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Why is Hichilema panicking over suggestions on the Barotseland problem?


We have noted the panic and desperation from Mr Hakainde Hichilema, who has issued an uphauling and unhinged reaction to our submission on the Barotseland Agreement through the State House Communication Specialist Clayson Hamasaka.
Clearly, they are having sleepless nights on this issue and they have gone flat out to lie and distort our message using Mr Hichilema’s traditional online guerilla media channels like Koswe and the Zambian Watchdog that are run by the State House media team. They have no sensible argument to present hence the panic and desperation!

It is no longer a secret that Mr Hichilema and his corrupt tribal puppet regime are unable to engage in ideas that will progress the country. Typical of them, even the rebuttal from Mr Hichilema through Hamasaka where he is trying to engage in personalized attacks on me exposes their incapacity to handle delicate national affairs with maturity and sobriety.
In fact, this statement is an admission that the ideas we are advancing in our effort to provide checks and balances seem to be beyond their comprehension. But the surprise is that what we are suggesting is not even complex but given their hollow and ignorant response, you can easily see that they are unable to understand even simple and straightforward ideas in plain language.

What will be unconstitutional about proposing changes in the law to accommodate policies and ideas that benefit and largely empower our people through their traditional and religious leaders? What is unconstitutional about people deciding together, building together to transform their communities, districts, regions, and eventually transform themselves? What is unconstitutional about guaranteeing growth in fraternal love – unity in diversity?

But again, in an unlikely event that probably Mr Hichilema and his league have understood what we are proposing then their response speaks of fear that power will go to the people because they would rather confine our traditional leaders to ceremonial status, which we are heavily objecting to.

The Litunga, the Chitimukulu, the Gawa, Mpezeni, Mwata Kazembe, Ndungu, Ishindi, Kapijimpanga, Malembeka, Serenje and many other respected traditional leaders of this country should not be reduced and confined to a ceremonial status when they have the wisdom, capacity as well as concern for the people, which places them in a better place than a distant central government to run the affairs of the people and drive development.

For almost 60 years, we have pretended that only the people in Lusaka headed by the occupant of State House know better the needs of the people, which is a lie. We have abandoned the heritage of our country, which is essentially based on traditional leadership. These traditional leaders understand not just the local economics but also the social, cultural and political fabric of their communities and regions and we are convinced this gives them the best foot forward to effectively achieve two important things; drive and enhance local development as well as guide the central government on many issues i.e. the country’s development path, national unity and co- existence, and so on and so forth.

We know that the revolutionary democracy we are proposing has unsettled them because they have already shown their insatiable appetite for power and control. Actually, the excitement Mr Hichilema is displaying for power, control and wealth speaks of his inability to govern this country equitably.

Like we have said before, our desire is not to monopolize power and wealth like Mr Hichilema is doing. We want to build and transform the country together as one people. And if devolving power to the communities, districts and provinces is what will bring development then why not devolve?

For us, we are not interested in power to enrich ourselves but to change the livelihoods of our people for the better.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. Please take a break and go on retreat start by finding a spiritual Director because your level of desperation is beyond the Post newspaper owner we once celebrated

    • Social Equity is cardinal for social uplift. Fred for Presidency. Why shall recycled elitists skim the cream all the time?
      Let the whole focus change to the poorer majority

  2. Zambia is playing in the hands of its adversaries. You allowed them in to create AFRICOM, now they will arm your new rebels to fight your army and then supply both with more gear. By the time you realise, Gates and Bezos AI systems would have moved your resources at hypersonic speed. Our younger generation have a bleak future ahead of them. God gave us everything but our visionless leaders have other ideas.

  3. This Membe thinks that he can now have hereditary positions in the Government Republic of zambia.He must be reminded that Zambia is a republic where every Zambian must have equal chances of attaining the position of minister or District Commissioner.This buttyboy thinks he is doing a favor to chiefs for votes in2026 because he thinks he is also royalty.He is unaware of the numerous conflicts on boundaries, regionalism and mistrust that he could bring onto this beautiful country.Certain chiefdoms that do not have resources to stand on their own will be at the mercy of others.Chiefdoms are feudal in character,quite averse to the socialism he pretends to espouse There are reasons why KK kept chiefs at bay
    Please, patriotic Zambians, stop this tired old fagot from his dangerous plans

  4. Only a person who cannot think properly will vote for this selfish individual , this guy failed to run his small company because of poor strategies , now do you think he manage to run a complex country like Zambia? I leave it there


  6. Who is panicking, HH is only 7th president of Zambia. So, KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa,Rupia Banda, Sata, and Edgar Lungu sorted Barotseland according to Fred Membe Lol.

  7. saying the truth sets one free and never leads one in panic. HH said the truth that there is no country called Barotseland. PLZ Meembe , check on the list of countries in the world and see if you will find acountry called Barotseland. Had hh said there was a country called barotseland………… what would have been the reaction of the same crooks

  8. Show me a country named Barotseland and show me its president. Show me an international passport for Barotseland that can be presented at any airport? Drugs are free people, but do not lie to people that you are sober after taking them.

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