere intention to address important societal issues. Their efforts are vital for progress and for advancing the common good. At the same time, it is equally important to hold those who seek personal gain within government accountable for their actions and to work towards creating a political culture that prioritizes integrity, transparency, and the best interests of the public.

  7. @Deja Vu.. I agree that one of the two has had issues in the distant past which he himself described as “grey areas” in his auto biography. However, HH can still into positives because here is a man who at 19 was a deputy high commissioner to the UK, ambassador to the then Soviet Union at 20, head of a budding intelligence service at around 22/23, UN Permanent representative at 24, Times of Zambia Editor in Chief at 27 and Foreign Affairs minister at 29. Surely, President HH can learn a lot from his wealth of experience and exposure. I rest my case!

  8. We all consult when we want to learn from others. Nothing wrong here. Do not see negative vibes in everything the President does.

    • Funny thing is that when a person you don’t like, like Edith Nawakwi points out something you she’s not the right person to tell us this or that…. but here’s a person with some misdeeds and you see there’s nothing wrong in consulting him. It’s the tribally motivated hypocrisy that has killed this country.

    • In my opinion, when a president attempts to simultaneously embody both the ceremonial and executive aspects of the presidency, it can indeed send mixed signals and potentially lead to confusion and uncertainty within the political system. The ceremonial role of a president is often associated with symbolism, unity, and representation of the nation as a whole, while the executive role involves the exercise of political power and decision-making authority.

  9. HH has run out of ideas now seeking ideas from the walking dead. No matter how much he wants to divert attention from cholera, high cost of fuel, fertilizer, mealie meal, dollar, Zambians still know how much of a liar HH is.

  10. You are not man enough until you know how to communicate,apologize,be truthful and accept accountability without blaming someone else. Leadership is not easy till your start being one. In opposition, you showed a lot of wit and demeaned your friend. This time people are demeaning you because of the lies you imbibed them. The measure you give to others it will come back to you hundredfold.

  11. HH should leave these old fellas on their rocking chairs! There are a lot of young energetic Zambians that can assist the UPND govt achieve short term goals. Why dig up these guys from their farms, unless it is just for show. The economy is currently on an experimental trajectory and we need practical men and women to take over the helms. Running a resource based economy is not rocket science unless their is something terribly wrong with our leaders!

  12. When we say Hakainde is not as wise a leader as he appeared to be while in opposition we mean just that. The occassions are too numerous to list. For those who cannot see beyond the forest this is a time worthwhile spent for a head of a state. The choice of people he meets what he says and does there after tells you volumes. Suffice to sya that if Zambia were descending towards a failed state, the gradient has never been this steep under this driver. The sooner we all, Zambians realise this the better. This country is only good for a few who are getting crumbs under the Bewngwa boy leadership. True leaders strive to raise the standards of the majority. The theories by these calculator boys will not take Zambia in particular and Africa in general anywhere.

  13. Ba LT. How can you call a self-confessed drug dealer and womaniser ‘distinguished veteran’? It doesn’t matter whether he was the youngest this and that, the man is morally bankrupt! What in all honesty can any sane human being learn from VJ? Just look at his family’s lifestyle and make your own decision…and please don’t tell me that ‘they are adults’ and can do whatever they want. It’s how they were brought up.

  14. For those who were born in multiple party Zambia… Fredrick Chiluba became president by accident…none of those old creeps would have beaten KK….all needed was to disclose their past and they were going to be discredited. Chiluba had a clean past in as far as politics was concerned so these miscreants had to invite him as president. Simple…. but effective.

  15. You should have engaged Ngandu Magande like this long before he passed on. By this time our economy would have been on its way to recovery if you had .

  16. We warned 2H that playing with Europe and America is like playing with fire. We also thought he was a skilled dribbler because these ba Zungu have dribbled him by moving the goal posts every time he tries to score. It’s too little too late that you realise who your real friends are. Once you let them in, you cannot kick them out.

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