Monday, June 24, 2024

Zambian Striker Fashion Sakala Donates 1,400 Bags of Mealie Meal to Flood Victims


Zambian striker Fashion Sakala has demonstrated his philanthropic spirit by donating 1,400 bags of mealie meal to the people of Mbenjere area in Eastern Province, Zambia.

The generous donation extends beyond Mbenjere, reaching surrounding villages and farms in Chief Mnukwa’s village, providing much-needed relief to families affected by floods in the region.

Fashion Sakala, currently playing for Al-Fayha in the Saudi Professional League, announced the charitable act on his Facebook page, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need.

In his statement, Sakala emphasized the importance of giving back to the community, describing the act of assisting affected families as an immense blessing. He expressed humility in being able to make a positive difference in the lives of those facing hardship due to the floods.

The donation of mealie meal, is expected to provide essential sustenance to numerous households grappling with the aftermath of the floods.

Fashion Sakala’s gesture exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity, inspiring others to contribute to the welfare of their communities during times of adversity.


  1. You thinking is very negative . plz separate and encourage honest, determined and passionate young men from selfish and corrupt dogs, which you know in your life

    • @ chief advisor
      No wonder, We have empty tins loaming the streets like 400 above who come into the world through the back door

  2. 400 March 11, 2024 At 6:40 am
    Chapwa bakaka Sakala, ba dec balamukonka kwati niba lunshi. To make the matter worse he’s not tonga.

    This is the reason why Zambia is not developing because we have lunatics like 400 who always think of tribe, please 400 go back to night school and have your brain washed so that you start think clean not like a man from stone age, have you not heard of inter marriage up to now?

  3. Well done young man. There are many that earn far much more than you do but have been unable to give, so your gesture is commendable. May God continue to bless you with more and that you may continue to work even harder

  4. it’s a generious gesture the young man has made. I still remember the last time he donated to his home village in Eastern Province. May the Lord Almight add more blessings to his helping hand

  5. Here is a down to earth real human who does not pretend to be part of a pseudo intelligentsia clique of individuals we have seen recently seen in the so called umodzi kumawa
    Fashion has a very modest level of book learning ( notice I have not used the word education here) compare to these Umodzi Kumawa graduates with strings of Degrees and Diplomas in front of their names
    Development and uplifting your region will only come a
    Sado Mane, equally with very limited book learning has done even greater things for his community
    So you Umodzi Kumawa chaps, take a leaf and realize that development and uplifting your region can only kick in if you have more people like Fashion coming from there and not more people appointed in government positions from there
    Mwa itaya

    • Very good comment we man. The so called doctors, professors are only there with theories. No wonder some American writer said, ” the most foolish are the most self set educated persons

  6. our launch for tomorrow 12 march youth day a student from universtity of lusaka at 12;00hrs, investors or sponsors can donate through dimas kachenjela mobile account of zanaco. the student initiative is avocado spread to b sold to zambian market to supplement governemnt efforts of upnd governement

  7. Our tragedy is that we have multitudes of so-called educated Zambians whose mindset is focused on what they can get from government of the day instead of what they can offer to the country. Educated to be employed instead of to be employer. Some busy outdoing each other as armchair critics. Why don’t our graduates in agriculture form cooperatives with their colleagues and start farms, for example?

  8. Beloved brother and friend, congratulations and well done. Those talking about DEC should stay away because Nason Banda who heads the DEC is professional and full of integrity and cannot think so low. President HH, please let honour our Sadio Mane and encourage more Zambians to do the same. God bless Zambia and Africa

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