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Is President Hichilema.Suffering from a PhD Syndrome?


If one lived in the world of conspiracy theories, a PhD syndrome would explain HH’s failure to resolve our economic crisis. I mean “Pull him Down”–PhD! And who wouldn’t believe it? How can a genius and self proclaimed economist watch the free fall of the Kwacha unless Lungu and his PF disciples are behind it? Like Donald Trump, only him knew the secrets of making Zambia another paradise! He boasted that Westerners were busy asking him to explain his secret formula. So how can a genius fail? This is a conspiracy; his foes want to “Pull him Down” to win the 2026 elections!

How I wish this was the situation, but the reality is, HH was nothing but a conman without an iota of decency. His lies are laughed at by rats, cats and dogs–for who can throw away food in HH’s Zambia?

HH marketed himself as an economist–something I laughed at. Being rich and being an economist are two different things. But HH thought otherwise. His wealth qualified him to control the economy. Yet his riches were simply harvested from government assets. He cheated a self-proclaimed economist, President, F.T.J Chiluba into believing that getting rid of Zambia’s assets was a solution to poverty. HH’s lies earned him farms and Hotels–harvesting where he didn’t sow!.

HH thought he was a magician who would cheat the world with a magic wand! Fuel will be at less than K5, ubunga at K50, fertilizer at K100. As for the dollar, it will be less than 10 to the Kwacha. Corruption will be history; the incorruptible HH will swallow it–celebrating Biden’s insult to Zambia at the UN. But nothing has happened; the Kwacha is almost 30 to a dollar, ubunga I can’t even say it, fuel we all know, as for corruption, we are still corrupt.

I was among the first to point out President HH’s incompetence. When my colleagues were busy asking us to give HH time, I told the nation otherwise. HH didn’t possess any decency–he operated with the “only I can fix it” mentality. Today, this mentality has cost him badly. Who would shout “Bally will fix it” and survive the vicious teeth of starved dogs on our streets? Even HH and the first lady can’t shout that slogan in the privacy of their bedroom. Rats and dogs know that Bally doesn’t know how to fix it! They are busy waiting for 2026.

HH has the democratic right to spill countless lies from his mouth. But no lie will convince a hungry person that they have just eaten! Unlike Mr. Hichilema, Mr. Hunger does not live in Community House but on the streets and in the ghetto. Workers too can hardly make ends meet–their dogs are protesting.

Is it not time HH put his tail between his legs and tell the truth for once? Let’s get it right–HH is clueless when it comes to stabilizing the Kwacha, creating jobs, addressing increasing poverty and of course, providing food security.

What we have before us is exactly what it is–we are at the cliff of economic disaster. Like some of us, the driver doesn’t have glasses to negotiate the dangerous landscape. Only fools would expect a good landing–so is our nation.
Did I say PhD? I meant Pride has Dementia.

My people say, “ubufi bulaya no kubwela.”
By Kapya Kaoma


  1. It is now very clear that HH is just a Politician…whatever he said during campaigns whilst in opposition was just a way of getting into State House….too much over-promissing….now he doesn’t know whether he is going or coming…and he gas resorted to auctioning our mines bit by bit…chimbwi no plan chipante pante leader the Bandit in chief

  2. Hakainde Hichilema is on course to become the worst President to have ruled Zambia…this guy is a lunatic and pathological liar and a big Bandit….10 times more than Bandit Lungu…HH is a demagogue but unfortunately we don’t have serious opposition to take over in 2026….the alliance has some misplaced priorities and they will soon start fighting amongst themselves

  3. The goal (ambition) for any one who ventures into politics is to aspire for the position of the highest Office – the Republican Presidency. At this juncture, a clique of politicians who have ganged up to bring down a President are the staunch members of UPND. Mechanism used is to misinform and mislead their leader on facts affecting the nation.

