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President Hakainde Hichilema Champions Employment for Cholera Volunteers and Cleanliness Campaign


In a move to recognize the dedicated efforts of volunteers combating the ongoing cholera outbreak, President Hakainde Hichilema has directed the Ministry of Health to employ all individuals rendering their services in cholera centers. The President emphasized that, irrespective of their categories, all volunteers should be formally employed by the government through an organized system.

President Hichilema, who is also the Global Champion of Cholera, made it clear that this directive specifically pertains to volunteers actively engaged in cholera centers. During a visit to the National Cholera Centre at the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, where he interacted with both patients and healthcare personnel, he reiterated his commitment to eradicating cholera.

Furthermore, President Hichilema directed the Ministry of Local Government, under the leadership of Minister Gary Nkombo, to ensure that every market in the country operates with clean water and sanitation facilities. He also stressed the importance of preventing new unplanned settlements, emphasizing the need for organized urban development.

In a statement released following the visit, President Hichilema called on all citizens to unite in the fight against cholera, urging collective efforts to permanently eradicate the disease. Despite a recent reduction in the number of cholera cases, the President emphasized the ongoing need for a collaborative approach to ensure the country remains cholera-free.

“This afternoon, we took time to visit the cholera centre at Heroes stadium in Lusaka. With concerted efforts, it is gratifying to note that the cholera cases have continued reducing. We remain grateful to all citizens adhering to health calls in combating this disease,” President Hichilema stated.

Expressing gratitude to cooperating partners and acknowledging their continued support, he stated, “May we all ensure that we keep our surroundings, food, and water clean and secure. A life lost as a result of an unsafe environment is painful, and we should not allow such, including unplanned settlements.”

President Hichilema visits patients at the Cholera centre at Heroes stadium in Lusaka.
The Cholera Centre at the Heroes stadium in Lusaka.


    • My neighbour works for the Cholera centre. She was very sad yesterday when we shared dinner. She said it was because she had no cellphone. And HH was scheduled to visit

  1. He needs to fire his publicist because these images are worrying and out of touch with reality. This man needs to realise that he is in the 21st century not in the dark ages. Deal with real issues not ma photoshop.

    • How is he not in touch when he was ground zero interacting with patients and staff. That selfie is just the same as a photo taken by a journalist. His move to employ volunteers is a good move.

  2. The one time when he needs to have white gloves, he doesn’t have them.
    This directive to employ all, as opposed to his earlier directive to employ one or two nurses is welcome. It remains logical that a president shouldn’t have the ability to employ single people to various ministries.
    However, this employment of over 3000 people at once makes sense.

  3. That is what he is good at selfies and senseless declarations. What positions is he going to employ the volunteers as? Fighting cholera in hospitals is when people are already sick. Cholera needs to be addressed in compound where people are drinking dirty water and eating dirty food. Last year he went to Kanyama to take selfies and flooded houses and roads and did nothing about it and today he is cerebrating cholera. What a shame for a president.

  4. It’s very shameful that HH and team can host a speeches ceremony at the cholera center, a place that reminds many of the anguish of being told that their beloved were dead and buried in unmarked graves without even being given chance to mourn them. People hang around in anxiety waiting for any news about the health of their loved ones only to be told to go home as their relatives were dead and buried, and no one answers their questions as to when it happened. This is the place were our president has chosen to hold a speeches ceremony to celebrate his achievement in the cholera fight. Are these people normal?

    • If Simon Chushi Mwewa had not gutted the sanitation and water delivery infrastructure of Lusaka; if Frederick Chipuba had not deprived councils of their revenue making assets; if Michael Satan and Edna Lungu, had used the money to provide sanitation and water services equitably around the country, instead of using it all to build tribal universities in their provinces, this cholera epidermic might have never been. As with everything else, HH is fighting the ills and problems your relatives caused.

    • Nikufunta. He has the limelight 365 days of the year, seven days a week, 24/7 he could easily find an appropriate venue and time for such campaign speeches but I have noticed our President gets carried away by the crowd. Thats why he creates vacancies as he is visiting and then promises them jobs that his economy cant pay for.

    • Good for those people employed at whim of the moment. But technically it’s a wrong move on the part of the president. This wasn’t budgeted and neither is it in the establishment. Next how does he know these people may end up employing relatives who are not even associated with cholera issues? Who’s going monitor the process?

  5. On the other hand, I thought the beds that circulated social media where fake but seeing the same beds on LT makes me want puke my gizzards. Surely, is the HH lead UPND government serious with what they are doing? I would like to know how much money was spent on those pieces of wood.

    • Its not education that will stop cholera. Its government providing hygienic ablution and doing away with Pit latrines. Pit latrines next to boreholes! All that sh*t!

  6. Sadists not even one of you can congratulate the man for hiring people. Especially you diasporians you know our unemployment rate is very high and this gesture will go a long. Most of the people voluntering have been searching for jobs since Sata some even before RB. The people hired were very greatful and I don’t think they care about what you sadist say about the man who appreaciate their efforts by offering them long term employment. These people are going to treasure their work more than the cruel heathcare workers we have

    • Iwe is that how you employ in government. He’s creating a problem for the future. When a new government comes and finds that you have employed over and above establishments they may have other ideas.
      I’m not against employing people but acting on impulse has its own repacations.

  7. As FTJ reduced the price of houses and ordered them sold for a song….well here we are again what ahs happened to the DIRECTIVE to auction the VX and GX bought under his watch….what has happened to the razing of Forest 27? What has happened to Kachasu brewers removal…what has happened to all those people picked up for possession of property suspected to be..Oh as he made changes in the Commissions to create more jobs for the some of us??? He has forgotten he has no Foreign Minister opting to place someone with a heavy office as it is to act….but hey he is the boss…

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