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State Counsels Sworn In by President Hichilema: 5 Esteemed Officials Take Oath of Office


Newly sworn in State counsels and Senior government officials pose for a picture with President Hichilema at State House
Newly sworn in State counsels and Senior government officials pose for a picture with President Hichilema at State House

In a momentous occasion for Zambia’s commitment to justice and governance, President Hakainde Hichilema oversaw the swearing-in of State Counsels and Senior Government officials, marking a significant step towards upholding the rule of law and integrity in public service.

Among those sworn in as State Counsels were esteemed individuals such as Hon. Mrs. Nelly Butete Kashumba Mutti, Hon. Jacob Jack Mwiimbu, MP, Mrs. Frances Mwangala Ifunga Zaloumis, Mr. Arshad Abdulla Dudhia, and Mrs. Kondwa Emily Sakala Chibiya. The esteemed rank and dignity of State Counsel symbolises a profound commitment to public service as it transcends mere legal practice to embody the highest ideas of fairness, equity, and compassion.

President Hichilema urged the newly sworn-in State Counsels to serve as staunch guardians of the Constitution and defenders of democratic values, underscoring the pivotal role they play in upholding the nation’s legal framework.

In addition to the State Counsels, Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe was sworn in as Special Envoy to the President, recognizing his exceptional service to the country over the decades as a career diplomat and therefore, well suited for the position of Special Envoy to the President.

Dr. Choolwe Beyani also took the oath as Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission, with a mandate to address critical issues affecting the performance and service delivery of civil servants.President Hichilema urged him to expeditiously address issues pertaining to appointments, promotions, and transfers of civil servants.

Ms. Beatrice Kiluya Mpanga assumed her role as Deputy Director-General of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), entrusted with enhancing the Commission’s efforts in combating money laundering and financial crimes. Furthermore, Father Joe Komakoma was sworn in as Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, charged with advancing the promotion and protection of human rights in Zambia.

President Hichilema emphasized the importance of a just and fair society, urging the Human Rights Commission to collaborate closely with stakeholders to address human rights abuses and promote fundamental freedoms.

In a statement, President Hichilema congratulated all the newly sworn-in State Counsels and Senior Government officials, expressing confidence in their ability to serve the nation with distinction. He wished them success as they embark on their respective roles in advancing Zambia’s governance and legal landscape.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema called for constitutional amendments to enhance gender representation in decision-making positions, emphasizing the government’s commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. He also announced measures to reduce government expenditure, urging all branches of government to support initiatives aimed at prudent resource management.

The swearing-in ceremony represents a significant milestone in Zambia’s pursuit of justice, accountability, and good governance under President Hichilema’s leadership, reaffirming the nation’s commitment to democratic principles and the rule of law.


  1. Presidential envoy? You should have just appointed him as Permanent Foreign Minister. Ba Kapambwe is all rounded.
    If President position was by appointment, I could have appointed Mr. Kapambwe as Republican President (after HH).

  2. The he government must prioritize interdisciplinary approaches in defending democracy and upholding legal principles. By engaging with experts from diverse fields, such as genetics and environmental science, policymakers can gain a more nuanced understanding of the complex factors at play in our society. This holistic perspective is essential for crafting effective policies that promote justice, equality, and the preservation of democratic values in an ever-changing world.

  3. One example of the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration is the role of geneticists in challenging the notion that genes are deterministic in nature. Genetic research has shown that while genes play a significant role in shaping our characteristics, they do not act as a sole determinant. By working with geneticists, policymakers can better understand the complexities of human genetics and behavior, leading to more informed decision-making in areas such as healthcare, criminal justice, and social policy.

    • Daniel Chisebwe @

      Why do you write complex comments, making yourself an Intellectual Snob?
      Mudala – just keep it simple when writing.

    • Geees ! HH has the *authority, *duty, *mandate and *power to appoint State Counsels according to the Zambian Constitution. How does Genetic Science, relate to or come into this subject? Are we doing OK?

    • Kikikikiki………… Kikikikiki ……..

      @ MuZambia,
      @ His Masters Voice,

      Thank you guys.

    • Kikikikikikikiki again!
      He might be meaning HH should have consulted geneticists before swearing in these people. Individuals like Mutti dont seem to be carrying the genes for State Counsel.

  4. Appointments all UPND supporters and adds one Dudhia for good measure. I grow tired of HH honestly.
    Why has no substantive minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation been appointed? Is HH surely of the view that only Kakubo was suited for that ministry?

  5. He appoints his stooges and cadres and adds one Dudhia for cream as a topping. In the same mouth he is busy talking about cost cutting measures but appoints useless state counsels increasing government wage bill. Then he goes ahead and neglects a very important ministry. The ministry of foreign affairs remains without a Minister which means he needs to hold another separate ceremony for it wasting more time and money.

  6. Let the President do his job. This is very much constitutional. These are eminent citizens who have done a damn good job over many decades. They deserve it.

  7. @ His Masters voice
    @ independent observer

    Daniel Chisebwe is a graduate of Google University and he just graduated…they just Google things and post on media platforms even if it doesn’t make any sense….

    • Having been trained in analog systems, I experienced the challenges of troubleshooting issues in these systems, which often proved to be frustrating and time-consuming. However, my perspective shifted when I was introduced to the world of zeros and ones, representing digital systems. This transition opened up new avenues for problem-solving and efficiency in handling complex issues.

    • @Anonymous

      “British prime minister Boris Johnson has warned of the influence of Google, Alexa-powered gadgets, and “pink-eyed terminators sent back from the future to cull the human race.” Johnson warned members of the United Nations that “it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google,”

  8. ………

    Where is Dejavu to scrutinise and complain about the tribal makeup of these appointments………???

    If he doesn’t find anything to complain about tribalism, he checks which tribe their spouses are from………..

  9. You PF guys, why are you sending me messages that when HH was incarcerated for treason, it was archbishop Mpundu who was fighting for his release

  10. @MuZambian

    Engaging with experts and politicians, particularly those with diverse expertise, has further enriched my problem-solving journey. By observing how favorite politicians navigate complex issues and form consensus through interdisciplinary discussions, I have learned the value of diverse perspectives in addressing challenges. This collaborative approach has underscored the importance of interdisciplinary interaction in problem-solving and decision-making processes.

    • Daniel Chisebwe @@

      Google University…. Google University….Google University….Google University
      Google University…. Google University….Google University….Google University

      Anonymous @@ Great sense of humor !!!………………………………………..

  11. Unfortunately my comments are just not showing not even for moderation.
    Has someone instructed Lt not to publish them?

  12. Don’t know about the rest but jack mwimbu, Nellie mutti and mwangala zaloumis have just been appointed as a reward for being loyal to the party nothing to do with how good a lawyer they are.

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