Saturday, April 20, 2024

Former RTSA CEO Zindaba Soko Detained for Failure to Attend Court, Faces Forgery Charges


Former Chief Executive Officer of the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), Zindaba Soko, has been detained until further notice following his failure to attend court sittings in a forgery case. The development comes as Lusaka Principal Resident Magistrate Irene Wishimanga reserved ruling to March 1, 2024, following Mr. Soko’s explanation for his absence in court.

Mr. Soko, who is charged with forgery and uttering false documents, cited being misled by his previous lawyers regarding the court schedule as the reason for his absence. He claimed that this misinformation led him to travel to Dubai for a job interview, which resulted in his failure to appear before the court.

The situation escalated after Magistrate Wishimanga issued a bench warrant against Mr. Soko on February 19, 2024, due to his non-appearance in court.

In the ongoing case, Mr. Soko is jointly charged with two others for forgery, in addition to facing the charge of uttering false documents.


  1. Uttering false documents for what. Those charged with responsibility to inform the public must be aware that not everyone who reads their news is privy to what they reported earlier. So a brief detail of what this forgery is about is import did he forge NRC? Is it not basic practice in journalism to be as clearer as possible and to inform the reader fully? Or do we have a different crop of journalists or scribers?

  2. Zindaba Soko was RB’s nephew. This closeness to power made him pompous to the extent of giving himself authority he wasn’t entitled to as an HoD in the Ministry of Transport. He gave out contracts beyond his threshold and one of them was for the notorious speed cameras. The public were defrauded as funds were made to be deposited into a private account. This is a serious matter that has been let to die his cohorts like Brian Mushimba are free like nothing happened.

  3. He’s been locked up not because of the substantive case but one arising from the court process. This is how rotten our judiciary is. A charge like this can be concluded in one day. When was he arrested? How can such a straight case with very few witnesses drag on like this? It’s the magistrate that’s supposed to be taken to task.

  4. We need some help. How do we connect with the Zambia Cooperative Union? We are members of one such Cooperative. We have not had any meetings of any sort since 2016. Some of us have as much as 28, 000.00 Kwacha with this co-op but we have not been receiving dividends or withdraws. We have reported the executive to the copperbelt provincial offices but nothing has happened.
    Please anyone who knows the phone number for the national offices help us.

  5. The guy knew he has a case coming up but decided to run away to dubai probably seeking asylum. His request was not granted therefore had to come back with this poor excuse of being mislead by his lawyers. Now if he is released he will either run away to zimbabwe or SA. Better not grant him bail.

  6. RB put Zambia in the lap of Islamic bigots of all hue and color. His nephews, sons and financiers all ripped Zambia off.


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