  4. The Michael Sata HH alliance collapsed because they both wanted to Presidents…they both wanted to lead…the same thing will happen to the Bandit Lungu alliance. …Everyone in the alliance wants to lead the Alliance and eventually become President…greedy Politicians just like HH and Sata were both greedy pompwes….Sakwiba Sikota talks a good game but he is not a Political heavyweight

  5. Bally’s biggest challenge was the team he assembled. How honestly do you choose Danny Kalyalya, as your bank governor, after a great bragging at BBC interview? The choice of subordinates depicts the outcome of your leadership. His choice was based on appeasement. That is why wrong characters and lunatics like Chela Tukuta found themselves in diplomatic service. Good leaders are surrounded by people who will support your vision. Mwanawasa went beyond people who surrounded him and tapped leadership in other camps. HH had all the support both domestic and international but he has messed it.

  6. ……….

    Kapaya kaoma, I see you have not recovered from the HH electrol victory……..when you were silent I thought you started healing

    Infact you are getting worse. Maybe change your medication………

    Look, from the state we found the economy, which was living on borrowed money , to where we are today, where………

    Our creditors think zambia is managed well to afford to honour the unsustainable debt left by lungu……….

    To the moral decay of all systems of governance , even where PF caders were controlling the police……..

    Zambia is on the right track……..

    If it were not for the global economic crisis affecting almost every country, ……..

    The economic fruits would have ripened by now

    Forward 2031……….

    • @Spaka grow some private parts, which creditor think Zambia is managed well if China, our biggest creditor thinks HH is a p##y. IMF is just from confirming that without China on the table their work are nothing. Zambians are burying HH together with his lies in 2026. A hungry Zambian is a angry Zambian

    • Kci……..

      Because of the prudent capable handling of the economy, all………

      creditors think zambia is capable of hounering its debts……..

      If zambia was a failing state as you parasites of the clique tribal supremacists hope, …….

      The debt rescheduling and IMF deal would be long concluded………

      Forward 2031,
      And beyond with UPND………

  7. The privatization thief wants to be the only wealthy person in Zambia. He is stealing some more from gullible people while telling them more lies.

    • You are only better because your clique tribal supremacists have been cut of from looting………

      Increased CDF to the provinces has completely scattered and bamboozled the theives the clique had in place in Lusaka……….

      Forward 2031……
      And beyond

  8. The tribal supremacists clique are hounded and arrested like rats, others are surrendering stolen assets voluntarily to reprieve themselves. Alah!, its along overhaul known by their children and their children’s children will come to know it. Thieves under siege, can not even drive the hidden cars, Zambians, GRZ is waiting to arrest them. 2026, 2031, 2036 some will begin to die with age – legacy – Thieving families.

  9. Let sanity prevail and let us discuss these matters objectively and not criticism without offering solutions:

    1. Problem: The economy
    Solution: Fire both Finance Minister and Bank of Zambia Governor
    2. Problem: Democratic governance
    Solution: allow opposition freedom to operate with hinderance
    3. Problem: unemployment
    Solution: begin massive road works projects to employ the youth

    • Good vision but you are trying to fill the ocean with cup water. Unless the Idea comes from him. He employs people as he goes around… next time he give employment to the loudest chipolopolo fans

  10. Alabatila ifilala fyamunda yanama, when this man busy going around the all country telling lies and making falls promises he thought that people will just keep quiet, now he’s on the crossing
    roads and does not what to do but to blame Lungu for everything, tata koseni 2026 is around the corner, fikilisheni amalayo tata people have not forgotten about your promises.

  11. The anger of the people of Zambia at the lies they were told and false promises is just palpable. I sometimes go to sleep fearing for the worst for mother Zambia. People may not just continue to bottle up their anger until the next election. Ati fili uko tuleya.

  12. 2H biggest problem is that he worked for the private sector and thought the same connections he had in this sector would help him become the saviour in the public sector. Little does he know that his Financial imperialist friends had this all planned out. He turned against his own country and people on the assumption that his private sector credentials would come to his rescue. I think he now understands the muzungu mentality very well. He should know that first they build you up and then destroy you at will.

  13. Some Zambians are good at talking and making negative comments without understanding the causes of the challenges the country is facing now and its effects. Transferring the problems facing the country to muzungu mentalities is just a waste of time. After 60 years of independence we still have people who preach to the President that he should understand that Muzungus first builds him up and then destroy him at will. Any serious thinking person would not expect HH to fall into this false trap of being first built up by Muzungus only to be destroyed later at will. Trying to undermine HH in this way is the highest level of Bigotry!!

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