Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Lusaka Province Witnesses Sharp Decline in Cholera Incidents


Lusaka Province Health Director, Simulyamana Choonga, has reported a substantial decrease in cholera cases across the province, marking a significant stride in the fight against the deadly disease.

In an interview with ZANIS, Dr. Choonga acknowledged the positive trend but cautioned against complacency, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high levels of hygiene to prevent any resurgence of the epidemic. He reassured the public that the government remains steadfast in its efforts to eliminate cholera through ongoing interventions and collaborative initiatives.

Dr. Choonga credited the success in combating cholera to effective collaboration with various stakeholders, highlighting the crucial role of community engagement and coordinated response strategies.

Meanwhile, residents of Kanyama, one of the areas previously hard-hit by the cholera outbreak, expressed their gratitude to the government for its swift action and support during the crisis. Elias Banda, a resident, lauded the reduced number of cholera cases and expressed appreciation for access to chlorinated water provided by the government.

However, Mr. Banda called upon the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to intensify garbage collection efforts in the area to further mitigate the risk of disease transmission. He also appealed for improved access to clean water, urging authorities to connect the community to the Lusaka Water and Sanitation Company for piped water supply to address contamination concerns.

As the fight against cholera continues, stakeholders emphasize the importance of sustained vigilance and collective action to ensure the long-term eradication of the disease and safeguard public health.


  1. Nothing has improved its just that it has stopped raining like it did in December and January the problems are still there sort those issues of Pit latrines

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