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Former President Lungu Barred from Visiting Chishimba Kambwili


Tensions escalated at Maina Soko Medical Centre as former Zambian President Edgar Lungu was blocked from visiting Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Chishimba Kambwili. The Ministry of Defence issued a statement, declaring that politicians and members of the public would not be allowed to see Kambwili.

The incident occurred when President Lungu arrived at the medical centre to visit Kambwili, who was recently brought back to Zambia from Zimbabwe under unknown circumstances and admitted to Maina Soko Medical Centre.

Upon arrival, authorities, led by Maina Soko Medical Hospital Commandant, informed President Lungu’s delegation that strict measures had been put in place to restrict access to Kambwili.

Kambwili’s health has been a subject of public interest and concern, particularly after his return to Zambia and admission to the medical facility.

During a joint press briefing, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo reiterated that only Kambwili’s family members are permitted to visit him, emphasizing the need for adequate rest for his recovery. Minister Masebo expressed disappointment at attempts to politicize Kambwili’s medical situation and urged the public to prioritize his health over political agendas.


  1. As James Ndambo comes to lead the alliance, these dimwits will begin to scamper in all directions. If they’re panicking about a finished chakolwa, what about a person with the caliber of Ndambo? The agony of seeing themselves losing power so fast is creeping in and they’ll harm many. Just accept that you’ve failed

    • @ Deja Vu, he’s coming. Just wait and see. There are many Zambians that are cleverer than the auctioneer and under valuator of assets. They’ll redeem us from this yoke of kleptocracy. Weep not, child. Good governance is coming and they’ll be in the same trash bin as Miles Sampa

  2. Very petty. Issues needing GRZ urgent attention do not include Kambwili…. what is so special about this gorilla? Important issues include
    1) Falling health provision
    2) Looming poorest harvest ever
    3) Rising cost of living
    4) Unaffordable fuel
    5) Impending uselessness of the Kwacha.
    And many others. A lot of us have been referred to Tanzania for cancer treatment but we are not on the list of those listed and neither do we have money to sponsor ourselves.
    Instead of buying the cancer treatment equipment the government is wasting money sponsoring such maggots like Miles Sampa.

    • HH is the best President Zambia has. He is focussing on future than socialist policies of Kaunda, Sata and Lungu. Subsidizing mealie meal, petrol, brown envelopes to the parasitic chiefs, cadres on payrolls with no work.
      It is hard to change the mindset of socialist parasites of all hue and colors

    • @Soso What else can you say since you are benefiting from this nonsense. Don’t insult Dr Kaunda ever in your miserable life. The man built an industry which your HH in collaboration with Chiluba collapsed. Don’t ever I repeat.

    • Who is politickin? This is a former president and should be accorded the respect he deverves. He served with kambwili and knows him well. Why not just let him visit instead of humiliating him like this? Very childish. It should be up to the family and medical staff and not the government to determine whether the former president can or can not visit.

  3. @Deja Vu, The Kwacha is not impending useless but is useless under the 14hrs liar. We have no maize under Ichilema that happened under UNIP government and Chiluba. Subsequent governments sorted the maize issue out and now HH has even brought back Cholera that was sorted out in 2018. What should the health Minister be talking about Kambwili with Cholera in the backyard and no medicines in Hospitals. This is how daft this government is. The next will see in HH taking selfies and hospitals and Airport he did not build.

  4. Eiish, 2026 is nearer than 2031, but that will be the order of things. Wrong doers will have started to die and their children should be ready to answer sins of their parents and grand parents. Ask late Sata’s children or ECL children, will mature in court rooms

  5. Why should Lungu visit Kambwili in hospital? Is the visit part of required therapy? Would Kambwili recover quickly if Lungu visited him? A person being treated for BP or sugar needs space and time to relax. Such cheap scoring of political points should be left to amateur politicians not ba ex-president! We should all try and keep political statements out of medical treatment. Ba Lungu funani strategy inangu. This one is a failure

  6. Some hospitals have strict visiting hours. It also depends on the hospital’s rules and the patient’s condition. Some relatives and carers may visit at any time, the former president was just passing by.
    The former is not a relative.


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