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YES….. ECL alebwelelapo slogan is infuriating us


Former president, Edgar Lungu’s political advisor Dr. Chris Zimba claims that, “the alelebwelelapo anthem that has finally hit every corner of the country has invoked the spirit of anger and bitterness in the UPND and its entire leadership….”

Zimba further insinuates that in sensing the clear sign of losing to his main rival in the 2026 elections, the UPND and its leadership has officially introduced politics of imingalato meant to annihilate the opposition by creating factions in political parties which are threats to their hold on power.

What does Lungu and his cronies take us for….. dimwits?

It’s not only President Hichilema and his leadership that are irritated by the annoying slogans of “alebwelelapo” of course, from the rented mobs; it’s actually the entire nation!

How can we afford not to be annoyed when the previous regime deliberately borrowed money to roll-out infrastructure development in order to award themselves contracts to undertake subsidiary works or indeed get kick backs from the main contractors?

How can we elect to remain silent when we were ‘suffocated’ in our houses at the height of the gassing incident occasioned on us by those in authority?

How can we fail to get angry when certain regions were neglected and denied development, including CDF!

How can we celebrate their possible return when one had to be a cadre or related to those in government to be considered for employment in the civil service?

How do you expect us to remain ‘ndwi’ when unruly party cadres took over control of public facilities – markets and bus stations?

Who is responsible for the death of Grazier Mutapa, Lawrence Banda, UNZA student Chipenzi, Mr. Nsama among others….. surely, you expect us to be happy?

Who separated couples from each other, and in the process destablised families by transferring spouses to far-flung areas therefore denying them conjugal rights?

Who retired qualified career civil servants with many productive years ahead of them in so- called national interest?

Who’s responsible for zero production at Mopani or indeed, liquidation of KCM?

Who caused the closure of our once credible and favourite sources of information – The Post Newspapers, Prime TV, Muvi TV and Komboni Radio?

We must be harebrained to welcome you with a red carpet when we are still hurting from hearing your ministers bragging that K100, 000 is nothing to them but pocket money for their children; seeing your party cadres burning collasal amounts of money on mbabula and watching most of you miraculously transform from paupers to multimillionaires, overnight.

Get out of town, man!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. Zambian democracy was in peril and may even be on its deathbed. Today, after all, a defeated yet deranged so called ECL chakolwa can’t just enjoy political retirement keeps on making noise for the wrong reason. PF will never in power, and I will make sure just that. Just so many things went wrong in the country and right with a blessing from almighty God Zambia is on the right track. UPND is working for all the Zambian people whilst PF was working for themselves and friends, all wacky humans.

    • Dreaming is good and bad. For PF it is their own worst nightmare, “ati alebwelelapo”, what a joke. Lungu will never be a Zambian president and the reason he became Zambian was because I overlooked, I thought my fellow Zedian had it under control. This time, I got my eyes wide open. NO MORE THIVES IN THE ZAMBIAN GOVT.

    • Let Edgar Lungu remain in active politics so that Zambia saves on spending money on presidential retirement benefits. I really love it that Edgar Lungu has been this kind to Zambian taxpayers.

    • What does Chris Zimba smoke?
      In 2019 the concluded one of his articles entitled; Stealing State Gold In The Name Of God: The Case Of President Edgar Lungu In Zambia as follows.
      In conclusion when you critically analyze all the aforesaid facts, it is not premature to generalize that Lungu is trading on the Christian superstition of many Zambians and presents himself as a fellow child of God while his favorite style of governance is “ubomba mwibala alila mwibala” i.e. ‘kleptocracy’- (rule by theft). Thus, President Lungu is crookedly using the Christian posture to steal gold in the name of God; but he must remember the story of Anania and Saphilar in the Bible.

  2. I hope ECL and his clowns like Lubinda take notice of their sense that they’re not men enough to handle what right for all Zambians.

  3. ECL and your puppets, gassing your own citizens and you think we have forgotten. No way and that will be remembered in the next election for as long as PF will be contesting.

  4. What is the fuss about ? leave him be… Obviuosly he will be surrounded by yes men
    they too will get votes from his gullable followers and obviously handouts will be given to the gullable
    so the poor will benifit for a while and at the end of the day he and his cronies will have learnt a valuable lesson

  5. considering what PF……… And when I come close to its name and its songs! Oh! It stinks! Even the smell of rotten faeces of a pig is much better

    • The UPND has done extremely well, needing no replacement! Who would ever think of changing government when Zambia has become an oasis? Why should any right-thinking person be threatened by any other candidate? Do we need to be reminded by a political commentator of a blameless political party what Zambians don’t need? Unless you have failed to fulfil your promises and all you have resorted to are twists and turns full of perpetual lies.

  6. Dear all
    Following a national rise in levels of expectance of the impossible I have decided to advise you about some common sensicals:
    1The Sun can never rise from the West unless the world is ending
    2 The Kwacha can never appreciate to K1 =$1 unless the bank of Zambia moves to New York
    3 Lungu -Trump too-cant bwelelapo unless he develops wings that enable him to fly backwards
    4 Israel can never halt its genocide against the Palestinians unless Iran is colonised by Britain
    5 Chipolopolo can never win the World Cup unless Kamanga is deposed
    6 Sampa can never win the Presidency unless he stops begging from Ken Ndambo and Mahtani

  7. Those saying UPND had done extremely well, have the right to have an opinion, but UPND members including Hichilema must also give space to those who feel that UPND has lamentably failed. If UPND is really convinced that they have done so well in two and half years in power then they have nothing to fear. The real judges are supposed to be the electorate. The only fear now is the desperation by Hichilema. You cannot appoint only people of your tribe in all Govt and parastatals. Hakainde has already rigged the elections because his tribesmen and women will be defending their jobs in 2026 rather than Zambian democracy, shame. This is an open secret. Take Ndola and Mayoral elections as typical examples of what is coming in 2026 if we don’t stop the rot.

  8. Whenever i see ECL and his rotten corrupt PF who sold Zambia into the slavery of debt and poverty i feel like throwing a nuke into PF party meetings. He deserves all the verbal brickbats.

  9. There is alot of poverty in the country now and change is inevitable. He is the cornnie who thinks upnd has dine alot on the 3 years they have been in power. CDF is being looted in broad day light by those untrusted by Hichilema.
    The country should have been united now but we are more divided than we have ever been before

  10. Mr Kapinga in Bemba they say imbila ya mushi tabayasuka….why should a mere slogan infuriate you? Personally if I were a voter I wouldn’t risk my vote for Lungu but at the same time I wouldn’t take another Zambian rights to participate in our democracy, be it Hakainde or Edgar Lungu.
    Why should the upnd spend sleepless nights over a finished politician?
    It’s three years now and Edgar Lungu hasn’t been brought to book…why. In my opinion Lungu is too dull to steal, yes too dull even to monitor his thieving juniors. This can be confirmed by one his former ministers…. some currently with the current administration.

  11. In any society anywhere in this world, people would be classified as imbecilic of they allowed a clearly alcoholic bereft of any morals or worse still ability to scale their political ladder twice. It’s bad enough that this gutless low life became president of Zambia, that he should find support to get back to office after being booted out of power clearly shows that the likes of Lubinda are either retarded mentally or their scheme for Zambia is more sinister than a crocodile! Yena kaufela yata bata kuli sipuku-puku sa ndalabangwana se sikutele fa liom, akaise!

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