Friday, March 1, 2024

CBU Seeks Partner To Develop Manganese Mine


The Copperbelt University (CBU) in Kitwe is actively seeking partnerships with potential investors to aid in the development of its manganese mine located in Mwense, Luapula province.

During a CBU Media breakfast event, Professor John Bwalya, the Acting Vice Chancellor of Copperbelt University, disclosed that the university has acquired land for the manganese mine project and is now in search of an investor willing to invest approximately five million Kwacha for the exploitation of manganese resources.

Professor John Siame, the Dean of Students in the School of Mines and Minerals Development at CBU, clarified that while the university will oversee the project, it will not directly manage the operations of the mine. Instead, CBU aims to provide technical expertise and support to ensure the success of the venture.

The primary objective behind the development of the manganese mine is to facilitate research opportunities for both students and staff members at Copperbelt University. By engaging in practical mining activities, students and faculty will gain valuable hands-on experience and insights into the mining industry.

This initiative aligns with CBU’s broader mission to foster innovation, research, and skills development within the mining sector. By leveraging partnerships with investors, the university aims to harness the potential of its natural resources for the benefit of its academic community and the region as a whole.

The call for investors to collaborate with Copperbelt University shows the institution’s commitment to driving economic growth, knowledge exchange, and sustainable development in Zambia’s mining sector. As discussions progress, CBU remains optimistic about the prospects of this partnership and the opportunities it will create for research, learning, and industry advancement.


  1. Good idea.Its time Zambians got own their natural resources and make wealth from them.Have you thought of approaching CEEC,CDF adminstrators to source the funds?

  2. You are wasting your time. Hh has already sold this to his whlte friends. This country is no longer ours. We warned you

  3. Awe this is conflict of interest. These professors are learning from ZNS commanders. Just add a clause in your mining licenses to include royalty percentage for the local community and for research and development instead of cutting deals. The money from such deals will just end up in pockets on individuals.

  4. NOW, how come those big mouth who are always wasting time on LT, suddenly, are not commenting.
    Yet this is an opportunity, for those who advocate for Zambians taking control, instead of GRZ asking for foreign investments.
    I aws expectiong alot of comments and contributions on this subjects, with people creating “economical aliance” and join in this venture, but alas ! this is not a good reading for the usual LT noice makers, who ALWAYS WANT TO FIND something to criticize, and no action. You will remain LOOSERS.

    • You have no idea who is actually behind this. Coons like you are very gullible. If u think Zambians are benefitting from this then you are a lost man

  5. So all these Professors can not raise k5m? What happened to the much cerebrated CDF. Forget about the manganese because HH have heard and will be soon be traveling to America and sale to George Bush. That is what the privatization thief is good at.

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