Friday, May 24, 2024

Labour Minister Urges Safety Measures at Column Coal Mine Amid Concerns Over Worker Health


Labour and Social Security Minister Brenda Tambatamba has issued a stern advisory to management at Column Coal Mine in Sinazongwe district, urging them to refrain from conducting mining operations near residential areas to mitigate health risks among workers.

Minister Tambatamba emphasized the importance of prioritizing worker safety during her inspection of workers’ residences at the Collum Coal Mine as part of her ongoing labor inspections in the Southern province.

Expressing concern over potential health hazards posed by proximity to mining activities, Minister Tambatamba stressed the need for management to implement measures that ensure the well-being of employees. She underscored the significance of maintaining a safe distance between mining operations and residential areas to minimize health risks and prevent adverse effects on workers’ health.

Furthermore, Minister Tambatamba urged management at the coal mine to take proactive steps to enhance the living conditions of workers, recognizing the pivotal role of conducive living environments in fostering employee productivity and well-being.

In response to the minister’s directives, Sinazongwe District Commissioner Nchimunya Siakole commended the efforts made by Collum Coal Mine in improving safety standards, noting a reduction in reports of major accidents and fatalities at the mine.

The collaborative efforts between government officials and management at Collum Coal Mine signify a commitment to prioritizing worker safety and well-being in the mining sector. As mining operations continue, it is imperative for all stakeholders to uphold stringent safety protocols and implement measures that safeguard the health and livelihoods of workers.

Minister Tambatamba’s proactive stance underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring safe working environments and promoting the welfare of workers across various industries. As labor inspections persist, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and proactive in addressing safety concerns to uphold the rights and dignity of workers in Zambia’s mining sector.


  1. Why is the mine operating near the residential area? Who came first? The residential area or the mine?

  2. This government is not interested in mine safety. If they are giving tax holidays to mines, what do you expect. All they are interested in is getting briefcases and posting pictures on social media. Close the mine until safety measures are adhered to. We are still need to know about the bodies still trapped underground in Chingola.

  3. The northerners and Easterners sold our coal mines to foreigners, and are pocketing the money. We in Southern Province are getting nothing out of the looting of our minerals, which include nickel

  4. You don’t “urge” a company to comply with safety issues. you ORDER them to do it, OR ELSE. In short YOU THREATEN THEM WITH SEVERE REPERCUSSIONS if they don’t comply. Give them a hefty fine for not complying with safety measures, and threaten them with shutting down the operations at the mine, if they continue breaking the operation rules. That’s how you control these greedy companies that put profit above people’s safety and well being. Stop being too nice to profit – driven lawbreakers.

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