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ZAF Non-Commissioned Course 56 Graduates: Embarking on a Path of Service and Discipline


The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) celebrated a significant milestone this week as Course 56 of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) successfully graduated after completing rigorous training in Mbala. The ceremony, held at the Kapotwe Chintu Military Training School at ZAF Samora Machel Air Force Base, marked the culmination of their journey from civilians to disciplined military personnel.

In a message echoing pride and encouragement, President Hakainde Hichilema, also the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force, congratulated the graduates, emphasizing the pivotal role they now play in safeguarding the nation. “We are proud of you, and the nation is now looking up to you to serve it diligently,” expressed President Hichilema. “Uphold integrity and discipline throughout your military service,” he urged, underscoring the values crucial for their roles in the defense of Zambia.

The Minister of Defence, Honorable Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma,, reiterated the importance of recruiting and training defense personnel for national security. Addressing the gathering during the passout parade, he emphasized the significance of the graduates’ role as pillars in safeguarding the country against aggressors. “Recruitment of defence personnel is essential for the defence and security of the country,” stated Honorable Lufuma, highlighting the gravity of their responsibilities.

Minister of Defence, Honorable Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma inspects the guard of honor

In his address to the newly minted NCOs, Zambia Air Force Commander, Lt Gen Oscar Msitu Nyoni, emphasized the twin pillars of integrity and discipline as essential virtues for their service. “Uphold integrity and discipline throughout your service,” urged Lt Gen Nyoni, while also cautioning against deviations from military standards. He emphasized the need for responsible conduct both on and off duty, including prudent use of social media and maintaining optimal health.

Lt Gen Nyoni expressed gratitude to the government and the Commander-in-Chief for their support in bolstering the Air Force ranks through recruitment. He reassured the nation of the Air Force’s unwavering commitment to defending against all threats, including initiatives to ensure food security through agricultural activities.

The Passout Parade marked not just the end of their initial training but also the beginning of a journey filled with diverse roles and responsibilities within the Air Force. From aircraft technicians to administrative clerks, the graduates are now poised to contribute to the professionalism and effectiveness of the ZAF across various domains.

As these young men and women step into their roles as defenders of the nation, they carry with them the expectations of their leaders, the gratitude of their fellow citizens, and the weight of their duty to safeguard Zambia’s sovereignty. With discipline, integrity, and dedication, they embark on a noble path of service to their country, ready to uphold its honor and protect its people.


  1. I know that these will be disciplined because yesterday I read on social media that a Police lady at westwood detained a vehicle which was carrying cabbages and she insisted that the door inscription should have been written farm and not enterprise. Who ever told this lost soul that a farm cannot be an enterprise is also a missed call. I want to investigate and follow up this issue, maybe the driver was even charged some money

  2. I strongly agree that even ZAF should start farming, they must be so bored since no one will ever fight a war.

  3. Congratulations the graduates!
    Serve with honor and dignity. Remain focused, maintain patriotism and discipline.
    Service is the greatest honor to humanity.

  4. Given the scarcity of jobs in our country, the majority of these kids were most likely recruited through nepotism. The only exception is the kid who busted the kidnappers. Its not like they really want to defend the country: they just wanted jobs. Congratulations to them, anyway.

  5. @Mandingo be positive. Do not speak without facts. People like you only see negative in everything.
    Remember, once you publish something out there, it seizes to be your thought alone.
    Other people might take it as a fact.

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