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Top BRE Induna – Shot dead


Scores of residents in Limulunga District in Western Province are left in shock after Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Senior Induna Inete, Akapelwa Silumbu was shot dead by unknown people at his house in Limulunga district last night.

This morning around 08:00 hours, the police who were found at the crime scene started preliminary investigations at his home where the body was found in a pool of cold blood with crowds of people.

Western Province Commissioner of Police, David Chileshe, who confirmed the incident to  said the Induna was shot dead around 22:00 hours.

“Induna Inete was shot down by unknown persons. He was coming from his farm, he went into his house after parking his vehicle to take the groceries inside the house. When he came out to secure the vehicle, that is how he was shot when he had entered his vehicle on the driver’s side,” Mr Chileshe said

He stated that the police have instituted an investigation and will bring the culprit to book.

Mr Chileshe said Induna Inete was shot once by a short gun behind his back and the pellets have logged into his body.

The Police Provincial Chief has called on people to stay calm as police execute their work, adding that the police will intensify patrols.

“We would love to pass our sincere condolences to the Barotse Royal Establishment and the citizens for the loss, Induna Inete was an instrumental traditional leader.  We shall do our work and we shall be on trial for those killers who have killed our father,” he said.

Speaking at the funeral home of the deceased, elder brother to the deceased Tawila Silumbu, who was broken, described the death of the Senior Induna aged 72 as horrifying and crushing.

Mr Silumbu said that Induna Inete was a bread winner who supported the family and an instrumental leader in the community.

“He was a helpful young man and now he is gone. He has left me staggering, where do I go? I don’t even have  words. I am completely shocked. How do I take care of the children,” he said.

Mr. Silumbu has since called on the police to intensify patrols and bring the culprits to book.

Meanwhile, Limulunga District Commissioner, Lutangu Lutangu has urged people to give chance to the law enforcement wings to execute their work and desist from speculations.

Mr. Lutangu said the deceased was his childhood friend, stating that the community is shocked and broken.

“I still cannot believe it has happened. Let us discourage speculation, people are already coming up with a lot of speculation and this is detrimental to the justice that we expect,” he said.

The body has since been deposited in Lewanika general hospital mortuary.

Senior Induna Inete, who is survived by ten children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, was ranked amongst the top most Indunas in the BRE who was largely loved for his enthusiasm, friendliness and eloquence.


    • Why shoot an old man who is in the afternoon of his life. What inexcusable crime did commit against those who killed him? God help us!

    • This comes at the time the Lozi are going to host the Kuomboka.
      This comes at the time when there is some misunderstanding between the President and the BRE.
      There must serious security risk in the BAROTSELAND………
      Should the Kuomboka go ahead under the circumstances?
      Should the President go to Kuomboka under the circumstances?
      Its all up to Presidential security detail

  1. When wicked folks ascend the throne… wickedness increases. We are living just like they live in South Africa. We have never had such wickedness like we see today such as suicides, killing by the gun, divorces etc. I know some of you brainwashed toads / foolish un-exposed praise singers will criticise. Cry my beloved nation….. Ufimbenuma Iwee !!!!

  2. The govt should provide resources to investigate this crime. It is not acceptable for such things to take place in our peaceful country. The criminals must be found

    • @Echo Man, the criminal and justice system in this country today only finds what they want to find or what they are told to find by the appointing authority. Unless Mr Promise send instruction, nothing is going to be done.

  3. We can disagree on alot of things…call each other names…insult each other thats not a problem but killing each other is definitely not right….May His Soul Rest in Peace….ZAMBIA IS KNOWN AS SAFE AND PEACE LOVING COUNTRY..no wonder we have alot of our African brothers trekking to Zambia in search for greener pastures and peace

  4. We are all human beings. No single human being is better than the other.
    Democracy allows leaders to resign than Autocracy. So what is better than democratic dispensation where people are elected for a time and may resign due to some valid reasons.

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