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United Kwacha Alliance a Painful False Hope


The newly formed United Kwacha Alliance slowly showing cracks , the first punch was thrown by Dan Pule’s Party whose name I can’t remember. They suggested on radio that it should lead the alliance. This did not sit well with other political parties, but because it was unthinkable for a “non-existing ” political party to lead, they were just ignored. They knew that no one is paying attention to Dan Pule’s party and not even them.

We have also seen the new Heritage party becoming the defacto vice president to former President Lungu, forget about Sakwiba, he was placed there because he has the weakest political party and very little or passive Presidential ambitions. This instead of growing the alliance will stop it’s growth, other political parties feel that the leadership structure has already been set.

Madam Kateka said something that did not sit well with the socialist party in Luapula about other opposition parties delaying to join UKA. These brought out a strong reaction from Fred Mmembe, practically warning them that they would be crushed before they even start. It’s seems Fred is not for the alliance and its disturbing his plans.

Citizens First Harry Kalaba is also sitting on the fence, he is not very committed to the idea but will let it play out for now. We all know when Kalaba is committed, we will all see it. His plan is basically to have everyone support him for the UKA Presidency, he thinks he is the most popular and the most logical candidate. As soon as that possibility begins to fade away, he will also fade away from the alliance. We can all tell Kalaba is not fully committed to this.

But perhaps the most interesting one is Edith Nawakwi, allegedly telling other party Presidents that Lungu is unsellable. The idea is to keep and use Lungu but not let him use them. She feels she is next in line if experience and seniority have to be considered. And this where the major fight will come from. If Nawakwi does not have her way, she will leave distraction in the alliance they won’t even be able to field candidate’s.

Furthermore despite the Miles Sampa and ECL situation in PF, other senior PF members have complained that they were not consulted over the decision to join UKA. There was no NCC meeting or resolution and only few people close to the President knew about the alliance. If the UKA alliance does not go through, those PF senior memebers will lose repect for ECL whom they already blame for the Miles Sampa fight.

The caution to those in the alliance is that political parties tend to die after the success of failure of an alliance. Unless the reason for an alliance is to seek jobs for a few selfish leaders. If this alliance continues all small political party members will become members of the strong party with a structure and more resourses. They end up with a new leader because their leader has been absorbed and that marks the end. I see this happening to Jackson’s Gold party and Saboi’s NDC. They risk burrying their political careers like Mutati, KBF and Milupi even if the alliance succeeds, unless it’s just jobs they want.

I have not hidden that fact that am not for this alliance, the main reason is that if it falls at the last minute it will give UPND a free pass in 2026. Secondly me I want through hell under PF, it’s still painful and I have not forgiven them, I can’t afford them to be back in power. Thirdly I have said and keep repeating that Lungu being back in politics is the greatest strength UPND has for 2026. He is a major distraction for other political leaders and parties to rise to the occasion . He is basically holding his support base from going to any other party or leader . Its like Kalusha failing to retire you remember?

The same thing that happened with FTJ and KK in 1996 will happen, when everyone thought that KK can come back. KK was never on the ballot and the MMD literally went unopposed. Let Lungu pick a candidate and then seek support from others maybe they will stand a chance. Not just coming together just in the hope that one will lead or get a job and if you don’t lead, you abandon ship. This alliance is not even on ideas or policies, it is just a pitty party. How can you go and register it as a pressure group sure? Are we college or secondary school?

By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe
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  1. Most political schemes in Zambia are initiated by sponsors of political Parties. Even in this case it’ll later emerge that these people have been advised to form a formidable challenge to the One Man Dictator. ECL is just meant to deceive the dictator. Mzungus in Lower Zambezi are talking about James Ndambo and I’ve little doubt in my mind that they’re quite serious. Instead of bringing out your own analysis based on your opinion, endeavor to research your article so that your scope is wide. Otherwise it’ll be dismissed as nkani ya mu kachasu

  2. Interesting article and analysis drwaing some lessons from history. This UKWA, sorry UKA is a PF-Edgar project. I personally cannot forgive PF for the ruin the caused but some people miss their chaotic and thuggish misrule. To stand a chance in future elections, PF needed a COMPLETE OVERHAUL not rebranding. The window for that overhaul slipped by when supposedly retired leader clang to it. We all know what happens to parties when leaders fail to pass the button when their time is up. This is exactly how KK destroyed UNIP. By the way where Bishop Mwamba the new UNIP president?

  3. Is the writer wanting to claim prophecy? Im sure his headline should have read: “United Kwacha Alliance to be a Pain in the a*** for UPND

  4. Malawi Chakwera is on his way out and in Zambia HH is on his way out and it’s the people suffering not Lungu that will bring change in Zambia

  5. Keep dreaming Kaisa and Angoni. There will be no government change in 2026. Kaisa I hope you have saved enough money to sustain you where ever you are hiding until 2031.

  6. LT I think you should give Kaizar the most influential blogger of all time, just see how every other comment shifts to Kaizar after his comment. Hehehe!

  7. You see what happens when hardships persist; people are willing to get back to
    Egypt as the Bible story says. This will also equally be disastrous because we saw how PF especially towards the end, became destructive and openly thieving in its ways. What these UKA guys should have done was prop up a hitherto fresh face like MMD did with Chiluba. This UKWA to cling to PF under UKA will be their undoing. It will be easy to decampaign the same faces especially as cases are of corruption start inching towards them.

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