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Nigerians can’t eat anymore; how dare you allow charlatans to hypnotise you!


It seems we are so gullible as a nation that if self-acclaimed prophets, or papas if you like, hoodwinked us to drink out own urine or indeed jump off atop Findeco House with a promise to go straight to heaven despite being habitual sinners – envious, gluttonous, murderers, adulterers, fornicators, lazy or absolutely pregnant with pride, we’d do so without any qualms!

Why do we say so?

Whenever a Nigerian ‘prophet’ going by a queer name, Seer 1, says he’s going live on his Facebook page to reveal what God has been saying to him about!our country, thousands of us will abandon whatever we were doing and get glued to our gadgets and listen to his instructions. Next, you’ll see folks sharing these live broadcasts or groups gathering in markets, bus stations, bars and offices to discuss the impact of what the ‘man of god’ had said on our nation. What sort of nonsense is this?

When you hear Seer 1 or the likes of other fake prophets such as Amata ‘reveal’ so-called prophecies about our nation, some of it actually bordering on interfering in our internal affairs, you would think it’s all bliss about their country…….they’re enjoying heaven on earth!

Well, to shame the Devil; recently, there was a news item on BBC News Africa about a widespread protest in Nigeria under the banner of the Nigerian Labour Congress, the country’s largest labour movement. The two day protest saw massive crowds choke up the streets of the capital Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and other major cities to register their displeasure over the current economic crisis the country is embroiled in marred by soaring inflation and high cost of living!

“Nigerians can’t eat anymore, Nigerians can’t pay rent, Nigerians can’t pay bus fares!” An emotionally charged lady laments.

A well built man, literally in tears, chips in, “we’ve suffered enough, we’re tired of suffering. The value of our currency has been reduced to nothing, but toilet paper!”

According to BBC, the country is experiencing over 300% increase in the price of essential commodities such as rice, maize meal, millet and eggs. And despite being a top producer of oil in Africa, the price of fuel has been spiralling through the roof tops!

Isn’t this surely a mouthful for the likes of Seer 1? Is it fair for this wannabe prophet to be much concerned about the overpowering stench in his country – endemic corruption, Boko haram, 419 fraud, abductions and kidnappings, dastardly crimes among others other than poking his running nose in the sweet aroma emanating from our beloved country?

Give us a break; our country is still reeling from 7 years of ‘kaponya’ leadership – we were gassed in our homes, our markets were gutted, students were robbed of allowances and bursaries, PF cadres reigned supreme, civil service jobs only went to those with connections to those in power, independent media such as The Post and Prime TV were shut down, investigative journalists such as Sukwa had themselves peed into their mouths, certain regions were starved of development while government jobs were reserved for specific ethnic groupings! What more can we ask for?

Fellow citizens, stop being dumb! Why should you allow a foreigner not only to hypnotise us but decide our destiny as well when his country is literally falling apart?

In our next offering; we talk about waiting for a ‘breakthrough’ at the prayer mountain!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. This is absolutely true. Marjority of Zambians, especially Men, are lazy and gullible. All they know is begging and borrowing money they can’t pay back.


  2. The only thing that Zambian men know best is to be a soccer fan of either Manchester united…Liverpool…Arsenal..Chelsea etc…thats what they discuss 24/7 and borrowing money they can’t afford to pay back and of course Mosi and side chicks…zero talk about development and foreigners come in as they wish and grab all our natural resources and we end up blaming Lungu or HH….its either its Lungu’s fault or HH’s fault

    • This is because the uneducated presidents we had, in Frederick Chipuba, Michael Chikkala Satan, Edgar Mutawire Lungu and Rupiah Banda, sold our country to foreigners. All these *****s believe that a white can solve all problems, and sold our country to anyone with a white skin and straight here. Everything that Lawrence Katilungu, Harry Nkumbula and KK fought for, these bastads just gave away. All our industries, banks, farm land in Tongaland, our national parks and their animals, are all gone. This is why the US $33 billion borrowed and looted by Michael Chickala Satan and Edna Lungu cannot be paid. We have no more assets to pay with

  3. Nigeria is the headquarters for lawlessness…theft…corruption….and charlatans false prophets….the Markets and the streets are controlled by the so called “Area boys or Area girls”….there’s no functional Govt or Municipality in Nigeria…if you want a passport you just go on the streets to buy a passport….Marriage certificates…Divorce certificates all can be obtained from a ka small phone booth…public transportation is a nightmare…Markets are all full of piles of uncollected garbage…All Bridges in Nigeria are full of Homeless and mentally unstable individuals…Prostitution is also legal in Nigeria…Armed robberies are the order of the day…women are raped on the streets in broad day light and the Police are nowhere to be found

  4. The declaration of zambia as a Christian nation has brought with it, its own unintended consequences. All manner of crooks, conmen, magicians, wizards abandoned their shrines and created “churches” and continued to practice their dark crafts in the guise of men/women of God. This corruption of the word of God is now at an industrial scale. Something needs to be done about it. We cannot allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to just wake up and start a “church”. There needs to be criteria. Rwanda is doing it. Jesus started his training when he was 12 year old when he dodged his parents and stayed in the temple. He started his ministry at 30. That was 18 years of training/preparation.

  5. People do not understand the kind of desperation that leads these Nigerians to go to these extreme lengths, where they even pretend to speak on behalf of God. Nigeria is a country, that is about the same size as Zambia. However, it has more than 12 times the population. The northern 60% of the country is a semi-arid, and cannot support a dense population. As a result, the majority of the population has moved to the South of the country, where they live in chaotic, crime riven and driven megacities like Lagos, where 25 million people are crammed into a cesspool of a city, in which the only law is almost that there is no law. Please tell this Seer 1 to see the solution to such unimaginable misery as this here in his own country:

  6. I really don’t understand why this man is so overly rated in Zambia. I have never seen any Nigeria news tabloid that actually talks about him. As Zambian believers we need to wake up because some of these people just come to chant over our beautiful Nation and then we wonder why our economy is not growing.
    Welldone Prince, I think you should be writing more of these articles than political analysis.

  7. I need to contact Independent Observer, Ayatolla, Anonymous and De Javu because we seem to be more realistic and solution offers, than just critics of the then MMD, PF and now the UPND. Granted, this is a public forum and I am prepared for the consequences. My whatsapp number is +14705584030. When I eat three meals per day like my late parents fed us, I want to also help us to feel the same. Brothers and sister, I am beyond complaining. To you 4 I have requested via my whatsapp, kindly contact because I treasure your wisdom. That’s all I can say for now. my last advice, academic intelligence is not wisdom.

  8. Hakainde made him to be who he is because Hakainde while in opposition was so desperate even to dine with floating leaves for survival. He was feebly supporting anything that helped his cause sense or nonsense. Today we have a president who thinks he will reavers all democratic gains made in the past. He is going around campaigning but cannot allow his colleagues to do the same. Shame. Hakainde will run away from Zambia like Kaizer Zulu when he leaves the position of head of state

  9. I have seen your comments & you are all missing important points here… no African president will sort out our problems. All the African presidents who stand up against the Western powers are taken out by the West. See Gaddaffi, Magafuli, Mwanawasa, Sata, Kabila the father, to mention just a few, and we are so blinded and naive to think that these so called presidents will change Africa. THE BIGGEST ENEMY TO AN AFRICAN CHILD IS AN AFRICAN POLITICIAN !!!!!! So stop praising the past or the current stooges you call presidents… How can Africa be so poor & yet she has great wealth in her belly? How do you explain that? Never trust any politician period… WAKE UP, Ufimbenuma

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