Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BRE unveils 2024 ceremony programme, Guest of Honour is Mwinelubemba


The Barotse Royal Establishment has announced that this year’s Kuomboka ceremony will be graced by Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta-manga II of the Bemba Speaking People.

Ngambela Mukela Manyando made the announcement today in limulunga Royal Village during a news briefing.

Ngambela Manyando said the invitation of Mwinelubemba to grace the Kuomboka this year results from the the invitation which was extended to His Majesty the Litunga, King of Barotseland last year in which Litunga was the Guest of Honor at the Ukusefya pa Ng’wena ceremony of the Bemba speaking in Northern Province.

Ngambela Manyando underscored the importance of cultural exchange among traditional systems of Zambia which are critically beneficial. Ngambela Mukela Manyando also appealed to the people of Barotseland and community to give visitors a good hospitality during their visit at this year’s kuomboka.

Kuomboka ceremony is the movement of the Litunga, King of Barotseland, from the flood plains Lealui (the Winter capital) to the higher ground in Limulunga (the summer capital), paddled in a gaint traditional boat called Nalikwanda.

As a result of drought, this year’s Kuomboka ceremony will take place from Lealui to Mulamba harbour in Mongu on 20th April, 2024.


  1. This is a great move for our traditional leaders showing the oneness that we need. Chitimukulu does not need a passport to travel anywhere in Zambia just like the way the Lintunga did not need one to travel to Mwine Lubemba’s chiefdom. Those that are used to our politicians reminding us of tribe should just suck it.

  2. A breath of fresh…Politicians should stay away or they can attend as private citizens…we need to unite and all Zambians should stop listening to Politicians…they just cause confusion whilst enriching themselves…GOOD MOVE

    • These traditional rulers invite politicians to their ceremonies because if politicians were to stop sponsoring them, their little Royal Establishments would collapse. I personally do not believe that the government should be paying for any traditional ruler. Let the Lozi sponsor Litunga, let the Bemba sponsor Chitimukulu, let the Ngoni sponsor Mpezeni, let the Luvale sponsor their various Mwene, let the Lunda sponsor Mwata Kazembe, we the Tonga should pay for Monze and whoever else, etc,, Mukuni… The people’s money should be used to build an iron and steel industry instead of funding the continued existence of these hereditary symbols of tribalism.

  3. Please remove those colonial gowns and design your own to reflect your culture. Its embarrassing to listen to these useless muzungus laughing when they see these antiques they donated to these chiefs as bribes.

    • That is another story for another day! Lets enjoy the time and we shall discuss the Stockholm Syndrome later

  4. My appreciation goes first to Bembaland who set this togetherness last year. Let me do good as you did good to me.

    • I hope these types of events will be a feature of Zambian culture. Likumbi lya Mize must invite someone from Umutomboko. Lets celebrate lets be happy. Mourning takes us nowhere.

    • The Litunga had also invited Paramount chief Gawa Undi as Guest of hournor in 2017. He did the same at Kulamba ku bwalo the year that followed. Good spirit…!

  5. This is the way it should be. Mpezeni should emulate these wise chiefs. When we go to Ncwala, we do not go there to listen to HH speeches. We go there to value our tradition not listening to a liar. Next time, Mpezeni should invite other chiefs like Mukuni as guests of honor. Not politicizing traditional ceremonies. No one is interested in political speeches.

    • We should not forget that politicians are citizens who belong to these kingdoms and chiefdoms. They deserve the right to celebrate and if not invited the law ties them from gallivanting. They need to be invited once in a while but not as a routine. Well done our two traditional leaders. Teacher us your subjects to call exist because some are so tribal that they only change when they have fallen in love and marry the other tribe. One Zambia one nation is our motto. Viva Mwinelubemba viva Barotseland. I should attend the ceremony too this year. Juba jansomo Ku Kasempa will follow the example

  6. Its good that Zambians are realizing that most politicians are only interested in their own careers and do not have the interest of the nation at heart. We need leaders like the Litunga that know the the country is larger than individuals and slogans. With this action, the tone has been set towards national healing from tribalism, regionalism, hatred and other vices from the pit of hell that politicians have been preaching in recent times

    • @Maria Is this a new revolution? Should we be optimistic? Actually if you look at us Zambians we are, through our politicians, trying very hard to divide ourselves. The people are very peaceful. We just need to be progressive by moving “Tiyende pamodzi ndi mtima umooo!”
      Just imagine we were the first African nation to change a ruling government PEACEFULLY when all such changes were through the gun. Politicians need to exploit this peace and our weak currency to sell our nation to FDI. For example the world is ready for electric vehicles-for goodness’ sake we have the copper! We have NORTEC and UNZA. Invite manufacturers to set up factories in Luanshya. Mufulira, Chingola Solwezi. Stop being spectators of other people’s progress!

    • Na Phiri I thought you would only comment on the ceremony invitation but it shows the agenda behind is politics. Kkkkk. Just pulling my cousin’s beard

    • Iwe kawalala politics ya bwanji? These are political leaders. siugula na moba ngati wanipeza mu bar despite kudyela muminda kikikikikiki!

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