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Conistitutional Amendments To Be Comprehensive ,Not Piecemeal – Nalumango


In a decisive statement delivered in Parliament, Vice President Mutale Nalumango clarified the government’s stance on constitutional amendments, emphasizing that any proposals for amendments will not be pursued in a piecemeal fashion. Mrs. Nalumango articulated that while recommendations for certain amendments, such as delimitation, exist, the government intends to address multiple non-contentious provisions simultaneously for greater efficiency and consensus-building.

Addressing the legislative body, Vice President Nalumango asserted that the government is committed to fostering consensus by presenting proposed amendments that garner agreement from all parties represented in the House. This approach, she emphasized, is essential to ensuring that constitutional reforms reflect the collective will and interests of the Zambian populace.

Mrs. Nalumango also took the opportunity to dispel allegations leveled against the United Party for National Development (UPND), refuting claims that the party had previously rejected proposals for the country to engage in delimitation while in opposition. She clarified that the UPND’s refusal to support the delimitation proposal stemmed from its inclusion within the broader context of Bill 10, which contained additional amendments deemed regressive and incompatible with the party’s vision for progressive constitutional reform.


  1. The UPND lost its credibility and mandate to undertake any Constitutional amendments the moment they overthrew the PF and installed their stooges. People are fatigued with these Constitutional amendments, therefore any process that isn’t people driven won’t attract the required participation in order to build consensus.

    • “Constitutional Amendments To Be Comprehensive ,Not Piecemeal” All of the post KK governments have been saying this. Just check the headlines from 1991. Then they have gone ahead to present some half-baked scheme centred around their interests. All opposition has dramatically refused to partake. We are in our Episode four of recycling of this “days of our lives” at Manda Hill soapie now starring Mutale Nalumango, Hakainde Hichilema, Collins Mweetwa, Gary Nkombo and co-starring Miles Sampa, Nevas Mumba, Edgar Chagwa etc etc.

  2. New Doom govt has no moral fiber to amend the constitution due to the mingalato they have come to embrace. they have shown us of their dirty mind as confessed by their party and govt spokesperson.
    Furthermore, there’s nothing contentious to warrant the amendment, your intention is to sneak in clauses that can disadvantage the opposition.

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