Friday, May 24, 2024

Traditional Doctor In Court For Failing To Revive Dead Nyau


In a peculiar case that has captured the attention of many, a Malawian traditional doctor has been brought before the Chipata Magistrates’ Court on charges of obtaining money by false pretenses. Emmanuel Banda, aged 34, stands accused of promising to resurrect a deceased individual in the Kasenengwa district.

The incident revolves around the unfortunate demise of Drain Nyirenda, a resident of Katintha village in Chief Chikuwe’s area, who tragically lost his life while participating in the Gulewamkulu, a traditional Chewa dance. Nyirenda met his untimely fate while engaged in the Gologolo dance, a segment of the ceremony that entails dancers ascending high poles, on December 24th, 2023.

According to reports presented in court, Nyirenda is said to have inserted his head into a loop of a mosquito net string tied to a 35-meter pole during the performance.

Emmanuel Banda purportedly approached the family of the deceased, offering to bring Nyirenda back to life for a fee. He allegedly received 900 Kwacha from Nyirenda’s family with the promise of resurrecting the departed.

However, during the court proceedings, it was revealed that Banda failed to fulfill his promise despite receiving payment. The father of the deceased, who testified as the second prosecution witness, recounted how Banda attempted to deceive them by wrapping bedsheets around a plank, falsely claiming it was Nyirenda brought back to life.

The prosecution, led by Public Prosecutor Bright Lishebo, indicated that the state plans to present five witnesses in the case.

In response to these charges, Chipata Resident Magistrate Destiny Kalusopa has adjourned the trial until April 10th, 2024, for further proceedings.

The case has sparked discussions surrounding the exploitation of cultural beliefs and the ethical implications of promising miraculous interventions for monetary gain.


  1. ……..

    Real rubbish, wasiting court and police time………

    Both parties should be fined……..

    The bereaved family for distracting police time with garbage beliefs and the other one with theft…….


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