Thursday, July 18, 2024

SADC Health Ministers Reject Cholera Emergency Declaration


The Ministers of Health from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have dismissed the proposal by the Africa Centre for Disease Control (Africa CDC) to declare cholera a public health emergency in the region. Sylvia Masebo, the Chairperson of the Africa CDC Governing Board and Zambia’s Minister of Health, revealed that the SADC Health Ministers believe that individual countries should independently decide whether to declare the cholera outbreak as a health emergency. The ongoing outbreak has affected nearly 15 member states in both SADC and Eastern Africa.

Chairing the Extraordinary Session of the Governing Board in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Masebo urged member states to develop proactive interventions to prevent future cholera occurrences. She commended Africa CDC for its progress in operationalizing the Lusaka call to action, emphasizing the need for clear Public Health Emergency Operation Centre roadmaps across African Union Member States.

Jean Kaseya, the Director General of Africa CDC, highlighted that the Governing Board Meeting would facilitate the preparation of documents for the upcoming Committee of Heads of States and Government of Africa CDC, scheduled to be held on the sidelines of the African Union Summit.

In recognition of its exceptional contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in Africa, Zambia has been awarded the service award.


  1. Africa we joke too much….what is proactive intervention….cholera just needs proper hygiene and keeping our surroundings clean….good sanitation and you will never hear about chorela again so stop thinking of any other measures or prayers…chorela is only defeated by cleanliness

    • Imagine having to call for prayers to beat a disease that is easily defeated by cleanliness and hygiene.

      What laziness!!

    • She wants to conveniently hide in a regional declaration. Just fight your own battle alone in Zambia. Sibanaliko ba SADC when you manufactured cholera production centres called Kanyama, George, John Howard, Kalingalinga, Chibolya, Kalikiliki, etc. Kanshi Cant you plan your own future? You need to be colonised to be hygienic?

  2. Hahahaha. This what happens when you are failures and too proud to seek advice from us who managed this virus effectively.

    • On debt restructuring the IMF has used Zambia as a guinea pig in a common framework.
      Before cholera outbreak, our president prayed that CDC manufactures preventive cholera vaccines in Lusaka for this filthy disease.
      When cdc asks you to declare those dirty cities a disaster so that you get drugs as a common group, you refuse. Hypocrites. Why can’t SADC do a call to action as a collective group? What’s wrong with that?

  3. By dis-empowering local authorities we are paying for it. What we need is a concerted effort between the departments of infrastructure and sanitation on the one hand, and the department of health on the other IN LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES. Give those councils power and resources (both financial and human). Distance central government from decision making and you will see how things will jack up. Now you are busy awarding yourselves for responsibilities that are a matter of course. Mwe fipumbu mwe.

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