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Repression,Lies ,Electoral Fraud And Bribery Won’t Save Hichilema


It’s not only the food shortage emergency Zambia is today facing.
Zambia is also facing a very serious emergency of governance deficiency. And both need emergency measures.
History has shown that when a ruling clique has lost public confidence, trust, and respect, it automatically resorts to repression, lies, and electoral fraud to preserve its hold on power.

In this case, Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND know that their political fortunes have rapidly dwindled. They know that they have lost popularity and control over the masses. They know that the people are not with them.
They’ve seen that the people are frustrated, hungry and angry with them because they’ve failed to make this country better and different.

In truth, the UPND is not genuinely winning any by-elections. They are simply involved in crass electoral bribery and fraud. They’re buying votes from the poor people of this country. Today, we have cabinet ministers whose only discernible preoccupation is to move from one by-election campaign to another, distributing money, foodstuffs, and other materials. They have literally stopped performing their ministerial duties and have become full-time by-election campaigners and distributors of food and money. District commissioners are also part of these campaigns and are using government motor vehicles with registration plates removed. Why?

Mr Hichilema is in a very serious crisis. His leadership has completely failed. And fraudulent by-election victories won’t save him and his league from the impending political armageddon. They can cheat themselves and their supporters with these fraudulent victories but time is coming when they will be so ashamed of their senseless actions.
In fact, this is the worst form of political self-deception any leader or political party can subject themselves to. It’s a fruitless expedition with a predictable outcome. The PF tried it, and the result was disastrous.
Why can’t Mr Hichilema and the UPND learn from what happened to the PF not so long ago? Are they blinded with power so soon? Time will tell.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Am not a fan of HH but i think Fred Mmembe will be worse than both HH and Lungu combined…..Fred Mmembe is just opening his mouth….talk is cheap….”the greatest talkertive is a greatest liar”

    • This damn homosexual tribalist hates Hakainde because Hakainde is a Tonga. This tribalist has made it clear that he thinks that only Bemba and Nyanja should rule. This is a violation of the tenets of the socialism he espouses but does not practise. The reason why socialists freed so many people from colonial slavery is because they believe in the equality of man. This tribalist believes in the supremacy of his tribe. If you understand this, every one of his rantings is easy to understand; if you do not understand, each and every one of the things he has said will confuse you… The motherfaka loves Tonga women though…Probably for the same reason he hates Tonga men; although he cannot do anything with women because he only gets turned on by the hairy anases of men

  2. Hakainde has been worse even before he got into power. The only sin Zambians committed was their desire to change from the hooliganism that had reared its ugly head during the PF’s reign to the deceptive and incompetent UPND.However, the saying “ jumping from the frying pan straight into the fire” is a perfect description of this transition from PF to UPND. Hakainde has no capacity whatsoever to govern Zambia. He is the only politician who has mentioned tribe at least more than three times in relation to presidency. There is no question that majority of Zambians are not tribalistic. Most of us have at least one close relative from most of the tribes in Zambia. So this bitter, tribalistic tendency of Hakainde is just as bad as his failure to govern and unite our great nation.

    • Mwalibelela ukwiba and lawlessness. Did you expect heaven on earth pa Zed after the economy was destroyed?
      You want to go back to the era of corruption and lawlessness?

  3. Hakainde had simply failed. The deception and incompetence that has characterised his shot rule is all in the open. Hakainde is only preoccupied by his tribalism. Most Zambian tribes if not all have more than three tribes who are close relatives. So the perception by Hakainde that Zambians want other tribes as presidents does not make sense because he is a living example. Zambians don’t care who is in state house , the bottom line is the economy issues of bread and butter. Not this rudeness of coming to fight personal battles in state house.

  4. Mr Fred Mmembe continues with his hallucinations.
    If there was electoral fraud, then how come a little known UPPZ candidate managed to beat both UPND and SP candidates in the Mansha ward by election in Kachibiya which is a PF stronghold.
    This is not the first time we are having by elections in Zambia. The UPND while in opposition would win almost all by elections in their strongholds.
    Just focus on growing your party.

  5. Like I always say this SP leader has not given us his solution to solve the problems Zambia is going through now and worse of he is the same guy who failed to manage the once a powerful newspaper in Zambia.

    Now he fails to run a little tin thing how possible he will manage to run a big country like Zambia? I leave everything to you to judge. That is the reason why he is not able to win an election, but just paint lies. Ati bunga is now ZMW850.00 what a lie bwana? Where is your integrity bwana, and who can trust you in future with such a bad record?

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