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Zambia Celebrates Distinguished Senior Citizen Mr. James Mapoma on His 99th Birthday


In a momentous celebration, Zambia extends heartfelt birthday wishes to Mr. James Mapoma, a distinguished senior citizen, as he marks his 99th year of life. Mr. Mapoma’s unwavering dedication and sense of duty, particularly alongside Zambia’s first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, have played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the nation.

President Hakainde Hichilema, conveying his warm regards on this special occasion, acknowledges the remarkable contributions of Mr. James Mapoma to Zambia’s rich history. The President recognizes the indelible impact of Mapoma’s commitment and service, aligning with the vision of the country’s founding leaders.

In his message, President Hichilema expresses, “Wishing him a day filled with joy and all the best on this special occasion.” The acknowledgment from the current President underscores the nation’s gratitude for the enduring legacy and wisdom that Mr. Mapoma has imparted throughout his lifetime.

The celebrations not only mark the longevity of Mr. James Mapoma’s life but also serve as an opportunity for the nation to express gratitude for his invaluable contributions. His role in shaping Zambia’s destiny remains etched in the hearts of the citizens, and the milestone of his 99th birthday is a testament to a life well-lived and a legacy well-established.


  1. Sprightly 99-yr-old. He has looked after himself well. Looking forward to his 100th birthday. Happy birthday uncle Jim.

  2. Happy birthday uncle. A humble request to family elders, avoid his exploitation by thugs of the kind Larry Sikutwa who has stolen people money from Madison group of companies and left behind shell companies. He has continued to steal with connivance of Securities Exchange Commission and Pensions and Insurance Authority. He is exploiting senior citizen to launder himself.

  3. Happy birthday Malume, may the Lord continue to bless you as we draw wisdom from your life long dedication to public duty. Enjoy the day

  4. @Ayatollah .. He actually serve as ZIMCO Director General from the early 80s up to 1986 when he was transferred to State House as Economics Advisor to KK. They actually came from very. JC was a junior to Kaunda at Munali (the old one) and KK did a lot to protect him mockery!

  5. JAMES Mapoma is an unsung hero;
    He served as cabinet minister in almost all the ministries in Zambia. I have a feeling he was favoured by Kaunda for on reason or another

  6. He has aged with much grace. Yes KK had his favorites like any other head of state and JM served with grace infact I feel when KK lost the election he is one of those who could have assisted FTJ lead with a steady yet firm hand…but alas we all think with a change of regime everyone must go in the process we lose some of our best brains…HBD to this distinguished man

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