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President Hichilema Acknowledges Former Vice Presidents’ Role in Nation Building


In a continued commitment to tapping into the wealth of experience of seasoned leaders, President Hakainde Hichilema convened a meeting yesterday afternoon with former Vice Presidents at State House. The discussions centered around various perspectives deemed crucial for the country’s progress.

As the Chair of the Troika and representing SADC, President Hichilema expressed gratitude to the former Vice Presidents for their willingness to engage in election observer missions within the SADC Region. He recognized their significant role in fostering peace and stability on the African continent.

President Hichilema welcomes Vice President Godfrey Miyanda and his wife to State House

During the meeting, the President extended appreciation to the spouses and families of the former Vice Presidents, acknowledging the vital support they provide. He highlighted the importance of their contributions, enabling the leaders to undertake essential tasks that contribute to regional peace.

Former Vice PResident Nevers Mumba and his wife pose with President Hichilema and Vice President Mutale Nalumango

President Hichilema’s initiative to engage with former leaders reflects a commitment to drawing upon the wisdom of patriots who have previously served the nation. Such collaborative efforts aim to enhance governance, foster unity, and ensure a continuum of national development.

In his message, President Hichilema reaffirmed his dedication to harnessing the collective wisdom of leaders who have played pivotal roles in shaping the country’s history. The exchange of perspectives during these meetings is expected to contribute significantly to the ongoing development and stability of Zambia.


    • Na Kavindele… stop being trivial.
      Have seen Bo Inonge this year? She needs rest, she looks more tired than Guy Scott.

  1. The only credible Vice President was Brigadier General Miyanda. Nevers, kalufyanya, is an ex convict. No need to recognise him.

  2. The Guy was overflowing with humour. His jokes made him coin two words in his government, chola-boy and zayelo. He was referring to himself and Given. Lusaka Central was his fertile backyard. I wonder why he was demeaned and nicknamed Muzungu o Pusa or Useful Coyote Idyotte. Times change.

  3. Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda stands tall amongst them. His honesty caused him the chance to be President because he was FTJ’s natural successor. On one occasion, upon return from a trip, he handed the change from his imprest to his Secretary and asked her to retire it with the accountant. In a government of thieves, it sent shivers in the system as it was unheard of for anybody to return unused imprest. That’s the time they all began to scheme his downfall. He once lived near Chimbwete in Kamitondo, just like Lottie Mwale’s father

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