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Zambia Air Force to Engage in Agriculture to Tackle Food Insecurity


In response to President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive to address food security challenges in Zambia, the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has announced plans to venture into agriculture. ZAF Commander, Lieutenant General Oscar Nyoni, revealed the initiative aimed at combating hunger during a visit to the Zambia National Service (ZNS) Headquarters in Lusaka.

General Nyoni outlined the ZAF’s commitment to contribute to the national food basket by utilizing agricultural resources. He emphasized the importance of this effort in aligning with President Hichilema’s vision to address food insecurity across the country.

During the visit, General Nyoni enlisted the support of the Zambia National Service to assist ZAF in clearing land for agricultural purposes. This collaboration aims to maximize the Air Force’s contributions to agricultural production, thereby bolstering food security efforts nationwide.

In response, Zambia National Service Commander, Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi, pledged support for ZAF’s agricultural endeavors by providing land clearing equipment. This assistance underscores the spirit of cooperation among various branches of Zambia’s defense and security apparatus in addressing pressing national issues.

The joint efforts between ZAF and ZNS signify a proactive approach to tackling food insecurity in Zambia. By leveraging their resources and expertise, these institutions aim to make significant strides in agricultural production, ultimately contributing to the nation’s efforts to ensure food availability and accessibility for all citizens.

As Zambia grapples with food security challenges exacerbated by factors such as climate change and economic instability, initiatives like these highlight the importance of innovative and collaborative solutions. The commitment of the Zambia Air Force and the Zambia National Service to engage in agriculture underscores the government’s determination to address food insecurity comprehensively, reflecting a collective resolve to improve the livelihoods of all Zambians.

ZAF Commander, Lieutenant General Oscar Nyoni and Zambia National Service Commander, Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi


  1. Same old noise….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results….Now that there’s no rain thats when they want to venture into Agriculture….interesting isn’t it….

  2. The wisdom of African leaders, mess up the economy ask unrelated Govt wings to help. Hakainde must apologise to the Zambian people for having sold all the stocks of grain he inherited. So where is the money that he sold the grain for? His colleagues cautiously planned for these events. This is not the first time we have a fraught. His Coll did better and mitigated these natural effects such like the chorela, Hakainde failed the Zambian people. Talk is cheap. The incompetence of Hakainde is not good for our economy. I am confident that the majority of the Zambian people have seen through Hakainde’s capabilities and his performance is way below the bottom line.

  3. This can’t be headline news in the midst of a looming nationwide hunger situation. It’s self deceit to think that the combined defense force can produce enough maize to feed the nation. The estimated annual consumption of maize in mealie meal and stockfeed is about 2.4M tons. The combined production capacity of defense forces is less than 100,000 tons, who’ll make up for the deficit? The problem with HH is that he thinks he can lie and get away with it. For him it doesn’t matter as long as he’s said something

  4. When is a vote of no confidence in HH coming to parliament? Clearly this guy is incompetent! Are Zambians going to survive his drama!

    • No such vote will come forth. Discussing developmental maize cultivation is much better than the stale talk of a humbled Lungu and the entire opposition.

  5. The decision of the Zambia Air Force to engage in agriculture is a commendable step towards building a more resilient and food-secure future for the nation. It serves as an example of proactive leadership and underscores the importance of exploring innovative approaches to address pressing socio-economic issues.

  6. There would be no such no confidence vote in parliament. Neither will there be an uprising from streets. There won’t be any cut short to his rule until half time or 2031 fulltime. Mwiimbu is just wasting our time. Zambians are so disciplined and never wish for shortcuts to rulerships. No wonder I laugh off Hech Hech’s antics, where they antagonise the opposition who present no formidable traction apart from checks. Government suffers from fear of the unknown. Discussing maize cultivation is much better than the stale talk of a humbled Lungu this Lungu that, whose time is over.

  7. You might as well just do that. After all you don’t even have enough number of planes that can even constitute a proper Air Force.

  8. I think they want to use their aircrafts to water the maize, maybe also turn army tankers into water containers and attach pumps and sprinklers. The commanders should be sent to the battle field instead of rotting at home with their beer bellies.

  9. The army has been abused before: unleashed on the streets instead of letting them protect citizens at the front and leaving internal security matters to the police. ZNS were also wrongly assigned, to be Merchants of Congo. They shouldn’t have been given cross-border trade licences for mealie meal and maize between RSA and Congo. Madness. Leave it to private traders. The army’s specialised equipment lets them easily grow irrigated maize to feed Zambia.

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