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UPND Exudes Confidence in 2026 Election Victory


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed strong confidence in securing victory in the 2026 general elections, citing significant developmental achievements under President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership.

During an engagement session with community members in Bweengwa, UPND’s Chairman for Special Duties, William Banda, highlighted the substantial progress witnessed across the nation since President Hichilema assumed office less than three years ago.

Banda emphasized President Hichilema’s dedication to transforming the country, which has earned widespread appreciation from Zambians nationwide.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of increased Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in rural areas, Banda noted the positive impact on livelihoods. However, he suggested the need for adjustments in fund allocation to better cater to the needs of beneficiaries.

The UPND’s optimistic outlook reflects its confidence in the ongoing development initiatives spearheaded by President Hichilema’s administration, setting the stage for the upcoming elections in 2026.


    • Yours is clouded by tribalism. UPND are right. They have a very good chance of winning because a) the powerful advantage of incumbency 2) better organised, and having more financial resources. 3) Lungu is going to be barred by the courts, which will throw the Pilfering Fools party into disarray. Even though they individually stolen much from the country, they are not going to risk their loot in the risky and unsure prospect of sponsoring an election campaign. The first time Lungu won, the corrupt Rupiah Banda had to fly him around Africa, to get money from his corrupt friends in Angola, Rwanda and Nigeria. Once in office, Lungu simply abused state resources to fund his campaigns. Now that money is no more, and so are the chances of the Party of Fools

    • Yes I love my tribe but I don’t hate other tribes. You have actually exposed yourself several times how tribal you are.

    • No Tonga has ever robbed, harmed or discriminated against any other tribe. You would be lying if you made any of the claims I have made. You have been on LT for years, and you have been spewing tribalistic bullsh!t all of that time. For example, you made negative remarks, when HH attended the funeral of UPND supporter, and traditional music superstar, Austin “Nsabata” Mwiinga… You can try, but you cannot succeed in hiding who you are

  1. The yard stick is immediately after being sworn in office,the Kwacha will be trading at K10 to a USDollar,mealie meal will be selling at K50 per 25kg bag,Fuel will be selling at K12 per liter while Fertilizer will be selling at K250 per 50kg.Are these in place?

    • The global economy is dynamic, badala…….

      The global economy foes not wait for anyone……. .

      If every country in the world suffers inflation, unfortunately zambia will also suffer

    • That is YOUR yardstick. UPND will start with a commanding lead in its traditional areas. It will be in a better competitive position by virtue of incumbency in the so-called opposition strong holds. The opposition will not have the money to contest the elections. Ultimately, once China signs the debt deal. UPND will be free of making payments on the US $33 billion debt incurred and looted by Michael Satan and Edna Lungu until after the 2026 elections. They therefore will be able to sweeten the economic conditions ahead of the elections, and claim that things are better. Even after that, they will be paying a concessionary interest of 1% for the 10 years until 2037. Those counting on the economy to save them are miscalculating badly

    • mealie meal 25kg at K50….
      What do you think the farmers will be getting for their hard work put in growing the crop?
      You lazy people living in urban areas think you have a right to cheap or subsidized food after you misused the nkongole from China.
      You need to be realistic

  2. ……..

    The vote will be decided in rural zambia, where there is increased CDF……….

    It’s a done deal………

    Forwardi 2031……….

    • The vote is already decided in Western, Northwestern, Lusaka, Southern and Central Province. The CDFs will dilute the power and appeal of the opposition in the rural areas, where people are receiving money they never received before. Also, by the time the elections come around, the debt deal will have been signed, and the government will be a debt payment reprieve, which will allow it to sweeten the appearance of economic conditions. Lungu will barred from running by the courts, and will retire from politics.

    • It is mostly you PF parasites used of looting and brown envelopes that are suffering…….

      And those who can’t grow their own food…….

      Forward 2031………

    • The ones who are suffering are those who were the only ones receiving the favours of the governments of Michael Satan and Edna Lungu. These did not vote UPND before, and they are not likely to vote for it now. It is everyone else who is seeing CDF money for the first time who will be open to swaying by UPND. Remember that UPND will romp in Southern, Northwestern, Western (in spite of the Barotseland bs), Lusaka and Central Province. They will do better than you think in Eastern province, given that Lungu will be barred by the courts and not be on the ballot.

  3. Zambian’s profile on the world platform is far much better than that of the previous regime. Say what pleases you 2026 belongs to HH………….2031……….

  4. The cost-of-living will determine the outcome of the 2026 elections. That’s why HH and his team should priotise finalising debt restructuring ASAP instead of arresting political opponents.

    If the debt issue is not resolved, HH will be replaced by another clueless person because Zambian voters are lack discernment.

  5. The problem with educated people is that they spend more time on analytics and doing nothing about the actuals. Believe it or with the current situation, UPND wouldn’t stand a chance in a national election. Like someone has already put it, UPND will have to show the results to the common man otherwise they will be doing those analytics in opposition again. Ifintu kubalansa…

  6. som peopl have taken an article written on hon. mweetwa as excellent. on contrary , that’s not an excellent article for it’s of shallow analysis and reasoning. i listened to the whole press briefing. What Hon. Mweetwa tried to inform the nation was that ECL faced two types of rivals ; the internal (the likes of ck) and the external ( the opposition political parties especially the UPND). Both (factors) worked together negatively and contributed to the down fall of ECL /PF. you don’t need a preacher to believe that ck and upnd have been thousands kilometers apart. No collaboration in anyway. Every on knows the nature of ck. plz , don’t follow some of these disgrantled political elements who just want take advantage of the popo

    • Why are you explaining on his behalf? It’s there on tape, it was live. So why would there be a hidden explanation like in the Bible? The whole thing explains why your party is so desparately trying to evacuate Kambwili for medical treatment abroad. No amount of defense will eradicate what Mweetwa said.

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