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Government calls for collaborative efforts against Tuberculosis


Government has called for collaborative efforts to identify people living with Tuberculosis (TB) but are not on treatment.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Mpundu says the province still faces a high burden of Tuberculosis (TB) cases.

Mr. Mpundu noted this despite making progress in TB prevention through attaining a TB treatment success rate of 97.1 percent, where more patients were identified and treated early in the past years.

The permanent secretary made these remarks in a speech read on his behalf by Northern Province Health Director, Dr. Ernest Mutale, during the commemoration of the 2024 World TB Day in Mporokoso District.

He reminded the community that the Government will continue to ensure anti-TB medicines are fully integrated into the national supply chain mechanism and provided free of charge in public health facilities.

“Persons with Tuberculosis disease should be suspected early, tested, diagnosed, and treated fully to get cured. The disease is curable; once cured, their livelihood and economic productivity will improve, and they will also stop spreading the disease to other people,” Mr. Mpundu said.

Mporokoso District Commissioner Brian Mayuni, represented by Administrative Officer Lucy Nakatali, urged the community to help end TB by 2030.

Mr. Mayuni also assured the people of Mporokoso that the Government prioritizes the health sector.

TB is an airborne disease that can be passed from one person to another by spitting, coughing, and sneezing of the infected person.

USAID Tuberculosis Local Organization Network (TBLON) Regional TB Technical Leader Richmond Muleya revealed that cooperating partners are working with the Ministry of Health to ensure proper TB diagnosis.

Dr. Muleya emphasized that early diagnosis is key as it ensures patients are put on treatment promptly.

“The theme is timely, and health practitioners are striving to end TB by 2030,” Dr. Muleya stated.

Chief Mumporokoso’s representative, Fube Musawa, thanked the Government for giving full support to the people living with TB in the district.

He promised to continue sensitizing people on disease prevention.

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