Thursday, June 13, 2024

SADC Summit Concludes with Firm Regional Commitment to Peace and Security


The Extraordinary Organ Troika Summit, Plus SADC Troika, concluded with member states reiterating their regional commitment to the SADC mutual defense pact, wherein an armed attack against one member shall be considered a threat to regional peace and security.

In a communique released by SADC Executive Secretary Elias Magosi, the summit reaffirmed SADC’s dedication to solidarity, self-determination, and regional cooperation. Reports from ZANIS highlighted that Magosi further emphasized the summit’s focus on the peace and security situations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Mozambique.

The summit received updates on the ongoing challenges in the DRC and Mozambique, underscoring regional support towards achieving lasting peace, stability, and security in these nations. Magosi stressed the unwavering commitment to provide both diplomatic and military support to the government and people of the DRC to address the conflict in Eastern DRC.

Additionally, there was a collective pledge to intensify public diplomacy efforts to showcase the successes of SADC Peace Support Missions and counter any negative external narratives that could undermine their effectiveness. The summit expressed support for political and diplomatic processes, including the Luanda Process and the Nairobi Process, aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in Africa.

Regarding recent correspondence from Rwanda to the United Nations and the African Union Commission regarding support for SAMIDRC, the summit expressed disapproval. However, gratitude was extended to the African Union Commission and the United Nations Security Council for their solidarity and support towards SAMIDRC, which complements ongoing diplomatic and political efforts in the DRC.

President Hakainde Hichilema, Chairperson of the SADC Organ, was commended for convening the Extraordinary Organ Summit and for his leadership in fostering regional cooperation for peace, security, and stability. President Hichilema emphasized the importance of global collaboration with international and regional bodies to address environmental challenges that threaten peace and stability.

He stressed the need for a more stable region to optimize resources towards improving livelihoods, especially in light of climate change exacerbating resource constraints. President Hichilema highlighted the continent’s agenda to mobilize capital, technology, and partnerships for joint ventures, focusing on beneficiation, value addition, job creation, and economic growth.

The remarks were made during the official closing of the extraordinary Summit, which also addressed contributions to SADC missions in the DRC and Mozambique. The summit concluded with a resounding commitment to regional peace, security, and prosperity, emphasizing cooperation and collective action to address challenges and promote sustainable development across the SADC region.


  1. What do we know about peace and security ?
    Take a look at Zimbabwe and SA plus north of us
    We should be ashamed of ourselves

    • It’s only strong countries that can build strong multilateral institutions. You can join any number of flat tyres on planet Earth but they cannot give you the performance of two inflated ones. That is what multilateral institutions formed by weak, poor and underdeveloped countries are. If you want a strong SADC, the starting point is strong, well-governed individual member countries. You cannot start that process from the SADC secretariat. It starts in individual member countries and then spreads to the secretariat.

  2. Salute the young fellow asking what Zambia knows about security should read about the liberation struggles in Southern Africa and internet does not sale such information but freely shares profound data o the role Zambia has played over the years and salute to the exceptional leadership of our beloved leader for bringing peace in DRC and Mozambique. We pray for peace across our beloved continent

  3. HH should just stick to his problems. He is clearly not capable of doing anything with International diplomacy. Look at what he did in Zimbabwe elections together with his friend Nevers Mumba. If he manages to sort out in his backyard electricity, fuel, mealie meal, fertilizer, exchange rate, mining and the debt things he promised the Zambian people, then he can consider himself worthy of attending DRC, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. He is a failure in his own country and a western puppet. The west who he sides with and now making fun of him are the ones funding instabilities in these country so that in the confusion they steal mineral and other natural resources from these countries. Look at what he has done with his careless talk over the BRE.

  4. The Muzungus have worked out that instead of dealing with individual countries, they can control entire regions by simply controlling these organisations. It’s like mutual funds, what’s the point of owning one when you can own an entire bucket of them. Manje instead of these clowns getting together to skim ideas on how to counter those who are interfering, they are busy fighting each other. Some are even happily selling others out just to be recognised. Our forefather built SADC on solid foundations and these lot are on a brink of destroying it.

  5. Nonsensical summits….just wasting tax payers money…60 years after independence still preaching about peace…we can’t even deal with petty criminals terrorizing our neighborhoods…..

  6. “ President Hakainde Hichilema, Chairperson of the SADC Organ, was commended for convening the Extraordinary Organ Summit and for his leadership in fostering regional cooperation for peace, security, and stability.” Commended by who?? Is that how low we have sunk. What else should they be doing? Peace is not only from outside. Hakainde should be listening to advise being big headed is not bringing peace it is actually starting the fire. He warned Lungu that there would be “Armageddon” in reference to what he(HH) perceived to be going wrong. when someone else says people will rise it is in reference to what they perceive to be going wrong.

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