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Zambia Shines At All Africa Games with 15 medals so far


Zambia 4x400 relay team
The 4×400 relay team

Zambia has increased her medal count to 15 at the ongoing 2023 all African games in Accra Ghana.

According to results released by Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), Team Zambia has won four gold, 5 silver and four bronze medals, taking her ranking to 14th place on the overall medal table at the African Games.

The 15 medals were recorded from five sports disciplines namely athletics, boxing, swimming, judo and taekwondo.
On Friday, Zambia minted two gold medals, one through boxer Patrick Chinyemba after his South African opponent Lusizi Lubabalo opted out of the boxing match, and the other gold medal was hard earned by the men’s 400m relay team.

In athletics, Zambia recorded three medals, one gold in the men’sfinal, one silver in the men’s 400m final through Muzala Samukonga, and one silver in the women’s 4×400 relay final.

In boxing, Zambia recorded seven medals, two Gold medals through Patrick Chinyemba and Gerald Kabinda in the men’s 51kg and 67kg respectively, three silver medals through Mwengo Mwale, Andrew Chilata and Emmanuel katema in the men’s 54kg, 60kg and 63 kg respectively.

Swimmer Mia Phiri showcased her prowess to win two bronze medals for swimming in the 50m women’s backstroke and 50m freestyle.
In Judo, Zambia bagged two medals, one gold through Steven Mungandu in the men’s 66kg and one bronze through Simon Zulu in the men’s 60kg, while in Taekwondo one bronze medal recorded in the under 30 men’s team.

The 13th edition of the all African games taking place in Ghana came to a close today after running for the last 15 days.


    • That Samukonga guy really hates losing. I’ve watched him before in Europe. He really puts in his best effort. Thats the attitude we need for success.

    • Most of us already know that our country has lots of talent. The only two Zambians who do not know this are Elias Mpondela and Andrew Kamanga

    • I think you should include the sports minister on the list. Any Govt should know how to nurture talent

  1. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you guys. When our Zedian flag flies high, It’s a great felling for the country. Congratulation.

  2. Our reporters also need lots and lots of training. Imagine! they don’t even mention that Zambia’s 400m relay team broke the Games record with their victory!

  3. I hope Jason kabanana won’t chew their allowances this time like he did for those junior athletes last time.

  4. Congrats team Zambia .However ,being 14th overall in Africa is still not good enough bcoz whenever Olympic Games come we never make the medal table.

    Being “good” amongst sporting dwarfs is not good enough.

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