Friday, March 1, 2024

Canadian Government Hails Zambia as Attractive Mining Investment Destination


Zambia’s mining sector has garnered attention as an attractive investment destination, according to remarks made by Canadian High Commissioner Kyle Nunas. Speaking on behalf of the Canadian government, Mr. Nunas highlighted the stability of policies surrounding the mining industry in Zambia as a key factor contributing to investor confidence.

Mr. Nunas emphasized that the longevity projected by mining sector policies has bolstered both domestic and international investor confidence. He noted that this confidence has translated into a sense of security among investors, who are now more inclined to invest in Zambia’s mining sector with the assurance of favorable returns on their investments.

Furthermore, Mr. Nunas revealed that Canadian firms have shown keen interest in investing in Zambia’s mining sector, particularly following the discovery of substantial copper deposits at Ming’omba Mine in Chililabombwe. This interest signifies the potential for significant growth and development within the sector.

During a meeting with North Western Province Permanent Secretary Grandson Katambi, Mr. Nunas reaffirmed the Zambian government’s commitment to enhancing the mining sector through proactive policy formulation and implementation.

In response, Colonel Katambi urged the Canadian government to consider diversifying its investment portfolio in Zambia by exploring opportunities in the agriculture sector. He highlighted the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between Canadian investors and Zambia’s agricultural industry, which plays a crucial role in the country’s economy and livelihoods.


  1. This is not good news at all, there is something behind it. They want us to finish our minerals first and then we go and ask them for alms (almosen for the poor). I asked a well known Zambian politician a Q, “what do you think if we run out of minerals will happen to Zambia”. He answered “Donor countries will help us”. What a shame!

  2. Canada does not give much aid to Zambia in fact they closed their High Commission over a decade ago and the Canada govt and its tax payers don’t invest in foreign countries , that’s left up to private mining companies and the stock markets world wide.

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