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Zambia and Botswana Cement Partnership with Signing of 10 MOUs


President Hichilema and President Masisi of Botswana in Livingstone

In a significant move to bolster their partnership, Zambia and Botswana have solidified their commitment through the signing of ten Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) covering various critical sectors. These agreements were inked less than two months after a productive visit to Kasane, marking a pivotal moment in the strengthening of economic ties between the two nations.

Crafted with precision and foresight, these MOUs span across sectors such as Science and Technology, Mining, Minerals, Agriculture and Livestock, Railway Transport, and the Establishment of the Kazungula Bridge Authority (KBA), among others. President Hakainde Hichilema and President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana expressed their profound gratitude for this significant step forward, emphasizing the potential these agreements hold for enhancing economic growth and benefiting their citizens.

A key focal point of discussion during the signing ceremony was the strategic importance of the Kazungula Bridge, which not only links Botswana and Zambia but also serves as a vital connector to major trade corridors in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Leveraging this infrastructure promises to facilitate more cost-effective and reliable access to maritime trade routes, stimulating trade, creating jobs, and fostering economic prosperity for both nations.

President Hichilema and President Masisi emphasized the need for the optimal utilization of the Kazungula Bridge asset and urged for the swift negotiation of pending agreements to further enhance trade facilitation and infrastructure development. Stakeholders from both countries welcomed the signing of the MOUs, recognizing the immense potential they hold for increased trade and investment opportunities.

Meanwhile, President Masisi, during a tour of the Victoria Falls, hailed the iconic landmark as the most spectacular in the world. He underscored the importance of preserving and maximizing its potential for tourism, emphasizing its significance as a regional pride. President Masisi expressed gratitude to President Hichilema for suggesting the visit, highlighting the importance of continued investment in the preservation and promotion of the Victoria Falls.

The signing of these MOUs marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Zambia and Botswana, setting the stage for enhanced cooperation and mutual prosperity in the years to come.


  1. I grow tired of hearing about signing of MOUs, how many of these do we have so far? And what will be different with these 10?

    • MOUs can only work in an efficient government. Zambia as a landlocked country needs at least 80 MOUs with only its neighbours. With an inefficient civil service these documents will just be gathering dust and cobwebs in some minister’s office.

    • Some of you steal, some of you have abused the goodwill of Botswana. They are not putting up with your “uwibomba mwibala” nonsense. There is a reason why they now have 10 times more elephants there than we do, when 45 years ago, we had several orders of magnitude. You went there to steal, and so they are protecting themselves.

  2. Government of lies and deceit….in the meantime the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is lining up his pockets with billions

  3. A lot of MOUs which do not materialize. The signature on electric batteries signed with Congo president is still on the shelf. As if that is not enough, ink has not yet dried on MOUs signed in Arabia, USA and Canada. These MOUs are just for show off and smearing Zambians with butter. Most of them are just there to hoodwink the masses. All these MOUs should be followed up with action.
    It is like signing marriage certificate and deep down in your heart you know that there is no commitment.A signature without any commitment is as useless as the paper on which it is signed.

    • In the US, the government is trying to reclaim semiconductor manufacturing, an industry that was born in the US, from Taiwan which now dominates it. The US has had its top American engineers training under Taiwanese engineers in Taiwanese for more than 5 years, while the fabs in Arizona are built. This is a process that might take 10 years despite the US sinking US $50 billion into it. This is not like chitemene system where you light up the forest, scatter seeds on the ground as soon as the fire dies, come back a couple of months later and eat whatever has grown. This is a long term project in which we and Congo are going to have to come up with hundreds of degreed engineers just to run one fab. Trust me; I have worked a top semiconductor fab so I know

  4. ……….

    I would imagine Botswana imports most of their fresh crops , from SA mainly.

    Zambia should muscle in on this……..

    • Exactly, but this will not find support because it means that the productive Tonga farmers in Southern and Central Province are the ones who benefit. The thieves prefer businesses which permit them to steal. I can see that you are already receiving unfavourable votes for stating common sense

    • The Zambian government will soon have to turn the Lusaka Livingstone road into a dual carriage way because of the amount of traffic going through Kazungula to South Africa and Namibia, and vice versa. There is a reason why the population of a place like Monze is almost 300 000… Thank PF for the Kazungula bridge, even it is likely that they got kickbacks from it. We need to sign an MO with Angola to develop the border at Chavuma. Angola is one of our second biggest neighbour in terms of population, and number 1 in terms of wealth. They are rolling in money and we can sell agricultural goods in return for oil. However, they need to do their part. The road on their side is a disaster as every river and ravine has no bridge, all having been blown up in the civil war.

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