Thursday, June 13, 2024

NCWALA 2024: A Benchmark for Organized and Well-Promoted Traditional Ceremonies


The Ncwala traditional ceremony of 2024 has emerged as a benchmark for organized and well-promoted cultural events, receiving commendation from unexpected quarters for its meticulous planning and effective promotion.

Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba, President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), hailed this year’s Ncwala ceremony as a shining example of unity, cultural preservation, and effective event management. While expressing personal reservations about certain cultural practices associated with the ceremony such as “Koswe-eating and blood drinking antiques”, Dr. Mumba commended the organizers and promoters for their exceptional efforts in showcasing the rich heritage of the Ngoni people.

“As your traditional cousins, I know that we don’t easily concede, but on this one, you have set the bar very high and set the standard on how well-organized these traditional ceremonies can be,” Dr. Mumba remarked in his statement.

Acknowledging the significance of traditional ceremonies in preserving cultural values and history, Dr. Mumba emphasized the importance of promoting unity and mutual respect among different cultural groups. He extended his congratulations to His Royal Highness, Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni People, and all his subjects for the success of the Ncwala ceremony.

The praise from Dr. Mumba underscores the widespread recognition of the exceptional organization and promotion of this year’s Ncwala traditional ceremony. It sets a precedent for other cultural events to emulate, promising a future of vibrant and well-coordinated celebrations across various ethnic groups in Zambia.

As attention turns to future traditional ceremonies, including the anticipated Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena, Dr. Mumba hinted at potential emulation of the successful strategies observed at Ncwala, signaling a positive trend towards enhanced cultural exchanges and collaboration among diverse ethnicities.

The success of Ncwala 2024 not only highlights the cultural richness of Zambia but also reinforces the importance of traditional ceremonies as platforms for cultural preservation, unity, and celebration.


    • This is a useless ceremony. What do they celebrate? Firstly their ancestors were cowards who ran away from king Shaka Mfecane wars. Secondly when they reached Kasama, they were stopped in their tracks by the MIGHTY CHITIMUKULU and his worriors. The body of their chief Zwangedaba still lies buried in Bembaland.
      This ceremony is nothing but a gathering of half naked men and women clapping and stomping their feet in shame following their defeat by the mighty Chitimukulu.

    • These guys are dirty my goodness!! Those Nyau, poached animal’s skins, the sweating from jumping… I wonder the smell of these

  1. I am in chipata. We are popping more bottles than the upnd thugs here because we are loved more than them. The upnd officials are getting less attention than us. I amnsrunk

  2. All Zambian traditions are unique in there own way. It’s not a competition but a display of our rich heritage. Those who don’t know how to use the english language are susceptible to choosing wrong words likely to infuriate others.

  3. But naimwe bangoni!! Try to modernise that traditional attire. This is 21st century. I’m sure you can get a Ngoni designer to work with Mtenguleni and approve a 21st century gear. Otherwise good luck and I didn’t see any mavumo in your citizens so Sylvia Masebo was irrelevant here as there’s no diabetes in ngoniland

  4. When I saw the name of one of the people commending the ceremony….. this man has a mouth that only stops blabbing when he goes to sleep.

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