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It is sad that UPND does not want to listen to us – PF


Former Government Chief Whip and ex-Member of Parliament for Luanshya, Steve Chungu, has voiced concerns over the trajectory of mealie meal prices, attributing the upward trend to what he perceives as poor economic planning by the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) government.

In a telephone interview, Mr. Chungu lamented what he described as the UPND government’s reluctance to heed advice from other political parties regarding national economic management.

“It is regrettable that the UPND government seems unwilling to listen to advice from various political players on how to effectively steer the country,” Mr. Chungu stated.

Highlighting what he views as a fundamental flaw in the UPND’s approach, Mr. Chungu emphasized the detrimental effects of short-term economic planning on the well-being of Zambians.

“The country’s economy cannot be effectively managed through short-term measures. Zambians are bearing the brunt of the UPND government’s inadequate planning,” he remarked.

Despite his criticisms, Mr. Chungu urged opposition parties to persist in offering constructive advice to the UPND administration regarding governance and economic policy.

Mr. Chungu specifically criticized the UPND’s handling of maize reserves, noting with concern their decision to sell off a significant portion of the national stockpile. He also raised issues with the timing of fertilizer distribution in regions like Luapula Province, which he argued received supplies belatedly despite favorable rainfall patterns.

“It is unfortunate that the UPND government’s policies, such as the late distribution of fertilizer in regions with adequate rainfall, do not serve the best interests of Zambians,” Mr. Chungu remarked.


  1. Ofcourse they shouldn’t listen to a gang of thieves who stole & looted for all the 10 yrs they ruled

  2. The simple answer to you sir, when you were given a task by the majority in this cases the Zambians to run the affairs of the country , then what did you do you decided bring in pangas and commanders to terrorize the same people who gave you power. The results as at now is that no one can trust you anymore even you may have a valid point , so for your organization forget it just cry for yourself.

    Look the current leaders who are leading us have controlled their cadres in both the markets and bus station at least no one is harassed. Yes we may have been going through challenges of 80% were caused by your reckless borrowing which these guys are now sorting out. Please try have shame on your leaders

  3. HH and not UPND does not listen to anyone. When the Church tried, he unleashed his dogs on the priests. Those that are saying PF can not advise UPND are living in denial. This country is now it knees and PF a looking like rock stars as compared to UPND. HH was told not to sell the maize but in his usual arrogant approach, just like his praise team he did not listen.

    • Stop lying. Didnt HH meet with the Church at State House? They had a discussion and the church put its views forward and the State answered.
      Infation and general malise in the economy is a result of the debt burden that was left by the prevous regime. To top that off, there COVID slow down had an effect on the global economy to which Zambia is a part.
      Go to Ghana or Nigeria the outcry is the same if not worse. Nigeria has too removed fuel subsidy and the costs have hit the nation too.
      Measures taken are in the long term good for the country.

  4. On the contrary, the new dawn is a listening government, but it is can’t listen and adhere to corruption and thievery ideas. He shall listen to you after your repentance

  5. It’s a surprise that you expect them to listen to you. Do an introspection and listen to yourselves before you expect others to listen to you

  6. kkkkk they will never and they cant listern to anyone they are know it all.But now things are bad has we stand here today. When referendum failed they celebrated now what they rejected they want it back , it doesn’t work like that.And now they want to use the church to push this agenda forward. Zambia believe in the saying that says what you saw is what you shall reap.Do unto others has you would like them to do unto you.

  7. Thieves can also advise ka, hope its advise to loot more resources if any left behind. UPND is cleaning the mess left by Servior, oh Steve Chungu and gang of looters.


  9. What is PF? Who is PF? Does PF still exist?
    There is a band of hooligans led by Lungu who is wishing to see a Coup d’état in Zambia, then there is another group, the band of merry men led by Miles Sampa.
    You all do not even speak or listen to one another and all your utterances are just noise, why then should anyone listen to you all?
    The writer of this article obviously belong to the Lungu gang.

  10. Most leaders close their eyes and ears when power is given to them. They are solely guided by their own footsteps and listen to their own internal guidance. This has happened before and will continue occurring. Every other advice is never heeded, always doing what they deem to be right. When time comes to elections leaders present themselves to the people. Talking smoothly with coiled tails, kneeling for votes, looking saintly obedient, caring, and understanding. Such is life, and surely life happens.

  11. Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala theory brought all this mess. So no way to listen to your seemingly good advice it is all evil.

  12. Just like PF also didn’t want to listen to MMD after coming into power which made the stable exchange rate go crazy leading to huge increases. History repeats itself.

  13. “the UPND government seems unwilling to listen to advice from various political players on how to effectively steer the country” Did the PF government seem willing to listen to advice from various political players on how to effectively steer the country?

  14. Cry babies.
    Did pf listen to upnd?, the answer is No.
    Did churches listen to upnd?, No.
    Where the clergy puppets of upnd?, No.
    Where the clergy puppets of PF?, oh YES.
    Are the clergy pf-puppets still the office barriers of the current church leadership?, YES.
    Are the clergy crying together with the PF?, YES.

  15. The whole country is a reflection of what we are as a people. Hakainde mounts a very strong campaign against the PF and now people would rather suffer that listen to advice on how to do certain things. The country has just got independence that is the wisdom of Hakainde’s cult. The country belongs to all, you cannot do collective punishment to people who did not fight with you that is disingenuous.

  16. Hakainde listens only to himself and that is his trademark. There is no way he can listen to PF. He mounted a very good propaganda campaign against PF, it has turned out that his Govt and himself are more corrupt than the PF.


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