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Government Urges Adherence to Regulations in In-Vitro Fertilization Clinics


The government has called upon the Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) and other stakeholders to ensure that providers of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) adhere to regulations governing reproductive health in the country. Health Minister Sylvia Masebo emphasized the importance of upholding the highest ethical standards in the delivery of IVF services, stressing the need for compliance with established regulations.

Speaking at the launch of the Seeds of Innocence IVF Clinic, Minister Masebo, represented by Mukatimui Munalula, Senior Medical Superintendent of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Women and New-Born Hospital, highlighted the significance of the clinic in offering hope to countless couples longing for parenthood in Zambia. She acknowledged that not all couples can conceive naturally, underscoring the vital role played by fertility clinics like Seeds of Innocence Associates in addressing infertility issues.

Minister Masebo expressed confidence in the technology and expertise available at the clinic, which provides a ray of hope to childless couples seeking to start a family. She emphasized the importance of adhering to regulations to ensure the safety and efficacy of IVF treatments.

Founder of Seeds of Innocence, Gauri Agarwal, renowned for her expertise in fertility treatments, echoed Minister Masebo’s sentiments, expressing enthusiasm about introducing cutting-edge Reproductive Genetics testing to infertility treatment in Zambia. Dr. Agarwal emphasized that the technology employed by the clinic enables the identification and mitigation of genetic risks, thereby enhancing the success rates of IVF treatments and ensuring the health of both mother and child.

India’s High Commissioner to Zambia, Ashok Kumar, hailed the introduction of fertility medicine as a beacon of hope for couples struggling with infertility in Zambia. He expressed optimism about the positive impact of the IVF clinic in addressing the needs of individuals and couples facing challenges in conceiving.

The launch of the Seeds of Innocence IVF Clinic marks a significant development in the field of reproductive health in Zambia, offering hope and advanced medical solutions to those grappling with infertility issues. As the clinic begins its operations, adherence to regulations and ethical standards will remain paramount to ensure the well-being of patients and the integrity of IVF services in the country.


  1. It’s a new thing in Zambia. Those that have had difficulties to have children have always used herbs as a remedy and the success levels have been impressive. These clinics are for those with money

  2. Useless minister lacking priorities. Infertility is not a big problem in zambia or africa. This is problem of having minster who copies what is happening in western world.

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