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Kambwili evacuated to South Africa


Chief Government spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said government has evacuated outspoken PF member of the central committee Chishimba Kambwili to South Africa for specialised medical attention.

Confirming the development yesterday Mr. Mweetwa , who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that Mr Kambwili was evacuated.

He said it is government ‘s responsibility to look after all Zambian regardless of their social-economic status.
The Minister has dispelled assertions circulating on social media alleging that the Government has neglected to assist Chishimba Kambwili because he belongs to the opposition.

The government spokesperson maintained that the health of a person is a private matter that should not be politised by anyone.
Mr Kambwili was recently deported to Zambia from Zimbabwe and was receiving treatment at Maina Soko Hospital in Lusaka.
Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo assured the nation that government was making frantic efforts to evacuate Mr KambwilI.


    • There are people who fought for UPND for decades who are suffering that HH has not done anything for. I disagree with this bullsh!t. Hakainde is doing this to pander to the Bemba. Nothing more, nothing less. The money being used for this shenanigan is government money; it did not come from Hakainde selling any of his cattle. Get out of here with this bullsh!t

    • It is sad to note Zambians are happy about taking healthy Kambwili to slaughter house. Chishimba please don’t be shy to come back to Zambia.
      Mulongoti, Nsanda and many more were taken to same, didnt see Zambia again.
      Get well soon.

  1. This is very unfair to those honest and humble Zambians whose ailments cannot be treated in Zambia. Unless @Dontcare there’s a political motive like coercing him to join Miles Sampa and start tearing Edgar Lungu to shreds…. can’t put it beyond Upnd and Kambwili.

  2. HH and Masebo told poor Zambians ati go back to the village to avoid Cholera, why didn’t they tell Kambwili to go back to the village? Politicians looking out for each other but the voters are dying mu Stadium. That’s why I don’t vote.

    • Difference between Lungu and Kambwili. One is very fat the other isnt. One pretends to run in the morning, the other cant even walk. Lungu refused to put the title from an honorary doctorate before his name, Kambwili manufactured the honorary docterate and insisted it be part of his name. One was stopped from eating all the harvest yamwibala by the other, who went on and on and was planning to eat more harvests before a cowboy from Bweengwa stopped him. One had a wife who fraudulently owned some high end flats while the other owned such flats himself certainly built from harvesting mwibala.

  3. Birds of the same feather flock together. We now know they are all the same. Same thieves different shapes, colours and sizes. Zambians should take their country back from these good for nothing politicians.

    • HH is not a thief. He is weak in many ways, and grovelling to people who hate him because he is a Tonga is one of the signs of that. In a country where the government cannot pay its debts, where do you find the money to send someone to South Africa for treatment at government expense, especially if that man can afford that exercise on his own, using money he stole from the government?

    • Imagine wasting state time and resources on someone who even bolted into a foreign country….. and that bit needs to be verified or investigated so that we know the truth.

  4. When Kambwili returns will face another offence of illegally entering Zimbabwe and sent back to Zambia. Added to hate speech conviction. Then Mwamona cases can be resurrected so long his trade mark feigning is avoided.

  5. ……..

    CK will join miles sampa and start haranguing lungu and PF……….

    He thinks it is GRZ to blame for his poor business performance……

  6. I will never be a Politician and I can’t stand Politicians….these guys are wicked and they only time they work together is when they’re looting and stealing from poor zambians….So HH is just a power hungry demagogue Politician…he will do anything just to remain in power…if it means buying all the opposition HH will definitely do it

  7. If you’re a Politician and genuinely against against corruption and loot then the crooked Corrupt Politician will get rid of you…Baldwin Nkumbula…Dean Mungomba…Ronald Penza and Paul Tembo were eliminated by corrupt Politicians…if Kambwili was part of corrupt PF government how come UPND is now wasting more tax payers money on a corrupt Politician….so this means HH is also corrupt and am sure Spaka is very disappointed with HH…Chishimba Kambwili will now become Chief Lumbani Madoda praise singer nimber 1

    • Tactically GRZ can not let CK die…… useless as he is.

      The ammunition given to the opposition incase of his death would create an unpredictable fallout……

      And give the tribal supremacists a platform they dont deserve…….

      Well played GRZ……

  8. @Spaka
    Did you hear what Cornelius Mweetwa said about Chishimba Kambwili……and the plot to bring down Lungu……i think Politicians are the ones hindering development in Africa…..Cornelius Mweetwa just admitted to the bring down Lungu scheme…and am very disappointed with HH if he is all behind this…i thought he Politcal tactics were above board….it turns out HH is the FTJ reloaded

  9. For the sake of transparency, the Ministry of Health should publish a list of Zambians (rich or poor) who have been sent for specialist medical treatment outside Zambia by the UPND Govt. Apparently, very soon this month, several African State Presidents will be converging in Namibia for the State Funeral of the Late Namibian President. What form of reception awaits the Zambian President, especially taking into account how the former President EC Lungu was denied to exit this country to seek medical services outside Zambia? The Kambwili saga is extremely SHAMEFUL.


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