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Government Concerned Over Rise in Diabetes Cases In Zambia


In a recent statement, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo voiced the government’s apprehension regarding the escalating number of diabetes cases across the country.

Citing data from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2021 survey on diabetes prevalence in Zambia, Ms. Masebo revealed that an alarming 11.9 percent of individuals aged between 20 to 79 years old were afflicted with the disease. She further disclosed that a staggering 50 percent of diabetic individuals remain unaware of their condition. Of particular concern is Africa’s elevated risk profile, with Zambia exhibiting a concerning 36 percent prevalence rate.

Ms. Masebo addressed these issues while responding to queries raised by Kanchibiya Member of Parliament, Sunday Chanda, who sought to ascertain the prevalence rate of diabetes nationwide as of August 2023.

The Health Minister attributed the surge in diabetes cases to the widespread consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods, emphasizing the urgent need for dietary reforms and increased awareness campaigns.


  1. GMOs surreptitious infused into the country by South African Boers, stress due to the deprival of future prospects by the previous tribalistic governments.. all lead to weight gain which leads to diabetes

    • very simple straight forward information but you distort thinking it makes a smart @$$. A lot of you clowns live very unproductive lives.

    • @cyber sally, productivity is about having a mindset of positive thinking. Some can see through begging mentality which can be a sign of incompetence. If that’s what clowns do then I would rather be that clown than a useless cheer leader. It’s muppets like you who think the governments job is regurgitate problems rather than offer solutions.

    • Not true. We have been eating mealie meal since the 1400s. Diabetes has only attacked Africa from the beginning of the last century.

    • White Mealie meal, white Bread, Irish potato, pasta are all bad for your health.. stay away from carbs & starch and avoid sugary drinks

    • @Ziggy Yes White(Breakfast) maize meal is over-processed so it has little nutritional value. Roller meal is much more nutritious. But imwe bonse ba upperclass you dont want roller so you will be prone to diabetes

  2. It’s not about concern…. it’s about enabling the general citizenry access good and affordable medical facilities. Instead of talking about how destroy opposition parties, direct all energies to improving our health sector. People are flocking overseas for ailments which we could treat locally. In the process a lot foreign exchange is leaving the country in huge sums. That money could help in bringing machines for various illnesses in our hospitals.

  3. What is the matter with you people? Health systems all over the world is concerned about diabetes. she only doing her job. People can take control and look at their diet with the right information this is where the government comes in but it’s up to the individual don’t blame government everything.

  4. Instead of merely voicing concern we need to be told what plans government has to halt the disease. In countries that are genuinely concerned, practical measures include school feeds with sanctioned or approved meals, promotion of exercise also Government intervention regarding certain foods. Government should also ensure nutrition labeling on packaged foods.

    • Type 1 and gestational diabetes are usually hereditary but Type 2 which is most common in Africa is caused largely by eating processed foods, too much sugar and unhealthy fats coupled with a lack of physical activity.
      Do a research and you will find that in Zambia cases of diabetes were much lower before the Third Republic. “Economic freedom” opened the nation up to lifestyle ailments. Diabetes has risen with the arrival of fast food sellers. KFC, Hungry Lion Burger etc are good breeding grounds for diabetes

    • @ Lumpenela, you are spot on. Muppets like cyber sally wonder why we sh0ot down useless statements from government officials who think their job is to present problems rather than what the government is doing to reverse or tackle the issue. What’s even more worrying is that the minister is reacting to data from WHO which indicates that she has no clue.

  5. Your Health is indeed your Wealth. I do not mind participating as a volunteer in the awareness campaign( diet reforms).
    Good works Minister!

  6. @ Lumpenela you just took words out of my mouth. The fact is if we had to do a social class stratification for diabetes and even hypertension, the majority of cases will be in the middle and high income brackets
    In my view the Government should be concerned about checking the food tags of imported foodstuffs, protecting and educating the population on the health implications of some of these ‘modern’ eating habits and assumed foods for the elite.
    people now shun eating traditional vegetables like potato leaves, ibondwe and the like which are proven to have high nutritional value and thus good for alth.
    My grandmother used to boast and say ‘I raised your mothers and uncles and none of them suffered from malnutrition’.

  7. Our tradition vegetables and most foodstuffs our parents used to eat are good for health and have more nutritional benefits, we need to get back to our roots. We now have too much chemicals added to our food crops.
    Government should also be concerned about modern agricultural practices that modify our food crops.
    Some of these diseases cut across a number of sectors which all need to work together. The MoH on it’s own cannot control diabetes, there’s need for other related sectors to come on board.

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